Sunday, January 01, 2006

Good results at the cost of my health

New year's day seems to be just another normal day for me. I don't seem to feel anything special about year 2006 except the usual worries and anxiety. This is gonna be my last semester for the whole diploma course and I'll be doing my last two subjects which is gonna be Web Development and Photograhy. I can't believe that time has pass me by so fast. Now I do hope I get a chance to further my studies abroad. Guess I can leave of worries, memories, depressions, anxieties behind...

Anyway, back to topic. Well the college has sent the results to my house today and I was quite surprised when I looked at the it. At first I was afraid of what the results would turn out to be. I thought it would be bad cause to be frank, I hated August semester and I never paid much attention during classes, I'd skip classes once in a while. But then I still manage to get such results, I don't think I deserve such results...

Consumer Behavior B
Desktop Publishing B+
Mass Media Law C
Creative Strategy B
News Writing B


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