Sunday, August 28, 2005

Inspiring poets everywhere

I was blog surfing..again.. and I came across this rather interesting poem or whatever you people call it...

I might be
Going off to a place you cannot follow
Where my heart has wings
And goes wherever She wants to go.

I don’t want
To leave your heart in this cold, lonely world
For our hearts have been great friends
But I’m sure you’ll find another perfect girl.

I look into
The window of the future
“Where are we?” I ask.
I don’t see the two of us hand in hand,
I don’t see how one day you’ll be my man.

This is ridiculous.
So why are we still together?

Anyway, should the owner of this poem wishes me to acknowledge or remove this entry... please let me know .. and I'll gladly do that...
but i found it interesting so I want to share it with everyone...

I sing for you and only you
Wherever I go I find you
You’re in the sound of every hello
In everything I do
You’re the song I was destined to know
And I only sing for you

should I try composing one??
I remember I used to composed one..
the inspiration..
all lost...

It was never meant to be

She can never imagine
The pain he has within
The thought of looking at her
knowing that He can never be a part of her
It was never meant to be

The joy of holding her hands
The happiness when she's around
Each day he stares at her
Each day he dreams of her
It was never meant to be.

If only she would know
If only she would understand
If only she would care
If only she would give a chance
It was never meant to be

He wanders in his own world
Living on sorrow
Living on anger
Living on sadness
It was never meant to be

He looks upon her
wishing he could hold her
wishing he could embrace her
wishing he could love her
it was never meant to be

He looks upon his future
Where only sorrow and anger lingers
He ponders upon his past
wondering will his guilt ever last
it was never meant to be

How wonderful when people can write poems.... there are soo many inspiring poets there...
I wish I could write again..

guess as the poem done above..

It was never meant to be.....


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