Thursday, September 01, 2005

Rain down on me....pour down on me.....

Last friday was really a good day... ya know why?

It was Raining!! woo-hoo

Rain down on me
Rain down on me
Here in Your presense I am free
Pour down like rain
Come and touch me again
Lord let Your presense fall on me

How ironic can that be?

We were singing Rain Down led by Pastor Matt, and when I went out of the hall... it was raining...

And I really got what I sang, rain down on me...

the rain was on me..

I tried taking photos, but

1) the stage was too far for me
2) the "security" stopped me from taking..

Actually indirectly I am in a CINEMA or formerly known as Ruby Theater..haha
So cameras or recording sorts aren't allowed..
but I manage to record some..and took some pics..

here's how they turned out....

"Always, Always and forever", he sang.

look at the crowd...some say they are hypocrites..
I say nothing...

Darn, the bassist is lil bit blured...take note it wasn't edited

sigh, we the drummers will always be in the corner

the pianist? keyboardist? argh, let's just call him
the dude on the keyboard

Overall, the whole event was not bad..... But the crowds....sigh, don't want to say anything la..


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