Saturday, December 31, 2005

What a week

Been spending almost 1 week plus with the youths, starting from caroling until today's Rock climbing...


the best is still the sleepover at dewgem's place...
or more of a awake over at her place...

hand sore from rock climbing...

no more typing....

Maybe I've been the problem, maybe I'm the one to blame
But even when I turn it off and blame myself, the outcome feels the same
I've been thinkin maybe I've been partly cloudy, maybe I'm the chance of rain
Maybe I'm overcast, and maybe all my lucks washed down the drain

I've been thinking 'bout everyone, everyone you look so lonely

But when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars I see someone else

When I look at the stars,
the stars, I feel like myself

Stars lookin at our planet watching entropy and pain
And maybe start to wonder how the chaos in our lives could pass as sane
I've been thinking bout the meaning of resistance, of a hope beyond my own
And suddenly the infinite and penitent begin to look like home

I've been thinking bout everyone, everyone you look so empty

But when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars,
when I look at the stars I see someone else

When I look at the stars,
the stars, I feel like myself

Monday, December 26, 2005

I hate everything about you

Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that I get
But I haven't missed you yet

Every room they kept awake
By every science scream we make
All the feelings that I get
But I still dont miss you yet

Only when I start to think about it...

I...hate everything about you I love you?
I...hate everything about you I love you?

Every time we lie awake
After every hit we take
Every feeling that I get
But I haven't missed you yet

Only when I start to think about it...

Only...when I...start to think...about you...I know
Only when you...start to think...about me
Do you know...

I...hate everything about you I love you?
You...hate everything about me you love me? love me

I...hate everything about you I love you?
I seriously don't remember this picture, oh that my pet sister....the one eating...
erm, pet sister punya sister...err..yeah...

gosh, I adore this posture and this picture rocks....

Saturday, December 24, 2005

On The Big Day

P/s: This article is taken from R.AGE blog, I've Credited the writer, should the author want the article to be removed, let me know...


Instead of a wedding march, Low Tze Liang, crooned Boyzone’s Everyday I Love You as his beautiful bride walked into the church. By the time she stood before him, his eyes were watery and he couldn’t finish the last two lines. It was an unforgettable moment for everyone in the Sitiawan Wesley Methodist Church, especially for the bride, Ling Yoke Li, a final year dental student at Universiti Sains Malaysia. The couple has been going out for nine years. A younger Yoke Li actually planned to get married on July 7, 2007 (numerically 777).

“I realized that life is short. If you really love the person what should stop you?” said Yoke Li, 24.

They first met in school in the SMK ACS Sitiawan school band where conductor Tze Liang’s musical talent bowled Yoke Li over. While she studied in Kelantan, Tze Liang, 26, worked as an associate consultant in a business intelligence firm in KL. Most of their exchange happened on the phone.
“It’s difficult when you miss him a lot or when misunderstanding happens. He will say quarrelling is part and parcel of relationship and puts things in perspective.”

How did it feel being a student and getting married at the same time?

“It’s fun, exciting but very weird. The situation is different now, the person is your husband not boyfriend,” she laughed. Her dean gave her a week’s leave from classes.

For the couple , it was only natural that they bring the relationship to a new level .

“It’s not healthy for the relationship to be too long if not consolidated in a marriage.” Tze Liang proposed to her every year, that was how sure he was of the girl he would marry.

“If you don’t have a supportive boyfriend, family, friends and are not mentally prepared for marriage, don’t do it,” advised Yoke Li.

The wedding vows and rings were symbols of their commitment to each other for life. Until death do you part, Yoke Li said one have to accept the person totally, including his flaws. To avoid aftershocks, they attended premarital counselling.

“We relearned things about ourselves and each other, anticipate things before they happen and communicate effectively. Tze Liang learnt that women are from Venus and I learnt that men are from Mars.”

The couple organised the wedding attended by 400-strong crowd and luncheon. Some friends flew in from Sarawak to oversee the preparations, drove from KL to be the photographer and 15 of her campus mates travelled for more than six hours from Kubang Kerian, Kelantan to help out.

