Sunday, July 31, 2005

Malaysia Choral Worship Festival.. Syok!!

Fuh, awesome.. just awesome.. what can I say.. I always like to listen to choir singing- Sopranos, Altos,Tenors, Bass.
The whole event was just amazing, especially the lady in black Lana Smith. Her voice is simply amazing. Then the choir led by Kenny Lamm (no it's no LAM ) and the Front Street Baptist Church Worship Team.

Kenny Lamm

Front Street Baptist Church Worship Team

Anyway, the event started at 8:30p.m, I guess... but I was there 2 hours early. Why?

1) I have forgotten the location of First Baptist Church.

2) I had to follow another family.

3) Their daughter Dewgem is part of the Choir, so she has to be there early.

So then Lordson, His mom-Aunt Grace, Suzanne and I decided to go for dinner. At first, we wanted to eat at a restaurant down the road, but then when we took one look at the erm.....what was suppose to be a restaurant, turn out to be some cheapo coffee shop. Even the atmosphere makes me lose my appetide. Who the hell wants to eat next to the main road la? Noisy and Smelly, dust here and there.

So then we decided to head for another restaurant called Restaurant Satallite and had 4 person worth of Ipoh Tauge Chicken or in Chinese "Ipoh Nga Choy Kai". The food there not bad, but the tauke there, super rude. We are customers and its his responsibilty to wait on the customer, bloody hell we are still deciding what to eat, but he impatient like nobody's business. So he just simply add the order for us and hurried off. BUT, the good thing is he said the Hor Fun (Kuey Tiao) and the rice he give free.

So then I syok la, can save money loh. Then makan and makan, after we finished, Aunt Grace offered to pay for us. But I dun wan loh, so paid her back. But the funny thing is, at first the tauke said its free- mee and rice... but then the whole thing cost RM30 pluss? i was like? sure boh free? Cheat me meh?

Went back to the Church and the event started 15-20 minutes later. Well, since I already got gf, cannot simply glimpse at girls. So if I glimpse must tell her loh..... There's this ang moh girl, she's in the choir too, quite chun.... but suzanne got even with me... say the ang moh boy also leng chai... so we even liao la!

Whole event ended at about 10:30pm? Drove Suzanne and Sharon home and I only reached my crib at at around 10:45pm? super tired wei!! Hungry somemore.... So I cooked me some curry mee ala Caine Style. Yeah, I guess I'm doomed to be fat.....

There's one song sang by one of the soloist, which I had taken quite a liking. The title of the song is Give Me Jesus. I came online to search the song and amazingly I manage to find it. Mwahahahaha..... the wonders of internet!!!

Anyways, I'm beat. I really got to get me some shut up. Too much late nights ain't doing me no good. So ciaoz peeps =)

Saturday, July 30, 2005 family's style.. yummy to the max!

When you're eating Steamboat with my family, be sure to feast yourself with...

- Fresh Crabs

- Prawns

- Fish

- Fish BALLS

- Vegetables such as Cabbage, and erm... other vegetables..

- tang hoon

- and many more

It's seriously a feast you must not miss man..

Today's my sister's birthday and in conjunction with her birthday as well as my dad's birthday yesterday, my mom decide to have a small get together with a few friends for a nice steamboat.

I guess I ate more crabs then the rest. How can you not eat the crabs? it was alive when she bought it. Therefore the crabs is damn fresh!!! I just had to eat and eat and eat... but the side effect for eating is i get fatter and fatter and fatter... Sooner or later Rikishi also lose to me liao....

Sigh, I have not been consistant with my update for me beloved blog. I am getting lazy again, which means the blog goes dead...

I got nothing much to say today, just that I'm full and tired.... A long holiday indeed...

Here's some pictures....

Is the sky real or fake?
Look, its superman!!'s just some dumb plane...The moon at the tip of my fingers...
The hell? damn MPPJ gave me 1 looong piece of paper..worht RM30..ass...

I just love scenary pictures....

