Monday, July 04, 2005

Exams tomorrow?? Crap!! Where's the notes!!!

Another shitty lovely day indeed, I woke up at 9:30a.m. only to realise that I'm so darn late for worship practice. Seeing that I can't make it for worship, I decided to take my own sweet time bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes. Why bother to go early? since I'm already late, screw it la. But I was so damn mad because that damn brother of mine forgotten to wake me up. This piece of mindless jack nutcase boy forgets things so easily, imagine if he has a gf...

"oh, sorry I forgot your birthday darling"

wait wait, imagine he's getting married...

"oh shit, sorry darling, I forgot that our wedding is today, you never tell me also!"

I was so not in mood to do anything, why the hell must my mood be such a screw up. Well, then headed to church, by the time I reach there, worship started. So I just took my usual seat at the back. Then while worshiping, the fast songs la, at least clap abit.. no one wanted to clap. So I started by clapping, what the hell!! STILL NO ONE CLAPPED?? you ppl hands frozen izzit? thats why we should off the aircon. Too much aircon can freeze your hands... and brains... It pisses me off too.. To make things worst, this boy laughed at me because I was the only one clapping... nabeh, I clap your problem izzit? I clap because you people are as dead as a corpse...
Don't make me give you the stare man!!

Image hosted by
You are too ugly to be speaking with me....

Then lunch at church, chicken rice... wanted to get second helping, boh liao... Wah, which greedy people sapu the food la!! oh, it was my brother....and my friend.... So ok la, nvrm.. then my friend gave me someone's leftover meal... wah liao, this one super la, the rice looks alright, but the chicken..the CHICKEN!! macam sudah makan until left the bones, and gave it to me to eat?? I garbage meh???? so nvrm la, I gave the bones to another churchmates mom, because for dog to eat... Then chit chat abit loh, but didn't have the mood to talk already. Then I went up to the drum set and wack as hard as I could at the drums set, fuh felt so good, if only it was the bastard I so longed to give a piece of my fist..... wait, I don't wanna give him the fist, I wanna give him 10 x the fist... that bloody jackass son of a.....idiot there mess around with her at Genting last year!!


*relax, relax* Hmm, better cool down, come I call clown to entertain myself and all you people...

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Bob the handsome clown with his fellow clownmate kinky..

See now we're all still pretty fished up happy and having fun about everything...

Tomorrow's the beggining for my final examination and I haven't even started a single thing on whatsoever I have to learn.

Oi, Charisma!! Where the hell is the notes la!!!

Today's dinner was wonderful, wonderful I tell you. The whole family ate at Marche(Mar-Shay). Marche is Market in French, and the concept is like each section got its own stall, such as Grill section, Jap section and so on.. The food there quite expensive though, the dinner cost us nearly RM300. However I did not eat much, had me an appetizer, main course, dessert and juices- Raw Oyster, Stirloin steak, Strawberries and carrot juice. Most of the time I grab bits of food from my brother, sister, and dad...

Image hosted by
The appetizer

- Squeeze with lemon, and I added extra wasabi for taste.... it's suppose to be FRESH..
Don't trust them though..

Image hosted by
The main course

- well done, nice and tasty..

Image hosted by
Freshly "SQUEEZE"

- its seriously FRESH, and "IMPORTED"

Image hosted by
The dessert

-damn sour, had to tahan like mad....

(p/s: Pictures above and the real ones, total different)

Overall the food was tasty, if got money, go there makan again....

Oh hell la, I really got to study... Ciaoz!! I'm dead man, exams so fast... HOLIDAY FASTER!!! WOo-hoo !!


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