“We arrived early and helped her run errands, collect flowers and I was her driver”, said one of Yoke Li’s best friend and final year student, Jasmine Mani. “I ended up being the secretary, running around the to-do list .”
Jasmine, 24, noted that Yoke Li was a master planner in coordinating so many people for her big day. The bride was as busy as a bee being the president of the Christian Fellowship, travelling to other countries to play tennis for the campus and went to Hong Kong two weeks before the wedding to report on the Asia Pacific Dental Students’ Association program she chaired.

“It was really worthwhile experience being so involved in a friend’s wedding. It’s fun lah,” said Jasmine, who was also in-charged of the ushers.

Also at the registration desk was Kathleen Chang, who was busy helping the guests find their table numbers and counting the angpows collected.

“I only helped to do the program booklets, guest book and wrap the door gifts,” said Kathleen, who went shopping with Yoke Li in KL to get the materials. “It’s not common to have a friend you study with getting married.”

The lovely handmade guest book was inspired by Alisa Koh, another medical student who could not attend the wedding due to her district posting. Final year medical student Fong Kean Khang did a hilarious multimedia presentation of the couple’s childhood days and relationship.

“I was quite busy during the wedding week actually but I had no choice since it was for Yoke Li. I spent a week for scanning and two full nights working on the presentation,” he said, adding that the bride was an understanding, wise but blur person.

“You sort of feel encouraged by her trying to encourage you but the actual content is trivial,” chuckled Kean Khang, 25.

The USM-ers had to rush back to Kelantan for class the next day and was caught in the menacing flood.
Friends sang them songs and the bridegroom’s friends from the church youth group performed an exaggerated version of how the couple met and their pledge to wait for each other. Tze Liang, who was a member of famed The Canticle Singers, played on his guitar and sang the romantic I Will Be Here by Steven Curtis Chapman to his wife. To his utter disbelief, she stood up and left the hall.

“That was very upsetting. I was singing and she walked away,” recounted Tze Liang.

He continued singing nonetheless, with a puzzled look in his face when people started taking photographs at the entrance. The lights went off suddenly and the bride strolled in with a candle-lit cake in her hands. It was Tze Liang’s birthday! The crowd cheered at the surprise plotted by the bride.

“Again, I almost couldn’t finish the song,” he said.

The couple later sang Come What May by Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman.

“I’m sorry, the ring compromises my playing,” announced Tze Liang as he flashed his new wedding band, to which his quick thinking bride replied, “I’m sorry, this thing (adjusted her tight Mandarin collar) compromises my singing.”

Friday, December 23, 2005

One Christmas wishlist granted....

Image hosted by

Finally got my very own camera, woo-hoo!

Now I can cam whore all day long start taking pictures.

For the past week, I've been so stressed out. So much things to do, so much things to worry...
All for Christmas day...

The youths also went 2 houses for Caroling, mines and aunt Vicky's....

We'll be going to one more house and then we're done for the year...

Gosh, blogging is getting very tiring. NO idea what to write...

I thought of writing something... but then I'm risking too much, so decided to lay low...

Pictures will be loaded as soon as I manage to load them in the site...grr...

Till then,


Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Streamyx not available or available la!?

Monkey people.... now tell me streamyx got....

what the helL??

anyway, streamyx seems to be working fine...

though I don't find no freaking difference...

will update more later...


Monday, December 19, 2005

Christmas is a coming....

Christmas wishlist

  • A one way ticket out of this forsaken country
  • An Canon EOS 350D Digital Camera
  • My new Driver license
  • A brand new Proton Satria or just any car
  • To finish off where I have stopped...
  • find a job
  • get a life
  • Manchester United to win the Premiership
  • England to win the World Cup
  • Chelsea to lose the Premiership
  • Money to travel overseas
  • Money to migrate to overseas
  • Bloody Streamyx to be bloody available at my area

What a slow and tiring day....

