Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Photoshoping is fun, you've got to try it

Have any of you ever notice that sometimes or most of the times my title is totally unrelated or has a slight relation with what ever I'm gonna blog about? Anyway I'm not gonna talk about my titles and entries...

I've came across so many books on certain topic/programs/sports for dummies, but have anyone came across Blogging for dummies? seeing that there are so many dummies who have no idea what to blog about nor how to blog or their brains are as small as a peanut that they spend most of the time scratching heads sucking thumbs. Since blogging is quite popular among many Malaysians, Singaporeans yada yada yada... Someone should come out with a book that teaches dummies how to blog. If the book were to be published, I assume it would look like this...

Image hosted by

I'm currently looking for photoshop for dummies. Say what? I'm a dummy? no no, you must look at yourself in the mirror, me handsome, you monkey.. must understand that you know?
I'm seriously addicted to photoshop like a pervert addicted to porn.
Seeing how Kenny Sia has such knowledge with photoshop, I do hope I can reach that level of skills. Another chun photoshopper I've came across is XiaXue , a very infamous well known Singaporean blogger. I came across Kenny's blog through my friend while Xiaxue's blog was known to me through Kenny.

However what caught my attention on xiaxue's blog wasn't her beauty or ability to photoshop, it was one entry that had everyone from Singapore to Malaysia debated on... Religion debate..

Let me see if I can come up with the top 5 most debated topic, beginning with number 5

5. Politics
4. SPG* boobs flashing
3. Blogitics
1. sex

* Sarong Party Girl to those who never heard of SPG...

There's been a debate on SPG's blog where she posted a picture of herself nude. However, that action has caused people to debate on whether that picture was meant for art or pornography. I was like, hmm.. interesting. Well, if you ask me, it's entirely up to the individual who pose. We live in a modern world people!! Nude doesn't mean porn! But since we've got a bunch of chipmunks living on Nuts, people labeled nudity with pornography.. Omg! So now what? I pose nude means I posing in the name of pornography now ah?? you all siao cha boh! How stupid can people be??
Whatever that individual wants to do to his or herself is none of your concern!? We have a name of this people, I think it's called KPC or Ke Poh Chi.. But I call them idiots for short.. easier for me to remember.

Anywayz, enough of bloggers, let me crack some lame lame lame jokes....

What do you get when Marvel collides with Star Wars??

Image hosted by
yeap, you get SuperAnakin with Obi Wan... I told you it's Lame!

Another thing la, what is the world coming to man?? Drivers getting more high each day, accidents and accidents and accidents??? Seriously cannot tahan these people man. I wonder how they got their driving license.. Oh wait, I know, they shoe shine the officer by giving them early gaji... bloody officers can earn at least Rm1k a day man. How suck up can that be???

Image hosted by
forgot to photoedit this picture, but I so leng chai. No need photoedit wan la...

oh yah, just remembered, My gal and I were watching Mr & Mrs Smith the other day, guess what we did before the movie start??? Graduating from Horgwarts whatchamacallit school...

Image hosted by
here's my graduation pic with Hermionne Suzanne

and finally guess who this kid is?

Image hosted by
I also dunno who this kid is...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

suzamme seriously look like witch here

4:55 PM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Thank you I'm more wicked than I witch so beware ! Don't even know how to spell my name ... GOsh I'm Suzanne not Suzamme ???!!

11:24 PM  

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