Friday, August 05, 2005

Results is coming out this saturday!!!

I can't believe it.. The results is finally coming out this saturday. I'm doomed, I'm dead meat I'm so delighted!!! Let me see... I took 5 subjects last semester, so I shall now use the force and predict my results before posting the REAL results...

Principles of Copywriting C+

Introduction to IT B+

Introduction to Film Studies C

Media Planning C+ or D

Media Culture & Society C or D

Well, these are my predictions. Let's see if it's "accurate" Super memalukan if I post the actual results which is totally the opposite of what I predict. Don't care la!!

Watched Stealth on Monday and I must say the movie is seriously worth watching. If you are into fighting jets, planes, action and so on... I must say this movie is for you!!
There's action throughout the whole movie, so I am sure you won't get bored. I know I did not feel bored..

The planes are simply awesome. I just wish I had one for my own..hahah...Imagine me flying that jet at Mach 3... I think I can reach UK in less than an hour.

However, the design of the jets are rather, how should I say...plain. The design of the plain isn't unique despite it's technologies and capabilities...

Do we really have such jets in reality????

Anyway, I'm freaking my butt up here...ResultS!!!cannot tahan already...scared!!!Don't care la.....results only mah! Exams only mah! fail try again loh..

"You try and you fail, you try and you fail.. but the only failure is when you stop trying"

I'm beginning to love this phrase....


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