Thursday, July 28, 2005

1 week down 3 more weeks to go....then back to college.

"Sorry..!! Your application 4 tmnet streamyx-Fail requested"

What I don't get about that sms, oh by the way that was the sms I received yesterday regarding my application for streamyx... anyway, what I don't get about that sms is, the idiotic merchant told me that they recently added some shitty port of whatever rubbish that allows my area to have streamyx. But yesterday he has the balls to tell me that the application has failed? wtf??? You bloody jackasses trying to lie to me izzit? First you told me that my number can, copper wire can, got port also can.... now you tell me cannot???

Wah liao, I tell you ah if that is the case, how the hell am I gonna trust you merchants running the country man? Sigh Look at the bright side, at least the idiot apologise... "Sorry..!!" That's the only apology he can give...I guess I should reply him saying...

"Sorry..!! Your service for streamyx-Sucks as much as your nuts"

Another thing is his english? aiyor, must ALL merchants SUCK at english so mucH? fail requested?

Hello? Why the hell I want to request a fail?? this is utter bullshit....

I dun wan a "fail" to be requested.. The hell I want to fail??

English so chai still can get a job.. I wonder how the big shots sitting in their comfy tables in their office do their work..How they interview la??

Boss: Please tell me your name

MC : I name is MC machan

Boss: How good is your english?

MC : My english are good. See..."Sorry..!! Your application 4 tmnet streamyx-Fail requested"

Boss: *faints*

I better not write already la, the more I think of the word streamyx my head will begin to explode more.....

Monday, July 25, 2005

My area got Streamyx or not????

How bad can our Tm services be? My goodness I've been applying for Streamyx for God knows how long already and they kept pushing me away by giving the same excuses...

"Minta maaf encik, tetapi radius rumah encik telah melebihi had readius servis iaitu 5km.."

"sorry but your area is still copper wire. In order for streamyx to work, you need to have fibre optic"

" Still don't have"

This is too much la.... Then today I asked again outside my area because there were 2 guys in a van doing registration for Streamyx. One dood said that my area got already... JUST UPGRADED somemore.. then why the hell my mom asked few days ago don't have???

"oh because baru upgrade only"

Bugger, My area more canggih than other areas but my area don't have yet? now only have? abit the kampung right???

So then I did the registration AGAIN for the Lord knows how many times and hope that this time it will actually succeed. I've waited for like since the damn services started.

Streamyx, fast kononnya, canggih kononnya.. My backside la...

Now 1 month break and I still have no idea what to do. At first I wanted to start jogging to burn my "large" amount of fats but well, I'm just damn bloody lazy. I was also suppose to post photos of my trip and so on. But yeah, no STREAMYX only 1515.... slow like turtle....

Let's hope I start overcome my laziness and start excercising... If not.. .A pig I shall be =(

When beauty and brains meet? you want me die early???

What the F*CK???? This is the last straw man.. Ginvera and Myc bITCH has done it again....

Today's star education- When Beauty and Brains meet wrote about the 2 bitches winners of the worlds most hated competition Ginvera Ambassador Competition. I have nothing against their results because frankly I couldn't care the f*ck less about what those bitches are doing.

But what really ticked me off was this particular part of the article....

" The 13 contestants with the highest number of votes then took part in the finals, held in Bukit Bintang, taking to the catwalk and participating in a photo shoot and lunch session with the Ginvera management team and co-sponsors. "

What the mother fuchok???? Bloody MYC think I dumb , mute, stupid ah?? Damn MYC tink I cannot report their freaking smelly ass to the police for cheating money ah? Nabeh, I got damn prove that the 2 bitches winners are not, i repeat ARE NOT even in the competition....

I am so going to complain this to The Star already and I've had it.. I'm telling the MYC to fear what they thought was over... YOU THINK I DON'T BLOODY DARE AH!!! nialai.. i got f*cking hell lots of witnesses and proves.. damn MYC got balls to f*ck with me... they are so going to get it.

