Monday, July 25, 2005

My area got Streamyx or not????

How bad can our Tm services be? My goodness I've been applying for Streamyx for God knows how long already and they kept pushing me away by giving the same excuses...

"Minta maaf encik, tetapi radius rumah encik telah melebihi had readius servis iaitu 5km.."

"sorry but your area is still copper wire. In order for streamyx to work, you need to have fibre optic"

" Still don't have"

This is too much la.... Then today I asked again outside my area because there were 2 guys in a van doing registration for Streamyx. One dood said that my area got already... JUST UPGRADED somemore.. then why the hell my mom asked few days ago don't have???

"oh because baru upgrade only"

Bugger, My area more canggih than other areas but my area don't have yet? now only have? abit the kampung right???

So then I did the registration AGAIN for the Lord knows how many times and hope that this time it will actually succeed. I've waited for like since the damn services started.

Streamyx, fast kononnya, canggih kononnya.. My backside la...

Now 1 month break and I still have no idea what to do. At first I wanted to start jogging to burn my "large" amount of fats but well, I'm just damn bloody lazy. I was also suppose to post photos of my trip and so on. But yeah, no STREAMYX only 1515.... slow like turtle....

Let's hope I start overcome my laziness and start excercising... If not.. .A pig I shall be =(


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