This Christmas is sure hell gonna be a lousy one....

I' ve no idea what I want also....

So much things to prepare for....

So little time....

Life goes on....

Sunday, December 18, 2005

I'm back!

Yes, I'm back...

and in freaking bad mood...

so everyone, LEAVE ME ALONE!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Away for 3 days

Will be leaving for Sitiawan tomorrow...

Will be back on Sunday...

Will be posting pictures few days after that...

Have fun!!!

Japanese anyone?

Helping a friend promote his tuition...

Japanese Lesson (日本語)

Home Tuition

Terms & Conditions

RM 40 for Two hours (2 Hours)

Two hours (2 Hours) of lesson Per Week. *A Must*

Four times (4 Times) of lesson Per Month. *A Must*

Total Fee

RM 40 x 4 Times = RM 160 Per Month Per Person.

Individual Tuition

Terms & Conditions

RM 50 for Two hours (2 Hours)

Two hours (2 Hours) of lesson Per Week. *A Must*

Four times (4 Times) of lesson Per Month. *A Must*

Total Fee

RM 50 x 4 Times = RM 200 Per Month Per Person.

Home tuition is where you / your children come to my house for learning.

This Home tuition is like a Class Tuition, where students of 4 – 5 will be learning Japanese together, which is more interactive and conversational compared to Individual Tuition

Individual tuition is where I will be going to your house to teach. This is a One to One tuition class. You / Your children will be able to concentrate in learning Japanese. Petrol fee is already included in the RM 50.

(Places which are too far will likely to be considered)

Name : Wong Zi Cheng

Age : 19

Certificate : Level 2 Japanese.

E-Mail :

Mobile Phone : 012-6775711

This is only a Blue print of the Overall.

The Japanese lesson will Most probably start by next year 2006 in either January or February.

I will further inform you the schedule by then.

Anyone interested and wishes to know more... please contact Makoto Wong Zi Cheng at the above number....

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

The beginning of a 2 weeks break


Well, it's's finally over...

I overcomed the obstacles I came across throughout the whole semester. I accepted the challenges given by the lecturers and accomplished them. I suffered throughout the whole semester listening to boring lectures, doing brain killing assignments, enduring whining lazy group members, sitting through the 2 weeks of exams and it all comes down to this....

my 2 well deserved week break.

I can't believe I actually went through the 4 months of stress to come to this end. It's really a dream come true... not.....

lol, sounds like some award show..

"I would first like to thank God for without Him nothing is possible, then I would want to thank my mom and my dad and of cause my friends for providing the support"

alright, that sounds VERY LAME...

anyway yeah, I am going to make full use of my 2 weeks break.

Pictures time!!

They who were baptised (L-R: Jordan, Jeremy, Andrew, Natalie, Sheryl, Alyssa)
the smallest dude that is not yet dead..hehe

She Me and Her
the 4 senoiritas

El Divo.. I mean The merry men.

good shot suzanne..

The ego and egoess



ALMOST same height....

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
Newswriting for E-media

5 down 0 more to go
in short...I"M DONE!!!!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Chicken little I am

  • Elmohontas = Alyssa
  • Cookie Monster = Sheryl
  • Scrooge Mcduck = Ean
  • Vantea/ Big Bird = Dewgem
  • Oscar the Grouch = Lordson
  • Chicken Little = Caine
  • Barney = Esther
  • Olive Oil = Suzanne
  • Big Ben = Ben
  • Nana = Anna

The Order Of Gibberish (OoG) shall begin...
The honourable Elmohontas, president of the OoG preciding...

Agenda for OoG

  • Name of all members
  • enlisting of members
  • ensure all members understands what OoG is all about
  • Make sure they know what we're doing
  • Act Crazy Festival

The meeting of Oog was first held at December 10 in the chatroom of Elmohontas. It was a wonderful meeting indeed, everyone was given a membership for free. Each members are given a special name and we all were pleased with the names given.

The meeting ended when Elmohontas the honourable president had to go offline. It was indeed a good meeting..

