Saturday, July 02, 2005

Exams are near!! so are holidays...

I have no freaking idea why people must treat me like a total shit ass shoe mars everytime. I am not a useless bastard bucket ok? So I don't care who the hell I am referring to, be it everyone or a certain particular nut cracker; leave me alone and stop acting like you're are some God who thinks you know it all. Just because you are so Holy in church doesn't mean you can show your damn attitude at my face. If I had my bloody way, your butt on the pavement and my fist on your face. I will slap you so hard that you wish you hadn't pissed me off. Yes, if you're in my college and knows me, you would probably know who I am pissed off with. If not well, thank you for reading this far.

Just because you know how to utilizes a certain program, by all means use that knowledge for good use. Don't be a finger and start boasting your damn small head around saying...

"ooh, I know how to do this, so I should be doing it."


"ooh, I've got big brains and a little bird, which is smaller than Jeff Ooi's little bird, so I should be doing it"

Well my good idiotic nut, if you know how to do, SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT!! Stop boasting around!! I don't give a rat ass if you know how to brainwash girls mind into sleeping with you. It's your virginity, you lose it your problem so stop being a jack. I am well stress enough with my assignments and my family problems and now you start coming and act like you're some Darth Vader craving for "power!! Absolute Power!!"

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So the conclusion is? You two face chick hunting backstabbing show off shoe shinning marshole, get a real life, I know you crave younger chicks, don't show off in front of them and when they are not around, you give me you're damn attitude....

This is what that two face chick hunting... too long to say.. guy looks like.....

Image hosted by
he preys on the victim at nite, "raping" every young girls with his eyes....

I don't care what anyone say about what I write in my blog...
first and foremost, this is MY blog.. you can say that this is my alter ego, it's the bad side of me..its the side where I really cannot hold my anger inside and I decided to let it all out in words and visuals..

I've accomplished most assignments, journals left, group filming and exams.... hopefully can get through it without much ranting.... getting pissed off with that dog already!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am now much dumber for spending 5 minutes reading this useless shit

12:31 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

who da fuck are u ? If u got balls type ur name in ... oh maybe ur a girl so no balls or I should change it this way if ur a girl .. If u got boobs and ass don't put urself as anonymous

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

affirmative on the balls (that means yes, so you don't have to go look it up)

what happened to your right arm suzie? did you eat it? cos you sure look a little on the thin side if you know what i mean

1:17 AM  

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