Sunday, January 08, 2006

A brand new year, a brand new semester

I've finally started my last semester of my whole course and then I'll begin my industrial training. Both of my lecturers are new lecturers so hopefully the department don't screw up by giving us noobs...anyway I looking forward to my Photography class...

I've started on my final project of my photogrpahy course. It seems that I have to come up with 12 pictures with each picture having a word theme of its own... so far the lecturer has given us 6 word themes for me to shoot on. I've to come up with 6 more by myself. Gosh, this semester is going to be the most expensive semester for me. Why do I say expensive?

Well, let us count the cost. The semester fees plus during the classes the software programs I need to get for Web development and not to mention the amount of photos I'm going to print out. Gosh it's really gonna cost me money. Hopefully the lecturer wants 4R if not habis la aku.

Yah, I would like to extend my greatest deepest gratitude to the team for Craigie Baptist Church led by Pastor Keith. It's great to know you people and I'm sure we will meet again someday. Maybe on earth or if not we'll meet again withe the Lord, then we'll be together for Eternity. I am truly blessed by you all and I hoped we have also blessed you guys and gals. God bless you in the future and may you all continue to stay strong in the Lord.

Anyway, here are some pictures I took with my new EOS 350D...

This is picture can be classified under abstract. A rather difficult picture to take least for me....

This picture was taken with the Powershot... Another rare photo. It's not everyday you get to take such shots.

I have no idea what picture is this. Notice Alyssa walking pass? That's Lordson at the back.

I manage to shoot a ghost!! nah, that's Jonathan with the Camera and the blurry transparent is Luke "skywalker". I took this shot with a low shutter speed. Can't remember the settings liao! crap!

will load more pics I took during the Craigie's team at PBC....


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