Saturday, July 16, 2005

You know you're a blogaholic when...

You know you're a blogabolic when...

1) You can't stop logging on your blog to check if there's people commenting

2) You never stop updating your blog

3) You know who is Kenny Sia

4) You know XiaXue more than you know Kenny Sia

5) You don't feel right when you realise you have not been updating your blog

6) You go blog surfing

7) You try to become like Kenny Sia

8) You keep asking for other people's blog

9) You know what is Project Petaling Street (PPS)

10) You Join PPS

11) You respect Jeff Ooi's Little bird

12) You know WHO is Jeff Ooi

Holiday is finally here. Thank God for that. I really need a break after 5-6 months of stress. We have finally finish the first part of the Film project, now it's the tough part- the editing. We went to the Editing lab this morning to start editing only to realise our actor and actress sounded like chipmunks. I was like, hmm ok this is rather interesting. So the editor decided to capture the scenes all over again, then I took over because he had to finish of the minutes and other paper work for our project. Half way through, the whole programme hanged. THE PROGRAMME HANGED!!! Oh shit!! How could this have happen la!? Then we sought help from one of the com lab's guy.

He check and check, then around 12 something in the afternoon, he said the whole thing has corrupted. When he meant the whole thing, other groups work also corrupted. So syok la everyone has to redo, lecturer has no choice but to extend dateline. Which reminds me, SHE BLOODY EXTENDED THE JOURNALS DATELINE!!! Crappy nutcracker last minute extended. If she had extended earlier, I would have been able to accomplish it. Oh well, I screwed the journal part up. Byebye 20% of the damn course....oh SHIT, it's 20%??!?!?!??! ?!??!

*Vomits blood* *coughS**faint**dies*

Anyhow, the editing can't be done this week so the group has to do the editing again next week. Unfortunately I won't be around... why? because....

Next Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday I won't be around. I'll be going outstation, that means my blog won't be updated.. *boo hoo*

Let's hope the project can be done and everything will go well. Sorry, I won't be able to join in the fun of editing. I really want to help with the editing......

One month break, one month break!!! woo-Hoo!!!!! Look for job, look for job!!! Anyone knows of a good part time job? lol.....


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