Saturday, September 10, 2005

Farewell my friend farewell..

Satay was good.. so was liquors.... thanks guyS!!

If I wasn't driving, I'd drink man!! dang..

As I pick up the glass of Coke filled with vodka...

I announced...

"here's to a very good man, a smart man, a short man... Julian Chow, one of the very first friends I made during secondary school. Though the seas may us part, but the friendship we shall always hold on.. you have been a true friend, a good friend.... I wish you the best in your studies, your future, your journey ahead may be filled with countless obstacles, by grace you'll pull through. We will always meet again in future, but not as youngsters but as fully grown adults. So Julian Chow, here's to you and your future! "

We drank the coke filled vodka and celebrated his farewell party.....

Liquors great
Satay's great
friendships greater...

see ya man!
take care bro!
till we meet again....


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