Saturday, December 24, 2005

On The Big Day

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Instead of a wedding march, Low Tze Liang, crooned Boyzone’s Everyday I Love You as his beautiful bride walked into the church. By the time she stood before him, his eyes were watery and he couldn’t finish the last two lines. It was an unforgettable moment for everyone in the Sitiawan Wesley Methodist Church, especially for the bride, Ling Yoke Li, a final year dental student at Universiti Sains Malaysia. The couple has been going out for nine years. A younger Yoke Li actually planned to get married on July 7, 2007 (numerically 777).

“I realized that life is short. If you really love the person what should stop you?” said Yoke Li, 24.

They first met in school in the SMK ACS Sitiawan school band where conductor Tze Liang’s musical talent bowled Yoke Li over. While she studied in Kelantan, Tze Liang, 26, worked as an associate consultant in a business intelligence firm in KL. Most of their exchange happened on the phone.
“It’s difficult when you miss him a lot or when misunderstanding happens. He will say quarrelling is part and parcel of relationship and puts things in perspective.”

How did it feel being a student and getting married at the same time?

“It’s fun, exciting but very weird. The situation is different now, the person is your husband not boyfriend,” she laughed. Her dean gave her a week’s leave from classes.

For the couple , it was only natural that they bring the relationship to a new level .

“It’s not healthy for the relationship to be too long if not consolidated in a marriage.” Tze Liang proposed to her every year, that was how sure he was of the girl he would marry.

“If you don’t have a supportive boyfriend, family, friends and are not mentally prepared for marriage, don’t do it,” advised Yoke Li.

The wedding vows and rings were symbols of their commitment to each other for life. Until death do you part, Yoke Li said one have to accept the person totally, including his flaws. To avoid aftershocks, they attended premarital counselling.

“We relearned things about ourselves and each other, anticipate things before they happen and communicate effectively. Tze Liang learnt that women are from Venus and I learnt that men are from Mars.”

The couple organised the wedding attended by 400-strong crowd and luncheon. Some friends flew in from Sarawak to oversee the preparations, drove from KL to be the photographer and 15 of her campus mates travelled for more than six hours from Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to help out.

“We arrived early and helped her run errands, collect flowers and I was her driver”, said one of Yoke Li’s best friend and final year student, Jasmine Mani. “I ended up being the secretary, running around the to-do list .”
Jasmine, 24, noted that Yoke Li was a master planner in coordinating so many people for her big day. The bride was as busy as a bee being the president of the Christian Fellowship, travelling to other countries to play tennis for the campus and went to Hong Kong two weeks before the wedding to report on the Asia Pacific Dental Students’ Association program she chaired.

“It was really worthwhile experience being so involved in a friend’s wedding. It’s fun lah,” said Jasmine, who was also in-charged of the ushers.

Also at the registration desk was Kathleen Chang, who was busy helping the guests find their table numbers and counting the angpows collected.

“I only helped to do the program booklets, guest book and wrap the door gifts,” said Kathleen, who went shopping with Yoke Li in KL to get the materials. “It’s not common to have a friend you study with getting married.”

The lovely handmade guest book was inspired by Alisa Koh, another medical student who could not attend the wedding due to her district posting. Final year medical student Fong Kean Khang did a hilarious multimedia presentation of the couple’s childhood days and relationship.

“I was quite busy during the wedding week actually but I had no choice since it was for Yoke Li. I spent a week for scanning and two full nights working on the presentation,” he said, adding that the bride was an understanding, wise but blur person.

“You sort of feel encouraged by her trying to encourage you but the actual content is trivial,” chuckled Kean Khang, 25.

The USM-ers had to rush back to Kelantan for class the next day and was caught in the menacing flood.
Friends sang them songs and the bridegroom’s friends from the church youth group performed an exaggerated version of how the couple met and their pledge to wait for each other. Tze Liang, who was a member of famed The Canticle Singers, played on his guitar and sang the romantic I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman to his wife. To his utter disbelief, she stood up and left the hall.

“That was very upsetting. I was singing and she walked away,” recounted Tze Liang.

He continued singing nonetheless, with a puzzled look in his face when people started taking photographs at the entrance. The lights went off suddenly and the bride strolled in with a candle-lit cake in her hands. It was Tze Liang’s birthday! The crowd cheered at the surprise plotted by the bride.

“Again, I almost couldn’t finish the song,” he said.

The couple later sang Come What May by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.

“I’m sorry, the ring compromises my playing,” announced Tze Liang as he flashed his new wedding band, to which his quick thinking bride replied, “I’m sorry, this thing (adjusted her tight Mandarin collar) compromises my singing.”


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