I've sent an email to the star regarding the article and I'm even sending another mail to MYC and ginvera...tellin them to watch their smelly ass....Damn jackass fuchok son of a bitches

You ppl tell me fair anot??? let me give you scenario....

you join this competition and you were told to shove 10 golfballs up your ass...Ok so you did it already la. All 10 golf balls up your virgin ass, only to realise that the winner is another person...

Then you went and ask what happened..... now they say shoving 10 goflballs up your ass is a small role... so you pissed off la...after that they compensate you by giving you ointment for your ass.... ok u take it...

Now while reading the newspaper, you see that the competition requires few stages. First is shoving 10 golf balls in your ass, then cat walking like a bitch on the stage then win...

WAIT!!! you think to yourself....

"I shoved 10 golf balls already, they said small role. How could that post taht on the paper"

So you people tell me is this fair? is this bloody fair??? I am at the point where I want to march to the office and screw each and every one of those monkeys....

"Curse you MYC jerks!!!"

Let's see who will win.... the liars vs the people of the truth...especially when I have damn hell loads of witnesses and proves......

So conclusion is The whole organisers are losers, egg suckers and covers up their mistake... The whole competition was a cheat.. and the organisers are f*ckers....

Screw you MYC!!! and GINVERA!!!

Image hosted by
I'm pissed to the core!!!

[picture removed]

P/s: If you know those 2 and you don't like what I wrote.. Let me first tell you, I have my own freedom to write what I want in my blog. I did not break any laws or anything. If so happened you don't like what I wrote about your friend in the blog, shut up and get lost. I have every right to voice out what I want......

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Don't you just miss me??

Hey guess what? I'm backkkk!!!

Well, the Genting trip was so damn boring I felt like dying BLOODY FUN!!! The 3 days 2 nights trip was soo enjoyable. Got loads of pictures but I shall upload it later.... I'm just tooo darn tired to blog now...

Just a quick "synopsis" about our trip....

Monday, we reached Genting at approximately 5 something and checked into Theme Park Hotel, had dinner opposite the hotel. The restaurant opens 24 hours and the price is damn hell expensive rather reasonable but yet not that cheap. However the food was extremely delicious. After a time of yummilicious dinner, we headed for First World Hotel and had a round of Snooker and Pool, which frankly speaking I didn't want to play but ended up playing, but my sweetheart and I had a great time during pool, me cursing and she scolding...

Tuesday, we headed for the restaurant in the hotel for a free buffet breakfast. Well it's not free, we paid for it and it comes with the Fun! Fun! Fun! at Theme Park Hotel 2005 package. After the scruptious breakfast, we headed back to the room where I went for a 20 minute battle with the shit. I had to let out tons of "chocolate cake" and I succeeded. Then we went for outdoor theme park. Entrance was of course free included in the package so we had the coupon to enter. However when entered the theme park, majority of the rides were close. I was like what the *censored* hell??? I paid RM100++ for the package and they have to close all the thrill rides during that time... Then dinner at the same spot and headed for First World Snow world where the battle of the snowballs began. I was shot several times before I returned fire. We had free ice cream inside the snow world. YES ICE CREAM IN THE SNOW WORLD!!

Wednesday, woke up late due to late night yesterday, checked out at 1pm, left luggage at the hotel bell service, headed for indoor theme park, played the tickets game, won 261 tickets, redeemed one stupid ball and a set of colour marker pens. Left Genting at approximately 3pm, reached PJ at around 6pm, went for dinner at SS2, came back and blog about the trip....

P/s: Some jack ass just won't learn, it seems the anonymous fellow is harrassing my girlfriend. But I bloody hell have no idea who the person is, but I'm quite sure the person is someone we know. If I found out who the fuck is the person, I'm gonna make sure that person ends up in the hospital. Mark my words you bastard with monkey parents!!!!

