Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Letting go is hard.. allow it and it'll be easy

I know I am stabbing a sharp edge sword upon thy heart
Letting go is indeed a hard thing to do
but just allow it...

it'll soon be over...
it'll soon subside
the pain may be unbearable for now..
but let time take its course
in time..
the pain will go away
scars is forever
but let memories be within...
it may hurt
but it will soon be forgotten..

I am a jerk
I am an idiot
I am not worthy
I am not who you want me to be
I am not the one to give it to you
I am letting you down...

So if thy will to let go can be strong
i know it'll all work out..

I'm sorry and forgive me......

I never meant it to be soo painful

this was meant to be a post for today...but I really am soo confused now..

What do I really want?

God, what do You want for me?
When are You going to reveal it to me?
How will I know that You already have???
PLease God give me a SIGN
I need a SIGN
I need to know!!
I'm really hurt...

According to an individual, this statement was quoted from a series:-

"once you cross the line of friendship, there's no turning back"

That gave me a direction for me to choose...
Have I been blinded all these while?
Have I really been stupid?
Will it ever happen again?
Sigh, guess I have no choice
I guess that was what the individual meant..
So I have to let it go yah?

What I wrote at the beginning was what I felt ealier on..
it somehow doesn't mean anything anymore..
but it took me awhile to write it
and deleting it would mean I wasted time to write and I just delete
so might as well post it...


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