Friday, December 09, 2005

E-media, Here I come!!

Well, one more paper to go and I can say goodbye, sayonara, adios August 2005 semester.

Someone just won't learn when to stop acting like a child.
Look, we have all put those past behind us and already have forgotten about it.
But you being a brat won't want to stop, you have to act like some biatch....
Imagine you telling me to grow up...
so why don't YOU grow up as well.... you live your life and I'll live mine!?

This week has really been a hactic week since it was my final examination week. Next Tuesday will be my final paper and hopefully it would be the easiest paper. I also have one more assignment to hand in then I'll start my two forsaken week long break and begin my final semester. Just to reflect on my whole semester. I think I learnt not to rely on people so much especially when it comes to group work. I guess there's something good about this semester, though I still hate August semester because of the amount of breaks I receive, less than last semester.

Anyway, todays Desktop Publishing practical exam was seriously stupid. I can almost split the moniter in half with my head. Well, you see my session started at 10AM - 11:30AM. Unfortunately, for the first half an hour everyone was cursing to the computer like crazy because...

  • Programme got problem la
  • Computer got problem la
  • Cannot log into account la
  • Cannot find the files la
  • The mouse won't listen to owner la
  • Document cannot use la
  • Com lab people got problem la
all the stupid reasons they can think of to waste half an hour of examination time. I guess by the time we finished complaining..

*stare at the clock*


*bangs head*
*slams pc*

All start saying.. "shit, la"
I think my group paling noisy man... Exam can talk like Pasar malam! super fun ya know?
People walking around helping out those who can't do...

Anyway, as I was saying... 5 minutes before the exam ended, I tried to save my work one final time before I hand in.. but what happened was the whole thing went kaput! gone! *poof*
I was like..


Was so pissed off not because the file gone. It's because I edited the photos like crazy... and the whole thing just gone like that. You must be thinking why I'm so stupid not to save earlier on. Just to enlighten all you smart idiots, I DID save frequently...
After that I straight away phone my lecturer seeking "guidance from the force". Master Wee told me to sit for the 2nd session. THANK GOD for GOOD lecturers. It's not everyday you get to resit your exam.

So the 2nd time, I made sure I save it each time I finish one section and this time to play safe, I saved my file in 2 places. Desktop, my folder... unfortunately I couldn't save into thumbdrive already because the next invigilator ofr 2nd session don't allow. Anyway, I was quite frustrated already, so I didn't really bother about the work. I just did a simple photoediting and just paste it into the page and hand in...

Try doing the same work twice. It's frustrating ya know?

well, on the positive side, I've finished my 4th work righT? so I can relax more. HAH!
Parents not around this weekend, but no where to go...sad

Agenda for December

  • Caroling practices as well as Christmas performances
  • Tze Liang's Wedding
  • Rock climbing
  • Watch movies
  • catch up with old pals
  • Ice- Skating (possibly, depends.. right Alyssa?)
  • Playstation 2 24/7
  • xbos-ps2 at my place (maybe not sleepover la Alyssa)
  • Christmas & early CNY shopping
  • hunt for a Digital Camera
  • prepare for the new year.
  • sleep sleep sleep
  • eat eat eat
  • play play play

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
News Writing for E-media

4 down ONE more to go!!!

Lucy Pevensie: Hello, I'm Lucy Pevensie.
[holds out her hand]
[Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand]
Lucy Pevensie: You're supposed to shake it.
Mr. Tumnus, the Thorn: Why?
Lucy Pevensie: ...I don't know!


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