Pictures will be uploaded next time.....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Games Day at Praise Baptist Centre

To those who wish to come, please contact me via e-mail @ and I'll get back to you on thursday... Till then, happy studying, happy holidays to me.. =)

Off for Gentings =)

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The rain has started to pour

Why la rain must be in the evening wan? That's the time I go for my football session. I'm doomed to be fat for eternity. Nooo, eternity is toooooo long!!

Anyway, boring gila liao, nothing funky happened today, except that I'm heading up to the Highlands for 3 days. So that means for the next 3 days, this blog will cease to function for awhile... But alas my good readers, I shall be back to maketh thee happy. Fear not, for thy hunger for my blog shall be satisfied!

My 1 month break has officially begun and I am wondering what on earth can I do to satisfy my boredom. Any ideas people? Been quite lazy to mess around with my photoshop, so there won't be any pictures for your viewing pleasure because you don't deserve it I have got no nice pictures to edit. Will post more pics when I come back from holiday.

Tomorrow will be the final FINAL shoot for our film, and after that the editing will commence in the afternoon till night. Unfortunately for me, I won't be able to make... wait, I already said that didn't I? oh well....

The house basement has finally been opened, and for the first time since I've step into the newly renovated house, I am able to see the basement. First thing I felt like doing was, puking.. The stench is unbearable not that bad la... The plans for the basement is, AV room- Ke Ri O Kay, but all this can be reality IF we have the money. At the moment tak jadi. So I can only dream.

Should I start a Ke Ri O Kay business?? I bet I'll make big bucks.. haha!!

Guess I should stop writing and start packing my clothes......

Image hosted by
This is how I was like

Image hosted by
This is how I look like now

Image hosted by
This is how I look like in disguise

Saturday, July 16, 2005

You know you're a blogaholic when...

You know you're a blogabolic when...

1) You can't stop logging on your blog to check if there's people commenting

2) You never stop updating your blog

3) You know who is Kenny Sia

4) You know XiaXue more than you know Kenny Sia

5) You don't feel right when you realise you have not been updating your blog

6) You go blog surfing

7) You try to become like Kenny Sia

8) You keep asking for other people's blog

9) You know what is Project Petaling Street (PPS)

10) You Join PPS

11) You respect Jeff Ooi's Little bird

12) You know WHO is Jeff Ooi

Holiday is finally here. Thank God for that. I really need a break after 5-6 months of stress. We have finally finish the first part of the Film project, now it's the tough part- the editing. We went to the Editing lab this morning to start editing only to realise our actor and actress sounded like chipmunks. I was like, hmm ok this is rather interesting. So the editor decided to capture the scenes all over again, then I took over because he had to finish of the minutes and other paper work for our project. Half way through, the whole programme hanged. THE PROGRAMME HANGED!!! Oh shit!! How could this have happen la!? Then we sought help from one of the com lab's guy.

He check and check, then around 12 something in the afternoon, he said the whole thing has corrupted. When he meant the whole thing, other groups work also corrupted. So syok la everyone has to redo, lecturer has no choice but to extend dateline. Which reminds me, SHE BLOODY EXTENDED THE JOURNALS DATELINE!!! Crappy nutcracker last minute extended. If she had extended earlier, I would have been able to accomplish it. Oh well, I screwed the journal part up. Byebye 20% of the damn course....oh SHIT, it's 20%??!?!?!??! ?!??!

*Vomits blood* *coughS**faint**dies*

Anyhow, the editing can't be done this week so the group has to do the editing again next week. Unfortunately I won't be around... why? because....

Next Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday I won't be around. I'll be going outstation, that means my blog won't be updated.. *boo hoo*

Let's hope the project can be done and everything will go well. Sorry, I won't be able to join in the fun of editing. I really want to help with the editing......

One month break, one month break!!! woo-Hoo!!!!! Look for job, look for job!!! Anyone knows of a good part time job? lol.....

Thursday, July 14, 2005

How retards work

Well, I've finally finish my exams!! Hoo-raa for that. However, I came across this particular retard. You see, retards have a very unique way of saying things... here's what that retard said so far....