Shake Elmo...

Anyway back to reality, today was indeed a good day for 6 wonderful individuals- Alyssa, Sheryl,Jordan,Jeremy,Natalie & Andrew. It was the day when they decide to give up their lives and die be baptised. They were baptised at Esther's uncle's house. It was also the place where I was baptised. So funnn....

So yeah, had lunch at her house and then we had practice at her place as well... I guess we pretty much spent the whole afternoon there. Twas a tiring day indeed. We had to practice caroling as well as the sketch for wedding. Well, as usual we are never serious when it comes to practice but when it comes to the real thing... yeah we get serious....hahaha

Anyhow, it's only 1 week away until Liang's wedding, can't hardly wait to see him in his suit. I just gotta take photos... Will be leaving this Friday and should be back by Sunday.
Christmas is also around the corner, I can't hardly wait till Christmas comes as well...

Tomorrow marks the ending of my August semester. At exactly 12pm, I will step out of the auditorium, look high up in the sky...close my eyes and breath in the air, and savour the sweet sweet freedom.... JUST ONE MORE PAPER!

Congratulations to Miss Iceland
for winning the Miss World 2005 title,
may she use her "title" for the good of mankind.
She's hot
too... *drools*

Christmas is a coming
a coming a coming
Christmas is a coming
what a jolly good year
We will be giving oh giving
giving oh giving
we will be giving oh giving
Presents all day
We will all be rejoicing a rejoicing
rejoicing a rejoicing
We will all be rejoicing a rejoicing
that Christ the Lord was born...

I wish I could load the pics, unfortunately since I'm using manual in my Digital Camera, the pixels are so freaking large and with my dial-up modem it'll take ages for it to I'll post them when I'm in college....

Friday, December 09, 2005

E-media, Here I come!!

Well, one more paper to go and I can say goodbye, sayonara, adios August 2005 semester.

Someone just won't learn when to stop acting like a child.
Look, we have all put those past behind us and already have forgotten about it.
But you being a brat won't want to stop, you have to act like some biatch....
Imagine you telling me to grow up...
so why don't YOU grow up as well.... you live your life and I'll live mine!?

This week has really been a hactic week since it was my final examination week. Next Tuesday will be my final paper and hopefully it would be the easiest paper. I also have one more assignment to hand in then I'll start my two forsaken week long break and begin my final semester. Just to reflect on my whole semester. I think I learnt not to rely on people so much especially when it comes to group work. I guess there's something good about this semester, though I still hate August semester because of the amount of breaks I receive, less than last semester.

Anyway, todays Desktop Publishing practical exam was seriously stupid. I can almost split the moniter in half with my head. Well, you see my session started at 10AM - 11:30AM. Unfortunately, for the first half an hour everyone was cursing to the computer like crazy because...

  • Programme got problem la
  • Computer got problem la
  • Cannot log into account la
  • Cannot find the files la
  • The mouse won't listen to owner la
  • Document cannot use la
  • Com lab people got problem la
all the stupid reasons they can think of to waste half an hour of examination time. I guess by the time we finished complaining..

*stare at the clock*


*bangs head*
*slams pc*

All start saying.. "shit, la"
I think my group paling noisy man... Exam can talk like Pasar malam! super fun ya know?
People walking around helping out those who can't do...

Anyway, as I was saying... 5 minutes before the exam ended, I tried to save my work one final time before I hand in.. but what happened was the whole thing went kaput! gone! *poof*
I was like..


Was so pissed off not because the file gone. It's because I edited the photos like crazy... and the whole thing just gone like that. You must be thinking why I'm so stupid not to save earlier on. Just to enlighten all you smart idiots, I DID save frequently...
After that I straight away phone my lecturer seeking "guidance from the force". Master Wee told me to sit for the 2nd session. THANK GOD for GOOD lecturers. It's not everyday you get to resit your exam.

