Monday, October 24, 2005


P/S: Before you proceed, I would like to inform you that what I'm about to write are all exaggerated and not to be taken lightly.. ahem.. I mean seriously! So no pun intended yaH!

Should I revamp my whole blog?

It's getting dull, the colour, the entries.. But my face is never dull! *mwahahA*
Haven't sat down and really blog about something for so long. It seems like I'm losing interesting already.

Cannot cannot!

I can't believe that 2005 is coming to an end. Gosh, has time really pass by me ? I never realise that. Sometimes we just got to slow things down a little and reflect on what have we accomplish for the past few years or in my case for the past 19 years. Let me see...

4th May 1986, Some time after 12a.m.

Dear Blogry,

what a day it was, after 9 months in solitary confinement my mother's womb. I decided to mysefl, enough was enough... I had to go! So then I began nudging my mother. Boy was she surprised. Then the agony started! She was wheeled into the maternity ward.
Boy that stupid nurses! Wheel her slowly la! *pukes in the womb*
Then when I was about to make my escape but alas I was caught by the doctor! Crap the doctor molested me kao kao! habis la! Chop off my precious umbelical cord!

4th May 1987

Dear Blogry,

I had no idea where I was. I looked so stunned when I stared at this big number. I wonder what it was. The shape of the number was this... 1 ...
Then everyone started clapping and singing. was it some sort of ritual? was it some sort of cult?
I must be made a sacrifice!! Die Die!! must be! after that I was tucked into bed!
What had happened? anyone?

forward back to not so distant future...

4th May 1998

Dear Blogry,

What a stupid thing to do. I tried to fly without wings. I thought it can be done. But I saw it in my visions dreams. I was flying without wings. It should happen in reality. I placed 3 chairs and as I started to build momentum and step onto the chairs and as I stretch my hands onto the ring, I slipped and fell. That moment I felt a surging pain on my right arm, in fear that it might been fracture, I decided to shut up about the whole incident. Why would believe if I told them I tried to fly!? sigh...

4th May 2001

Dear Blogry,

She was the most beautiful species I've ever layed my eyes upon. I never knew it till we were in the same sunday class. It was really a sight to see. Alas I have to place hope to anywhere but there for I shall never succeed. A sad day indeed...

3rd January 2001

Dear Blogry,

Another beautiful specimen I've layed my eyes upon. Boy was she awesome, hot , Woot! and the best thing was that specimen was sitting near me. But alas, it seems that was another certain specimen who was close to her. I couldn't get close. No worries! I shall succeed for what I've failed I shall succeed again!

29th November 2001

Dear Blogry,

What have I done wong? The calculations were accurate. Everything went well, it was suppose to be perfect. But I overlooked one matter. A virus invaded the specimen, I never had time to counter the virus. The Virus known as F4 was extremely dangerous to specimen of her type. It was a sad day for me again!

forward to a near distant present...

30th December 2003

Dear Blogry,

I have failed... Do you remember the very first specimen I saw? I was attacted to that specimen. It was hard for me to choose. Two wonderful specimens and I had taken liking to both. But I can only choose one. Alas, I'm in a dilemma!

29th March 2004

Dear Blogry,

I'm so hurt, my guardian codename Mom fell extremely ill. She was hospitalized for nearly a month in and out. What went wrong!? What happened!? Why did it happened!? How could it have happened!? I'm deeply grieved and alas I had wished someone were beside me! Alas there were no one! I have to suffer the grieve by myself!!

10th June 2004

Dear Blogry,

I decided I've chosen the 2nd specimen over the first. I had decided to go back to my old specimen. Could it have been a mistake? no! it has to be a blessing. A joy!

1th September 2005

Dear Blogry,

Have I made a mistake? the first specimen?!? the 2nd!?!? Woe is me!! Woe is Me!!

4th week of september 2005

Dear Blogry,

I have to make a choice!! Woe is me!!

24th October 2005

Dear Blogry,

Choices made. Decisions made! woe is me! I've got a test in two days. I have not begun my research on this peculiar term called Mass Media Law. The calculations should be correct. If I can just adjust the equations! I will be able to make it!!

Boy, really had nothing to do! I've got Law test in 2 days. I should be out clubbing studying. Woot! Must study! byebye!!


Blogger Ken said...

25th October 2005

Dear Blogry, I've a confession to make. I'm still gay. I guess the choice was between 2 straight guys. But its okay. I'm happy the way I am.

Yea I should be out at the rainbow club.

Cone. (caine)

10:37 PM  

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