Thursday, December 01, 2005

New and Improved

Yeah, as you can see I finally got off my lazy butts and fingers to actually do something to my blog.
The wonderful thing is my final exams begin next week and I'm busy doing something totally not related to my subjects...

Today celebrated my dear sister Anna Chieng's Birthday at TGIF and her house...
My plan was ruined was a success thanks to the youths. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Anna.
I can't believe I still suck at the Dancing game... lost to Esther and Anna?!?! argh, the humilation! oh well... *stuff a bag on the head*

anywayz, since I've got no pictures with me at the moment, I decide to rip this tag crap from Kenneth's blog...

3 NAMES I go by:
i. Caine
ii. Brownie
iii. Rotan
(I've got more than 3 names though)

i. Caine
ii. cainechan
iii. hmm...

3 PHYSICAL things I like about myself:
i. hair
ii. hands
iii. legs

3 Physical things I DO NOT like about myself:
i. Height
ii. Eyes
iii. pimples

3 things I am AFRAID of:
i. Solitude
ii. death of friends as well as own
iii. certain insects (hornets, wasps, cockroaches....etc)

3 things of my everyday ESSENTIAL:
i. Money
ii. Mobile phone with a fully functional sim card
iii. Computer with good internet speed

3 of my favourite BAND or music ARTIST (now):
i. Casting Crowns
ii. Philip Craig & Dean
iii. Mercy Me
(yes, all Christian artists)

3 of my favourite songs (now):
i. Redeemer Savior Friend - hmm...
ii. Your Grace Still Amazes Me- Philip Craig & Dean
iii. Who Am I- Casting Crowns

3 types of people I hate:
i. backstabbers
ii. those who hurt people I care for
iii. liars/people full of excuses/fakes/ffk-ers (ditchers)
(yes , ken same as yours)

3 things I plan to do before I die
i. Grow old
ii. Be Succesful
iii. Travel around the world

3 things I enjoy doing
i. Playing around with my music instrument ( don't think otherwise)
ii. Hanging out with friends (@ mamak, chilling, watching movies)
iii. Smashing the drums when I feel frustrated

3 things I want to forget
i. the choice of losing a friendship
ii. Things I've done and said to those I hurt
iii. my own problems

3 things I hate about my personality
i. Hot Tempered
ii. Impatient
iii. Too dominant

2 truths and 1 lie (still 3 in total)
i. I'm short
ii. I'm musical talented (almost)
iii. I'm handsome

3 (opposite gender) CELEB CRUSHES:
i. Jessica Alba
ii. Emma Watson
iii. Emmy Rossum

3 top priorities in order:
i. Family
ii. Friends
iii. Enemies
(why not God you ask?)

i. Giordano Blue t-shirt
ii. Forest Short pants
iii. Byford White underwear

3 words you use a lot:
i. dunno
ii. huh
iii. okok

3 reasons why you did this quiz
i. I ripped from friend's blog
ii. I found it time consuming interesting
iii. I'll probably cough out blood and smack my face on the computer understand myself better after this

The bakers of PBC (Esther,Suzanne, yours truly)

Mass Media Law
Consumer Behavior
Creative Strategy
Writing for E-Media
Desktop Publishing

0 down 5 more to go


Blogger Suzanne said...

3 top priorities in order:
i. Family
ii. Friends
iii. Enemies

I fall in the category of
ix. Longkang

1:22 AM  

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