So the 2nd time, I made sure I save it each time I finish one section and this time to play safe, I saved my file in 2 places. Desktop, my folder... unfortunately I couldn't save into thumbdrive already because the next invigilator ofr 2nd session don't allow. Anyway, I was quite frustrated already, so I didn't really bother about the work. I just did a simple photoediting and just paste it into the page and hand in...

Try doing the same work twice. It's frustrating ya know?

well, on the positive side, I've finished my 4th work righT? so I can relax more. HAH!
Parents not around this weekend, but no where to go...sad

Agenda for December

  • Caroling practices as well as Christmas performances
  • Tze Liang's Wedding
  • Rock climbing
  • Watch movies
  • catch up with old pals
  • Ice- Skating (possibly, depends.. right Alyssa?)
  • Playstation 2 24/7
  • xbos-ps2 at my place (maybe not sleepover la Alyssa)
  • Christmas & early CNY shopping
  • hunt for a Digital Camera
  • prepare for the new year.
  • sleep sleep sleep
  • eat eat eat
  • play play play

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
News Writing for E-media

4 down ONE more to go!!!

Lucy Pevensie: Hello, I'm Lucy Pevensie.
[holds out her hand]
[Mr. Tumnus looks at her hand]
Lucy Pevensie: You're supposed to shake it.
Mr. Tumnus, the Thorn: Why?
Lucy Pevensie: ...I don't know!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sayonara Mass Media Law

We lost that match

Alright, oh yea, say what.....

Goodbye, Sayonara, Selamat Tinggal......

Mass Media Law...

Finally the toughest subject of the semester has finally and officially ended...
no confidence to ace the subject, hoping to pass it only... At least now I only have 2 more simple subjects to go and I will officially end my 2 year 3rd semester.
Next year will be my final semester and I'm off to do my internship and then me stepping into the working world. I can't believe time has passes me by so quickly. It seems like yesterday I was still schooling, playing around, going lepaking with friends, enjoying life...

Now I have to worry about getting a steady job. If only we need not grow old...

Anyway, today went and watch The Chronicles of Narnia and it was REALLY AWESOME... some of the scenes were really touching... you just gotta watch it!

Nothing much to say today, will just post some pictures my good brother Lordson took...

Before commencing Operation Birthday Surprise

It was a success, primary targe captured and tortured

(L-R) The General for the operation, The mastermind behind the operation

Target being tortured with American style... The mastermind posing beside the target
The mastermind avoiding the traps. Oh, she's erm...the girl...
Target forced to walk through the steps of doom...

The 2nd in command of the operation...

My fellow operatives....

Badminton queens

not enough courts...
The duo from hail from Sitiawan...
Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
News Writing for E-media

3 down 2 more to go

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

You might be a badminton fanatic if....

  • You play more than three times a week.
  • You own more than two rackets.
  • You would rather play Badminton than go on a date.
  • You have called in sick to work to go play Badminton.
  • You have a Badminton net set up inside your house.
  • Your primary requirement for a boyfriend/girlfriend is their Badminton game.
  • You only take jobs that fit into your Badminton schedule.
  • You plan your vacations around Badminton.
  • You actually do more than one hour of Badminton drills a week.
  • You own more than two Badminton books.
  • You own a racket stringing machine.
  • When watching a football match and the defense becomes weak you shout SMASH! SMASH!
  • Your curtains have to be 1 inch higher at the ends than in the middle.
  • You give up your Friday nights to play badminton.
  • You drive 11 hours to play in a tournament even though you are sick, unfit, and haven't played in a month.
  • Your racket stringing machine is better than your father's.
  • At paries and get togethers you compare and try to outdo callouses with friends.
  • Your favorite pasttime is whittling or pumicing away at your old callouse buildups.
  • The hilite of any evening is watching home videos of your past matches, no matter how bad they were.
  • You find yourself continually rummaging at shoe sales hopeful of finding that elusive ultimate pair of badminton shoes, for under $10.
  • Just a split-second before you greet someone you think forehand or backhand grip for the handshake.
  • You are relieved when the dandruff problem you thought you were having turns out to be just feather dust.
  • As you stand you know exactly where five foot is on your body.
  • When you're male, instead of Pamela Anderson, a picture of Camilla Martin hangs above your bed.
  • While fishing, looking at the line always reminds you to restring your racquet.
  • When eating pancakes or waffles, you can't help but wonder how the maple syrup might improve your grip.
  • After all your toenails grind to a nub or fall off completely, you try to convince yourself that they weren't really necessary anyways and how much you'll save not having to buy nail clippers anymore.
  • You set the humidity level in your house not to your family comforts, but so that your shuttles won't dry out so quickly.


Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
News Writing for E-media

2 down 3 to more to go

Monday, December 05, 2005

Creative Strategy down.....

Final Examinations begins....

*bangs head on computer*

*scratch head*

*deep in thought*

Excuses when you lose a badminton game

  1. My partner was lousy
  2. Shuttle went through hole in the net
  3. The lights were glaring
  4. That was your ball, partner
  5. Tournament shuttle was bad
  6. Linesman was cross-eyed
  7. My string was too loose
  8. The ball was too fast
  9. I wore new shoes
  10. I was 'off' today. I think I'm sick
  11. I was not yet ready when he served
  12. I didn't notice that he was left-handed
  13. His service was illegal. Can he do that?!
  14. It was too hot at the club
  15. It was too windy today
  16. There was a draft coming from somewhere
  17. I have a sprain
  18. I didn't sleep well last night
  19. I didn't warm up before playing
  20. They cheated in the scoring
  21. They kept directing the ball to my partner
  22. They said they were only class 'B'
  23. My partner kept getting my ball
  24. My partner and I didn't gel
  25. They used to be with the national team
  26. My girlfriend quarreled with me last night
  27. The ceiling was too low
  28. I'm on a diet
  29. I have LBM
  30. It's my monthly period
  31. I forgot to wear supporter
  32. My partner kept blocking my way
  33. My partner was obstructing my view
  34. It was a bad day at the office
  35. Opponent's form was so unorthodox
  36. I haven't played in two weeks
  37. My girlfriend was cheering for him
  38. My new shirt was itchy
  39. The floor was slippery
  40. My partner's rotation was wrong
  41. My partner's defense was weak
  42. The ump was opponent's relative
  43. The audience was too noisy
  44. There was dripping from the roof
  45. The courts here seem smaller
  46. They have home court advantage
  47. The pairings were wrong
  48. They had secret training
  49. I get conscious when I'm being video-taped
  50. Whatever!!

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behaviour
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
News Writing for E-media

1 down 4 to go

Sunday, December 04, 2005

The start of examinations

Well, my final exams officially starts tomorrow, and yeah you got that right. I still haven't finish my studies. Somehow I just can't concentrate at all during August semester. Sometimes I wonder why on earth did the department gave us 2 freaking weeks holidays for what? I only go for 2 week break and then come back for another semester? KDU seriously fun man... Anyhow tahan one more semester and a month of 2 of internship and I'm officially off college for good. Let's hope alls well ends well.

You Raise Me Up

When I am down and, oh my soul, so weary;
When troubles come and my heart burdened be;
I am still and wait here in the silence,
Until you come and sit awhile with me.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains;
You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas;
I am strong, when I am on your shoulders;
You raise me up... To more than I can be.

You raise me up... To more than I can be.

Creative Strategy
Consumer Behavior
Mass Media Law
Desktop Publishing
Writing for E-Media

0 down 5 to go (ganbate!)


Saturday, December 03, 2005

Depressed... not?

Image hosted by
I know my reputation is gonna go down like mad after posting this...

It was a tiring day for me today... I just found out I got 33.2 over the overall marks for my Mass Media Law subject. This means I've got 7 more marks to pass the module. Actually at first I was happy when I calculated the marks.. I thought I had gotten 43.2 which was already a pass..
but then when I decided to calculate again, I found out I calculated wrongly.. CRAP!!!

