Thursday, July 07, 2005

Can life get any worst?

For the past 2 days the damn parking system ate my RM8 from my Student card. At first I didn't realised the problem, I thought I parked inside the college for more than 8 hours. So first day I didn't give much thought about it. Until yesterday, that fuchok system ate my 4 bucks again!!! I was very sure I parked for less than 3 hours and it already cost me 4 bucks??? I so wanted to curse the company that does that parking system!?! They trying to suck my wallet dry izzit?? I seriously want to spank their ass-sets.....

So today went and complain to the One Stop Centre, one of the slave worker told me to go to bursery to seek another person, then that person told me to see another person. WHAT THE HELL?? HOW YOU PPL MANAGE WAN??? I must go through 2 bloody idiots to find the person in charge, how screwed is the management la?? Call yourself the 2nd top college in Malaysia. PLEASE LIVE UP TO THE RANKING MAN!!

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So ok la, I told that guy my problem, they I asked him whether it's my card's problem or the system, he said it was the system. But before he answered me I also knew liao. WHy? because I saw a list of students which also got their wallets/purses sucked dry. So it seems that I wasn't the only victim of that vicious parking system. The fallen system has corrupted our cash and therfore it has succumbed to the dark side of the force.

Then that guy decided to conpensate me. I was expecting cash but instead he gave me 2 stupid piece of trash pass for me to park for free. To me, it's a STUPID way of conpensation! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK MAN!!!! I don't even want to park my baby in that stupid forsaken place we call parking area. Anyway, all I have to do is flash my VIP card paper and I will have free access to the area for the whole day. But still I felt the cash is more worth it. Haha...

So after that I went com lab to device a diabolical plan to conquer the World use the lab's internet connection because it 10Mbps. YES 10MB per second. They claimed that our college is the only college that offers such services and they also claimed that it is the fastest among other colleges. But take my word for it, my dial-up is also faster... at times.... Their bloody system can crash also and our com lab was hacked by one of the students. RESPECT TO THE MAX WHOEVER YOU ARE!! Imagine that, a respected college with respected ppl but reality they suck eggs.

Anyway, after that I went to check my exam schedule and headed for lunch. I passed by my locker only to find that all my things in the locker is STOLEN!!! Lock broke, things gone..!! I march my handsome face to the One Stop Centre to screw the whole management and murder their boss file a complain la. I even had the receipt of payment, and it shows that I paid WAY BEFORE the dateline. I shoved the receipt up the receptionist mouth showed her the receipt and asked for an explaination and YEAP, as I figured they told me to see another person...

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What the heLL!!?

I've to look for another person?? cannot tahan them already, just gave them my number and ask the person in charge to call me. So then I left college because I planted 10 C4s in each corner of the college and had to escape its blast zone had to rush to my car as the parking coupon has expired and I don't wanna pay RM100 for not placing another coupon. Then Suzanne and I headed for Atria because I need to pay someone for the game I bought and then we decided to have our lunch at KFC. So long never eat, tasted soooo soooo good and then I became sooo sooo fat....

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I gotta lose some weight man....

After my lunch I met a good friend of mine, he's quite famous to many people, I'm sure you've met him at least ONCE. So then I chatted with him and then we took some pics, but I like this picture best...

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Meet my good friend, the Colonel.

Woo -hoo 2 weeks time and I'm off for my holiday trip. See ya lowlands and Hellooo Highlands!!

Here's a game for you guys to try , its damn addictive....

How far can you spank the monkey???
I went 698....beat my score if you can!!


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