Thursday, July 28, 2005

1 week down 3 more weeks to go....then back to college.

"Sorry..!! Your application 4 tmnet streamyx-Fail requested"

What I don't get about that sms, oh by the way that was the sms I received yesterday regarding my application for streamyx... anyway, what I don't get about that sms is, the idiotic merchant told me that they recently added some shitty port of whatever rubbish that allows my area to have streamyx. But yesterday he has the balls to tell me that the application has failed? wtf??? You bloody jackasses trying to lie to me izzit? First you told me that my number can, copper wire can, got port also can.... now you tell me cannot???

Wah liao, I tell you ah if that is the case, how the hell am I gonna trust you merchants running the country man? Sigh Look at the bright side, at least the idiot apologise... "Sorry..!!" That's the only apology he can give...I guess I should reply him saying...

"Sorry..!! Your service for streamyx-Sucks as much as your nuts"

Another thing is his english? aiyor, must ALL merchants SUCK at english so mucH? fail requested?

Hello? Why the hell I want to request a fail?? this is utter bullshit....

I dun wan a "fail" to be requested.. The hell I want to fail??

English so chai still can get a job.. I wonder how the big shots sitting in their comfy tables in their office do their work..How they interview la??

Boss: Please tell me your name

MC : I name is MC machan

Boss: How good is your english?

MC : My english are good. See..."Sorry..!! Your application 4 tmnet streamyx-Fail requested"

Boss: *faints*

I better not write already la, the more I think of the word streamyx my head will begin to explode more.....


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