Saturday, August 27, 2005

I've got a Fan..not a fan..a FAN...

There he goes this fellow Caine
Sweet,caring and ocasionally lammee
Guys and girls alike run after him
Like a great big candy machine
Nice having you as a friend
I'll see you right till the very end.

You are not going to believe it when I tell you who's the person who wrote this poem for me.
I can say the person's a guy... A guy writing me a poem??? ARGH... I must be turning gay!! I ain't gay!! I ain't gay!!! (no pun intended)

Anyways, it's nice to know that there's always a hardcore loyal fan friend who remembers me.

Well, Just to let u know...

I am not handsome
I am not caring
I am not cute

I pretty much don't give a rat ass about anything anymore.

I just want to live my miserable cursed life.

I don't really mind what you guys and gals say about me

You wanna say I'm a good person, I'm cool with it
You wanna say I'm a friendly guy, I'm cool with it
You wanna say I'm a caring person, I'm cool with it

But please don't tell lies to ppl who wishes to know me..
I am not friendly
I am not good
I am not caring..
(repeated again???)

She says I am a playboy...screw it.. SHe wanna thinks that way, go ahead..
I'm COOL with it... I know I ain't one....

I really am in need of a way to end life...

Damn it, I hate backstabbers..
Damn that K( name changed to protect the privacy of the individual) for backstabbing me.
You wanna treat me as friend..TREAT ME AS A FRIEND, if not..dun go around telling people
behind my back that I bloody screw you up because of what I feel. If you think It's wrong for me to do what I think it's write..screw you, simple as that.

I hate people who acts so good in front of chicks but without the presence of the chicks.. you bloody act like u dun give shit about anything...

I hate people who looks down on people.. You wanna look down on me fine.. i can look down on you too..
I can stare at your filthy shoes all day long and spit on it if u like...

YOu said I rely too much on people..
Damn you
I proved to your sorry ASS that I can score as well..
You don't like me
don't gossip behind me

Life's a living hell, live with it....


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