Thursday, September 29, 2005

The longest delayed entry.

I actually wanted to post this 2 days ago, but because of some stupid blogspot service problems, I had to delay this entry...

Well, let me recap what happened the last week....


Yeah, last week, Suzanne and I headed for Dewgem's place to burn it to kingdom come play with lanterns since it is lantern festival and it's been so long since I last played lantern

it's floating...(believe it or not)

*sniff* Those were the days....

Anyway, It was fun though we did deliberately.. ahem.. I mean accidentilly burnt a few lanterns...
But it was all in the name of fun...

Then a wonderful thing happened...

Dewgem's gate became a metalic birthday cake.... yummy...

After all our "hard work" decorating the gate and burning up lanterns, Dewgem, Aunt Grace, Suzanne and I headed for "Wood" for some good mamaking...

I've never tried roti tissue before man....

at least not this high...

It's enough to feed 4 people man...

I guess was pretty muched stoned for the pass few days...

Yesterday was a good day indeed. Like I said in my last entry, it was doggy kenneth's birthday and the funny thing is he pumped two rounds from a shotgun to his wallet. Ahem, What I meant was he spent us dinner.Aww, how generous of him.
our very first appetizer, quite erm... appetizing.

We had 2 types of pastas, 2 appetizer, and the usual drinks. Speaking of drinks, Both Suzanne and I ordered drinks which the restaurant refer to as Flings. I ordered Bay Breeze because that darn drink reminded me of the movie Red Eye. Suzanne however ordered the Frozen Ocean. Maybe she's feeling hot?


(no pun intended dear, I still love you! )

Anyway, when the drinks arrived, I got shocked or merely stunned because the drinks turned out to be like this...

Image hosted by
This Limau Ice Frozen Ocean is rather thirst quenching

Image hosted by
So is the Teh O Ice Limau Bay Breeze

But the fun does not end there, after the wonderful scrumptious delicious sexiest yummiest hottest chuntest dinner, we headed for GSC and decided to watch The Myth.

In my life, I've never bought more than 10 tickets. But the record has been set last night...

15 tickets in one go... that would cost about RM150!!!

So I was like telling the cashier..

Caine : Yo babe, you're looking hot tonight, here's Rm150, feeling up to it?
Cashier : Yeah, I feel ya, here's the tix
Caine : Oh sheet! that's what I'm talking about!

I didn't say that anyway...

I guess that pretty much what happened for the past weekend...

Here's some cam whoring photos I've professionally taken.

Image hosted by
As I stare upon my thing the floor,
wondering what it's thinking why did I came whore.

Image hosted by
Round two
of roti tissue

Image hosted by
Tissue bread, tissue bread,
into my tummy you go..hahaha

Image hosted by
Lecturer : ok , so this is how the box is suppose to be drawn
Caine : Zzzzzzzzz.... Oh, I see..... *back to sleep*

Image hosted by
The morning sky next to the church

Image hosted by
Oh swan, where for art thou
Thy body so beautiful
I would like to wipe my mouth on you

Image hosted by
College Ice Kacang,Rm2.00, no ice cream.. dang!

Here comes the mother load.. the hottest picture ever!!

Image hosted by
oops, wrong picture

Image hosted by
Tifa Lockheart!!!

"At such a young age...18....i've found my future life's partner till forever....lucky rite??
my most beloved darling in da world.." - Foo Wei En

P/s: I'm not dissing her. Hell this is not defamation


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