Sunday, July 31, 2005

Malaysia Choral Worship Festival.. Syok!!

Fuh, awesome.. just awesome.. what can I say.. I always like to listen to choir singing- Sopranos, Altos,Tenors, Bass.
The whole event was just amazing, especially the lady in black Lana Smith. Her voice is simply amazing. Then the choir led by Kenny Lamm (no it's no LAM ) and the Front Street Baptist Church Worship Team.

Kenny Lamm

Front Street Baptist Church Worship Team

Anyway, the event started at 8:30p.m, I guess... but I was there 2 hours early. Why?

1) I have forgotten the location of First Baptist Church.

2) I had to follow another family.

3) Their daughter Dewgem is part of the Choir, so she has to be there early.

So then Lordson, His mom-Aunt Grace, Suzanne and I decided to go for dinner. At first, we wanted to eat at a restaurant down the road, but then when we took one look at the erm.....what was suppose to be a restaurant, turn out to be some cheapo coffee shop. Even the atmosphere makes me lose my appetide. Who the hell wants to eat next to the main road la? Noisy and Smelly, dust here and there.

So then we decided to head for another restaurant called Restaurant Satallite and had 4 person worth of Ipoh Tauge Chicken or in Chinese "Ipoh Nga Choy Kai". The food there not bad, but the tauke there, super rude. We are customers and its his responsibilty to wait on the customer, bloody hell we are still deciding what to eat, but he impatient like nobody's business. So he just simply add the order for us and hurried off. BUT, the good thing is he said the Hor Fun (Kuey Tiao) and the rice he give free.

So then I syok la, can save money loh. Then makan and makan, after we finished, Aunt Grace offered to pay for us. But I dun wan loh, so paid her back. But the funny thing is, at first the tauke said its free- mee and rice... but then the whole thing cost RM30 pluss? i was like? sure boh free? Cheat me meh?

Went back to the Church and the event started 15-20 minutes later. Well, since I already got gf, cannot simply glimpse at girls. So if I glimpse must tell her loh..... There's this ang moh girl, she's in the choir too, quite chun.... but suzanne got even with me... say the ang moh boy also leng chai... so we even liao la!

Whole event ended at about 10:30pm? Drove Suzanne and Sharon home and I only reached my crib at at around 10:45pm? super tired wei!! Hungry somemore.... So I cooked me some curry mee ala Caine Style. Yeah, I guess I'm doomed to be fat.....

There's one song sang by one of the soloist, which I had taken quite a liking. The title of the song is Give Me Jesus. I came online to search the song and amazingly I manage to find it. Mwahahahaha..... the wonders of internet!!!

Anyways, I'm beat. I really got to get me some shut up. Too much late nights ain't doing me no good. So ciaoz peeps =)


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