Thursday, September 01, 2005

Creative strategy sucks.. poetry still better....

Two entries in one day..this is CREATIVE...haha....

This is what I created for my lectuerer...well she wants something CREATIVE..
here's something CREATIVE!!!

Behold the palm of my left hand
it sure looks mighty grand
I wonder what I could do
I'd rather throw this into the loo

splish and splash
this painting looks like trash
so I got up on my rear
started putting on my gear
I then place my fingers on the keyboard
and started editing or some sort
Oh how my picture turned out to be
I sure hope you people dare to see

Oh hack, this looks more like toilet paper to me... How on earth am I going to show it to her la???

This lecturer wonderful leh.... You just gotta do her work..or she'll spank us..real good...

Anyway, after finishing the painting, I took one look and started puking....

*wipes the puke of his shirt*

Excuse me..where was I
oh yeah, so then I decided to photo edit the whole lousy piece of trash my masterpiece...

and this is how it turned out....

Behold the newly edited left hand..hahaha

the surface of the moon... yeah right

Dang I'm good.... hahahaha!!!


Blogger Ken said...

There was a blog
Owned by a dog
His name was Caine
And he was such a pain

i love my poetry skills

jk jk

7:45 PM  

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