Saturday, October 08, 2005

Star Wars Edited

Lately I've not been updating, just have no freaking idea what the frog to put...
well, decided to post pictures edited using Photoshop CS

Damn, I've getting better at this.....

Grievous, super handsome, super chun, 4 arms...kinky

Here's one interesting fact, remember the cough?Grievous la stupid, it's the cough of our very own author and director of Star Wars, George Lucas.

The above two are not from Star Wars, the first one, I ripped from some site.. the 2nd is called Bone Clinkx from Dota, Fan Art though...


Blogger Ken said...

Star Wars lagi... I think we need to give poor yoda a break.

"old I have become, eff off you shall"

7:14 PM  

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