Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cousins are faggots when they come to your house.

WHY THE F*** MUST SHE TOUCH MY LAPTOP!!! MY INTERNET!!! MY MSN!!! bloody f***ed up b*tch. Seriously I had enough of people messing around wiht my stuffs. You wanna use it, fine I let you use. BUT DON"T BLOODY forget, everything you're using is MINE!! MINE YOU PIECE OF TRASH!!!

At first my mood was damn nice wan, but someone had to go f***ed me up sooo badly that I really can't take it anymore. How the hell can you go ppl's house and simply use your stuffs la!!! cousin or not cousin, bastard or bitch, I don't give a damN! You use got time limit!!!

*Don't tell me to mind my language, I have every right to be angry. You put yourself in MY situation!! So don't tell me to mind my language, Christian or not Christian!!

It's bad enough I've to spent my entire precious time at KLCC to shoot the damn film, and to make things worst, I suggest something people don't even bother to listen. YOU THINK I AM F***ING LOUSY IZZIT? YOU THINK MY ROLE IS TO BE YOUR BLOODY HANDYMAN!!!MEDIC!!!SERVANT!!! SLAVE!!!! I got feelings you know??? Wanna bet? I can bet my entire life that whatever piece of dog shit we shot got each of our voices behind. Why? because...

1> the directors is too mute to shout Quiet on the damn set!! Action!! Cut you piece of shit !!!

2> everyone is too happy chit chatting while the cameraman woman is shooting

3> the camera woman don't wanna say LOUDLY that she has begun shooting

4> i give up explaining.. go figure by yourself...retards..

Just to bloody recap what I said on my previous entry about the Parking system...

Image hosted by
this is the piece of rubbish they gave me for conpensation... Screw up anot??

Another thing is, today went Sharon's place for CG. The damn Guard got the nuts to ask for my ID, ok gave him my "P" license la in exchange for some stupid yellow colour tag... So then I asked Dewgem, did she get the tag. she said no... I was like WTF???


see la i wear woman's clothing see u shag me 1st only let me through... bunch of merchants useless jacks!!

Image hosted by
This is another trash the guard gave to me

I seriously damn pissed off already... dun wanna talk about anything....

Image hosted by
stare what? you think you so happy and handsome izzit? look at the mirror first!


Anonymous m-attitude said...

i'm assuming you got your licence back from the guard cos otherwise you'd be pissed about it.:) but my point is, if possible, haggle with the fella. you really shouldn't hand over your licence to people other than (real) police. can never be too safe.

take care bro.

7:41 PM  

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