Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You might be a badminton fanatic if....

  • You play more than three times a week.
  • You own more than two rackets.
  • You would rather play Badminton than go on a date.
  • You have called in sick to work to go play Badminton.
  • You have a Badminton net set up inside your house.
  • Your primary requirement for a boyfriend/girlfriend is their Badminton game.
  • You only take jobs that fit into your Badminton schedule.
  • You plan your vacations around Badminton.
  • You actually do more than one hour of Badminton drills a week.
  • You own more than two Badminton books.
  • You own a racket stringing machine.
  • When watching a football match and the defense becomes weak you shout SMASH! SMASH!
  • Your curtains have to be 1 inch higher at the ends than in the middle.
  • You give up your Friday nights to play badminton.
  • You drive 11 hours to play in a tournament even though you are sick, unfit, and haven't played in a month.
  • Your racket stringing machine is better than your father's.
  • At paries and get togethers you compare and try to outdo callouses with friends.
  • Your favorite pasttime is whittling or pumicing away at your old callouse buildups.
  • The hilite of any evening is watching home videos of your past matches, no matter how bad they were.
  • You find yourself continually rummaging at shoe sales hopeful of finding that elusive ultimate pair of badminton shoes, for under $10.
  • Just a split-second before you greet someone you think forehand or backhand grip for the handshake.
  • You are relieved when the dandruff problem you thought you were having turns out to be just feather dust.
  • As you stand you know exactly where five foot is on your body.
  • When you're male, instead of Pamela Anderson, a picture of Camilla Martin hangs above your bed.
  • While fishing, looking at the line always reminds you to restring your racquet.
  • When eating pancakes or waffles, you can't help but wonder how the maple syrup might improve your grip.
  • After all your toenails grind to a nub or fall off completely, you try to convince yourself that they weren't really necessary anyways and how much you'll save not having to buy nail clippers anymore.
  • You set the humidity level in your house not to your family comforts, but so that your shuttles won't dry out so quickly.


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