Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The beginning of a 2 weeks break


Well, it's over..it's finally over...

I overcomed the obstacles I came across throughout the whole semester. I accepted the challenges given by the lecturers and accomplished them. I suffered throughout the whole semester listening to boring lectures, doing brain killing assignments, enduring whining lazy group members, sitting through the 2 weeks of exams and it all comes down to this....

my 2 well deserved week break.

I can't believe I actually went through the 4 months of stress to come to this end. It's really a dream come true... not.....

lol, sounds like some award show..

"I would first like to thank God for without Him nothing is possible, then I would want to thank my mom and my dad and of cause my friends for providing the support"

alright, that sounds VERY LAME...

anyway yeah, I am going to make full use of my 2 weeks break.

Pictures time!!

They who were baptised (L-R: Jordan, Jeremy, Andrew, Natalie, Sheryl, Alyssa)
the smallest dude that is not yet dead..hehe

She Me and Her
the 4 senoiritas

El Divo.. I mean The merry men.

good shot suzanne..

The ego and egoess



ALMOST same height....

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
Newswriting for E-media

5 down 0 more to go
in short...I"M DONE!!!!


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