Sunday, July 17, 2005

The rain has started to pour

Why la rain must be in the evening wan? That's the time I go for my football session. I'm doomed to be fat for eternity. Nooo, eternity is toooooo long!!

Anyway, boring gila liao, nothing funky happened today, except that I'm heading up to the Highlands for 3 days. So that means for the next 3 days, this blog will cease to function for awhile... But alas my good readers, I shall be back to maketh thee happy. Fear not, for thy hunger for my blog shall be satisfied!

My 1 month break has officially begun and I am wondering what on earth can I do to satisfy my boredom. Any ideas people? Been quite lazy to mess around with my photoshop, so there won't be any pictures for your viewing pleasure because you don't deserve it I have got no nice pictures to edit. Will post more pics when I come back from holiday.

Tomorrow will be the final FINAL shoot for our film, and after that the editing will commence in the afternoon till night. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to make... wait, I already said that didn't I? oh well....

The house basement has finally been opened, and for the first time since I've step into the newly renovated house, I am able to see the basement. First thing I felt like doing was, puking.. The stench is unbearable not that bad la... The plans for the basement is, AV room- Ke Ri O Kay, but all this can be reality IF we have the money. At the moment tak jadi. So I can only dream.

Should I start a Ke Ri O Kay business?? I bet I'll make big bucks.. haha!!

Guess I should stop writing and start packing my clothes......

Image hosted by
This is how I was like

Image hosted by
This is how I look like now

Image hosted by
This is how I look like in disguise


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