Anonymous said...

the art on the backs of cereal boxes are better than this garbage

what's next? harry potter drawings? lotr?

Anonymous said...

3387 visitors since july 30, 2005???

uhhh, it's only july 14, 2005

wow, i'm really going to trust that counter

How do we help them?? So far it's hard to help these sort of people. You know why? They are not only stupid, they are also sooo damn ashamed to show their face nor even state their name. Wait wait, don't tell me, I guess retard name is Dickywheresmydicky. It must have been the length of retards name that he/she had to name it to anonymous... oh boy.... I pity his worthless suck up jack ass parents, it must have been tough for them, raising this retard anonymous.

Who the hell do you think you are? You come into people's blog, and you hide your jackass face and curse people?? woah. you must have like it right? who the fuck you think you are?
wait wait.. since you like cursing..let me learn from you..let me give it a shot..hang on yah....


Dear Anonymous,

Your brains are as slimy as eggs and your IQ are so low you wish you were dead. Your body is full of diseases that every girl runs away whenever they see you. You smell like crap that your parents had to think twice before talking to you. Your parents,grandparents, brother,sister, uncle, aunty, thinks themselves as the biggest nut in the world. Oh yeah, your mother must have been from a whore house, your father from a dog pound. You must have been born in a dog pound near a whore house. Boy that sucks right? I must pity you for being so stupid all your life.. Even your girlfriend/boyfriend... oh wait, i forgot... you don't have one... I think you must have fainted even before you approach them. You must be so sad that you had to shag yourself in your own dog house reading dog porn, sucking dog bones... How sad it is that you have to look at other people and only able to see but not touch.. It could be that your nerves are so damaged that you feel so fucked up...

Yours truly,

Caine who does not need to hide his name..

You can talk trash with me, I can talk trash with you. You wanna fuck with me, I also can fuck with you... You touch me or my gf, you only land your sorry freaking jackass in jail. You screw anyone I know, you will get it from me. But then, I guess I shouldn't waste my precious time on dumbfucks like you...

Oh I just remembered. You don't speak english.. You must be speaking the italian.. no??
oh yah it's , monkey gibberish...sorry you're too "smart" for me to understand monkey gibberish.... I only know how to speak human language.....
your fellow primates knows though, they live in zoos. You can find them in any zoos.... tell your monkey father and monkey mother and your monkey friends I said hi...

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Magnificent art by Suzanne.....

:: Obi Wan Kenobi ::
:: (L-R) Yoda,Artoo,Anakin,Obi Wan ::
:: Yoda ::
:: Anakin Skywalker ::
:: R2D2 (Artoo) ::

Look at all these magnificent art. They were hand made by my beloved and talented Suzanne. She is really gifted in hand crafts... I wish I have her talents.....

Thank you darling, I love it verrrreeeee MUCHH!!!

:: May the force be with you ::

Monday, July 11, 2005

Media Culture & Society, See ya!!!

I'm finally down with 2 more written exams and I'll be free from stress for a month. Oh noo, I forgot... film and journals, oh well.. Life's never easy, we gotta work hard for it. Today seems to go by very slowly, I wonder why? The house seems quiet with my parents away for another 3 days. I hope they're fine...

Today's exam paper was Media Culture & Society. Frankly speaking, I didn't really study much for the exam because I have no idea what the I was studying, and was also tired, slept at about 3:30 a.m. I know some people did not sleep at all, but hey that's them, I'm me.. I have to sleep, if I don't I'll definitely KO in the exam hall. So well instead of studying, I ended up sleeping. But then I wanted to wake up at early in the morning and head for college to study... Alarm rang, i smack it so hard....Overslept.. by the time I woke up, it was 8 in the morning.. I was like.. Shiiiitttttt!!!! I'm so dead!!!

