Saturday, December 03, 2005

Depressed... not?

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I know my reputation is gonna go down like mad after posting this...

It was a tiring day for me today... I just found out I got 33.2 over the overall marks for my Mass Media Law subject. This means I've got 7 more marks to pass the module. Actually at first I was happy when I calculated the marks.. I thought I had gotten 43.2 which was already a pass..
but then when I decided to calculate again, I found out I calculated wrongly.. CRAP!!!

Anyway, the girls and I had free tickets to The Canticle's latest production The Gift Goes On.. It really was a wonderful event. Sometimes I wish I can be part of the Canticle Singers. It would be fun to sing. Alas my singing skills still sucks big time. The first time and currently the only time I was involved with The Canticle Singers production was their last major production Do You Hear The People Sing which was held last year at Panggung Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur from Wednesday 4th August to Sunday 8th August 2004. I was the security for the last day of the production. Took over Lordson's role... I had fun and hoped to be part of the crew. Anyway, they're currently having the latest production The Gift Goes On. For more infomation please proceed to their website. Although it's kinda late for me to promote their production. But who knows right? last minute also can get tickets. I urge you all to go for the production, it's really wonderful. Today is actually preview night, therefore we had free tickets. HAHA!

After it was over, the girl churchmates and I went to SS3 for a round of mamak. Had a good laugh thoughout the whole time- going to the church and heading for mamak. I practically swallowed my pride and acted like some dumb ding dong to cheer the girls up so they won't feel tense with the way I drive. they must have feared that that was their last ride? haha!
So yeah, while at mamak, the girls "spotted" *cough* *cough* some hunks *cough* *cough* in the mamak stall. So they started talking loudly that my pants fell whispering on who's more handsome.

The green one la, the blue wan la....

unknowingly of my presense they were cursing my physical body while admiring the hunks enjoying the view. *cough*

I guess my Self-esteem was so low it couldn't get any lower they hardly had chance to see ang mohs.. oh did I mention they were ang mohs? Actually their more of rojak rojak.. Eurasian? Caucasian? Eucasian?

aiyar, ANG MOH LA...

ok fine, they do look somewhat Muscular, handsome...but HAH I have something they don't.Yes, I have the ability to act so lame that I crack everyone up. right ESTHER?? DEWGEM?? SUZANNE?? ANNA?? PRISCILLA?? RIGHT???

practically that's what I done the whole day, lazying around while knowing that exams around the corner =)

Here are the posters of the previous production from the Canticle Singers

P/S: If the canticle singers would not want the posters posted on my blog. Do notify me and I'll gladly remove it. Any other way I have no intention of using the canticle singer's posters for any trade purposes and I would want to give credit to the Canticle Singers on their great performance. Keep it up =)

Two from Galilee

Rose of Sharon

Do You Hear the People Sing

The Season of Light

and the most recent one....

The Gift Goes On

PPBC and PBC youths together in harmony.. yup yup..

Esther, this is what photoshop does, though this picture too teruk photoshop, didn't have time to photoshop...

try's fun..


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