Sunday, September 25, 2005

How SARS came to be

Today's entry was suppose to be on yesterday's night out wetting with friends and few events that took place last week...

Unfortunately, the stupid idiotic merchants who runs the forsaken company TM net service 1515 is so lousy that I can't even load pictures... so that's why I decided to post this lame joke instead.. Ayam so angry....


Have you ever wondered why SARS existed out of no where?
How come SARS are so terrible?
Why humans suffered??
well .. look no further..

I've found out why...


Sometime back one very big group of cows went up to heaven. Upon
entering heaven's gate they saw a very big group of chickens there.

"Hey, what are u all doing here in heaven?" asked the oldest cow.
"Oh... we were all slaughtered indiscriminately down in Hong Kong..."
said the oldest mother hen sadly.

"Ya... we too were slaughtered indiscriminately down in Europe and
Japan. You know those damned people out there, they were just reckless
and cruel creatures. Only a few cows caused the mad cow disease and they
just killed us by the thousands."

"Where are those few cows that caused the mad cow disease?" asked one of
the chickens.

"Oh they were banished down to hell." lamented the old cow.

"Ya we too had a few mischievious chicken that caused the bird flu and
they were banished to hell too."

Just then a big group of pigs entered the heaven's gate and the same
story of indiscriminate slaughter goes around. Disgusted and angry, the
old cow picked up a phone, make a call to hell and got their
mischievious friends to come up with a deadly virus and send it to

"Why do u want to do that for?" asked the cow from hell.

"Just to see whether those silly people will indiscriminately slaughter
their own kind," came the reply.

"Oh, and what shall we call the deadly virus?" asked the chicken from

"Any name, so long as the virus makes the people "Sick And Really Sick."

"OK we shall call it SARS."

Now there you go, a perfectly "logical" explanation on why SARS exists...

Damn those Chickens...and cows...

the Chuck and the Moos...



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