Anyway, the girls and I had free tickets to The Canticle's latest production The Gift Goes On.. It really was a wonderful event. Sometimes I wish I can be part of the Canticle Singers. It would be fun to sing. Alas my singing skills still sucks big time. The first time and currently the only time I was involved with The Canticle Singers production was their last major production Do You Hear The People Sing which was held last year at Panggung Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur from Wednesday 4th August to Sunday 8th August 2004. I was the security for the last day of the production. Took over Lordson's role... I had fun and hoped to be part of the crew. Anyway, they're currently having the latest production The Gift Goes On. For more infomation please proceed to their website. Although it's kinda late for me to promote their production. But who knows right? last minute also can get tickets. I urge you all to go for the production, it's really wonderful. Today is actually preview night, therefore we had free tickets. HAHA!

After it was over, the girl churchmates and I went to SS3 for a round of mamak. Had a good laugh thoughout the whole time- going to the church and heading for mamak. I practically swallowed my pride and acted like some dumb ding dong to cheer the girls up so they won't feel tense with the way I drive. they must have feared that that was their last ride? haha!
So yeah, while at mamak, the girls "spotted" *cough* *cough* some hunks *cough* *cough* in the mamak stall. So they started talking loudly that my pants fell whispering on who's more handsome.

The green one la, the blue wan la....

unknowingly of my presense they were cursing my physical body while admiring the hunks enjoying the view. *cough*

I guess my Self-esteem was so low it couldn't get any lower they hardly had chance to see ang mohs.. oh did I mention they were ang mohs? Actually their more of rojak rojak.. Eurasian? Caucasian? Eucasian?

aiyar, ANG MOH LA...

ok fine, they do look somewhat Muscular, handsome...but HAH I have something they don't.Yes, I have the ability to act so lame that I crack everyone up. right ESTHER?? DEWGEM?? SUZANNE?? ANNA?? PRISCILLA?? RIGHT???

practically that's what I done the whole day, lazying around while knowing that exams around the corner =)

Here are the posters of the previous production from the Canticle Singers

P/S: If the canticle singers would not want the posters posted on my blog. Do notify me and I'll gladly remove it. Any other way I have no intention of using the canticle singer's posters for any trade purposes and I would want to give credit to the Canticle Singers on their great performance. Keep it up =)

Two from Galilee

Rose of Sharon

Do You Hear the People Sing

The Season of Light

and the most recent one....

The Gift Goes On

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Borders in The Curve

I guess I practically wasted my whole afternoon outside the comforts of my home. Well, I was supposed to go Kelana LRT Station to "upgrade" the Touch & Go Card/Zing Card. I expected the whole procedure to be like 10-15 minutes tops. But the dude took like less than 5 minutes to upgrade the cards. Apparently all he did was punch the keyboard a few times and voila, it's done...

After that, we proceeded to Tesco to get this white Christmas tree. Well, when I get the camera I'll show you all, but if curious.. just come to my house and see for yourself. So yeah, I took the opportunity to get my stuffs because my personal money provider was here I was broke. Bought myself a hairgel and a new sandals. After we've done our shopping, mom decided to pay a visit to Borders, which just opened for business at The Curve. I think we've spent most of our afternoon there...
I was browsing through most of the CDs, while my mom headed for Health section. My sister however ran here and there touching whatever she could lay her hands on. Eventually she decided to buy this really cool Science book thingy. I bought myself this book which teaches Magic tricks- Card tricks etc. etc. When I master few tricks will gladly perform it =)

Met Pastor Wong Chin Meng and family at Borders. Oh which reminds me,

Dear Youths, Adriel and Eugene send their regards to you all...

Exams officially begins next Monday, 4th December and my freedom will arrive at 13th December.. The wonderful thing is my Lesen Percubaan or "P" License officially expires on the 15th December, but the sad thing is I won't be able to get my CDL license before leaving for Sitiawan. Crap!

Note to self, call Mr Wong from Metro Academy to change my license!!

here's something interesting I saw while at Borders...

