Saturday, August 13, 2005

Haze haze go away

Haze Haze go away
Come again another day oh please do not come again
Haze Haze go away
little children wants to play
Haze haze go away
your odour really makes me sick
Haze haze go away
my head is spinning like a washing machine
Haze haze go away
my nose is dripping like when a pipe's leaking
Haze haze go away
Hack, haze..JUST GET LOST!!

Rain rain don't go away
Come and pour your blessings on me
Rain rain piss on us
shower our filthy sky
rain rain let out your erm...water
cleanse the air we breathe up above.

Finally the sky has become better than yesterday..
For the past few days, the weather was like a Nuclear test site..smelly and inbearable..
I couldn't even walk to my car without wearing a mask.

This was the Air Pollution Index (API) for yesterday 11AM onwards...

here's what it meant...

Let's hope it'll start to rain...

We really need clean fresh air....


All the indons have to say is "we're sorry"

monkey, if you're sorry...PAY for our medical bills la....


*cough* *cough*




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