Sunday, September 18, 2005

A Passing Dream

Two roads stand between my way
As I struggle to survive each day
I stood high up among them all
But in fact I feel very small

I look upon the path I choose
Wondering what is there for me to lose
Will I ever make the right decision
Would there be a better reason

I gaze upon the two path
hoping that I would chose the correct path
Oh how will ever know?
A passing dream.....

Composed by,
Caine Chan

What a day, and I really mean WHAT A DAY!
You see, I was suppose to be on drums for worship right...
but then the keyboardist whom was suppose to play for worship was involved in a major slumber problem apparently didn't hear the alarm ring or rang but never heard. So I was forced to spontanously play.

I panic at first, hoping he would reappear and take over, but alas dreams will always be dreams. I can only wish...

But then thank God I pulled through, despite months of neglection on my piano practice...
Well after it was over, I let out a sigh of relief, thinking that it's over. I finished it.
Mana tau, the keyboardist also the one in charge of arranging our duties decided to put me in keyboard...

WAH, cold sweat started falling wei!!

But then, I guess it will be a good practice for me. He better teach me how to play..if not..

hahaha, remove me from keyboard..HAHAHA

hopefully I can make it la..


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