"A truly great book should be read in youth, again in maturity and once more in old age, as a find building should be seen by morning light, at noon and by moonlight. "- Robertson Davies.

A wonderful quote indeed, but what's even more interesting? I don't READ? bwahahahahah....

Now is 10:54pm and right outside my house is a fight.. Cat fight to be exact... According to my hearing sense, it tells me that there's 2-3 lovely kittens, I mean cats, did I say kittens? fighting.. and it's really annoying....!!

Holidays belum datang and I've already made plans.. I'll be going Rock Climbing with church mates, watching Chronicles of Narnia, acting for Liang's wedding.....

Well, I really have nothing much to say but push myself to study. Here's some pictures from the past....
The time when we were young.

the time before Mick left for New Zealand
The time before Mick left for New Zealand again...
10 PBC youths and 1 visitor
The time I became a shepherd

remember the idiots I mentioned? got it...rock on!
the current game I'm playing, Harvest moon...
X-Week (winner of Treasure Hunt)
X-week Idol Competition

New and Improved

Yeah, as you can see I finally got off my lazy butts and fingers to actually do something to my blog.
The wonderful thing is my final exams begin next week and I'm busy doing something totally not related to my subjects...

Today celebrated my dear sister Anna Chieng's Birthday at TGIF and her house...
My plan was ruined was a success thanks to the youths. Hope you enjoyed your birthday Anna.
I can't believe I still suck at the Dancing game... lost to Esther and Anna?!?! argh, the humilation! oh well... *stuff a bag on the head*

anywayz, since I've got no pictures with me at the moment, I decide to rip this tag crap from Kenneth's blog...

3 NAMES I go by:
i. Caine
ii. Brownie
iii. Rotan
(I've got more than 3 names though)

i. Caine
ii. cainechan
iii. hmm...

3 PHYSICAL things I like about myself:
i. hair
ii. hands
iii. legs

3 Physical things I DO NOT like about myself:
i. Height
ii. Eyes
iii. pimples

3 things I am AFRAID of:
i. Solitude
ii. death of friends as well as own
iii. certain insects (hornets, wasps, cockroaches....etc)

3 things of my everyday ESSENTIAL:
i. Money
ii. Mobile phone with a fully functional sim card
iii. Computer with good internet speed

3 of my favourite BAND or music ARTIST (now):
i. Casting Crowns
ii. Philip Craig & Dean
iii. Mercy Me
(yes, all Christian artists)

3 of my favourite songs (now):
i. Redeemer Savior Friend - hmm...
ii. Your Grace Still Amazes Me- Philip Craig & Dean
iii. Who Am I- Casting Crowns

3 types of people I hate:
i. backstabbers
ii. those who hurt people I care for
iii. liars/people full of excuses/fakes/ffk-ers (ditchers)
(yes , ken same as yours)

3 things I plan to do before I die
i. Grow old
ii. Be Succesful
iii. Travel around the world

3 things I enjoy doing
i. Playing around with my music instrument ( don't think otherwise)
ii. Hanging out with friends (@ mamak, chilling, watching movies)
iii. Smashing the drums when I feel frustrated

3 things I want to forget
i. the choice of losing a friendship
ii. Things I've done and said to those I hurt
iii. my own problems

3 things I hate about my personality
i. Hot Tempered
ii. Impatient
iii. Too dominant

2 truths and 1 lie (still 3 in total)
i. I'm short
ii. I'm musical talented (almost)
iii. I'm handsome

3 (opposite gender) CELEB CRUSHES:
i. Jessica Alba
ii. Emma Watson
iii. Emmy Rossum

3 top priorities in order:
i. Family
ii. Friends
iii. Enemies
(why not God you ask?)

i. Giordano Blue t-shirt
ii. Forest Short pants
iii. Byford White underwear

3 words you use a lot:
i. dunno
ii. huh
iii. okok

3 reasons why you did this quiz
i. I ripped from friend's blog
ii. I found it time consuming interesting
iii. I'll probably cough out blood and smack my face on the computer understand myself better after this

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