Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chicken little I am

  • Elmohontas = Alyssa
  • Cookie Monster = Sheryl
  • Scrooge Mcduck = Ean
  • Vantea/ Big Bird = Dewgem
  • Oscar the Grouch = Lordson
  • Chicken Little = Caine
  • Barney = Esther
  • Olive Oil = Suzanne
  • Big Ben = Ben
  • Nana = Anna

The Order Of Gibberish (OoG) shall begin...
The honourable Elmohontas, president of the OoG preciding...

Agenda for OoG

  • Name of all members
  • enlisting of members
  • ensure all members understands what OoG is all about
  • Make sure they know what we're doing
  • Act Crazy Festival

The meeting of Oog was first held at December 10 in the chatroom of Elmohontas. It was a wonderful meeting indeed, everyone was given a membership for free. Each members are given a special name and we all were pleased with the names given.

The meeting ended when Elmohontas the honourable president had to go offline. It was indeed a good meeting..

Shake Elmo...

Anyway back to reality, today was indeed a good day for 6 wonderful individuals- Alyssa, Sheryl,Jordan,Jeremy,Natalie & Andrew. It was the day when they decide to give up their lives and die be baptised. They were baptised at Esther's uncle's house. It was also the place where I was baptised. So funnn....

So yeah, had lunch at her house and then we had practice at her place as well... I guess we pretty much spent the whole afternoon there. Twas a tiring day indeed. We had to practice caroling as well as the sketch for wedding. Well, as usual we are never serious when it comes to practice but when it comes to the real thing... yeah we get serious....hahaha

Anyhow, it's only 1 week away until Liang's wedding, can't hardly wait to see him in his suit. I just gotta take photos... Will be leaving this Friday and should be back by Sunday.
Christmas is also around the corner, I can't hardly wait till Christmas comes as well...

Tomorrow marks the ending of my August semester. At exactly 12pm, I will step out of the auditorium, look high up in the sky...close my eyes and breath in the air, and savour the sweet sweet freedom.... JUST ONE MORE PAPER!

Congratulations to Miss Iceland
for winning the Miss World 2005 title,
may she use her "title" for the good of mankind.
She's hot
too... *drools*

Christmas is a coming
a coming a coming
Christmas is a coming
what a jolly good year
We will be giving oh giving
giving oh giving
we will be giving oh giving
Presents all day
We will all be rejoicing a rejoicing
rejoicing a rejoicing
We will all be rejoicing a rejoicing
that Christ the Lord was born...

I wish I could load the pics, unfortunately since I'm using manual in my Digital Camera, the pixels are so freaking large and with my dial-up modem it'll take ages for it to I'll post them when I'm in college....


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