I rushed like a mad man, bath, brush teeth, breakfast...bangun pagi, gosok gigi,cuci muka, pakai baju, makan roti, minum susu....lari macam gila!! So I left around 8:15 and with a mere 30 minutes to reach college.. But, my area always traffic jam wan.. from my area to my college. I had to take numerous detours to reach my college, a longer but faster detour. However by the time I reach college, already 10 minuts past 9a.m.

Woo-hoo! I'm screwed.. 9 am already, and I'm not in the hall and I haven't started studying...yeah, i'm screwed....
But then when I started the paper, some questions seemed familiar while the rest... kaput.... so did what I could and "shoot" the rest..... I wonder how to shoot essay questions....

Tomorrow break 1 day, then copywriting and lastly Media Planning...sigh.. I need calculator again...

Ok, for the past few days, my language seemed to be rather disturbing... I apologised to those who took it rather badly, of felt offended... But I was really pissed and I'm only human afterall. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. we all have weaknesses. So I can't be blamed entirely for whatever is going on. Before anyone tells me what to do, look at yourself first... you are also human, you are not 100% perfect. we all fall sick, we all die, we all cry, we all get angry, we all are just "dirty", you have to face the fact.....

Today I felt honoured to have "anonymous" to write me a comment. Whoever you are, I know what I said, I know it ain't right. However, you hide yourself behind that name, not revealing yourself.. Please please, if you want me to mind my language, you first tell me who you are..... Sorry if you feel offended....

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Major Stress day...

Ok, yesterday I was kinda went OVERRRRBOARD. But hey, I'm only a puny jackass human afterall? right?

Anyway, to answer Kendoggies statement...

No, I don't have talent in cursing, or maybe I do have... I guess I should use my talents to its fullest huh?? haha...

N-Kyokun, to answer your statement....

I do have some points to make here...

First and foremost, I did tried to tell you to say quiet in set,action and cut right? cos you are indeed the director? I'm not saying I'm the super chunted son of the bitch who's thinks he's the best.. like you I also want whats best for the group.

Next thing is during the shoot, I did said, camerawomen is shooting, so hush? but sometimes others did not? Maybe the voices can be cut or minus from the film, but since it's stressful enough that all of us have to shoot the film, I do not want to make charisma and my job more stressful because the end product also depends on the editors and as usual I also want whats best for the group.

Another thing here is I did not do anything is because I DO want to do something for the group, I don't to hear other people saying " That Caine ah, never do anything at all only his ass on the ground sucking eggs". I sure hate people think of me that way right? I myself want to know what I'm good at in Film?? I want to know whether I can handle the camera?? Whether I can edit? whether I can help with the directing or giving any suggestions?

But so far all I've gotten was Jaga your bags and so on... Seriously not that I hate doing that, it's just it doesn't contribute shit to the group and neither it contributes to my WORK LOG. Practically I have the foggiest shit to write in my work log? Jaga bags? Give plaster??? this is my work log??? How is it going to contribute?

You all want to know why I'm in much stress, You guys have healthy parents. Your parents are not having any sickness or anything... But I on the other hand have a mom who has cancer and now still going treatment for her liver... I am in much stress you know? i've got a sister and a brother to handle. You N-Kyokun are a single child. You have nothing to worry about. Your parents are in perfect health, mine's not? I have to take over my mom's job has driver for both brother and sister.. You on the other hand spend most of your time outside with friends during weekends, staying up till the wee morning doing God knows what with God knows who... You have a life to enjoy, I can't.... Now you see why I am in soo much stress.

It's not that I wanna fuck the whole group or blaming everyone. Ok fine, you DID try to call me, but I really couldn't call you back and I wasn't at home at the time.. So the least you could do was call again? but you did not? and no one else did? So now you all are blaming me for everything??

As for today's shooting, I had every intention, every eagerness to attend it. I want so much to hlep with the group shooting, but other commitments had me tight and I really had to put that aside. Reason? This is because my mom went Singapore for treatment and my dad had to follow. My aunt couldn't do the fetching because she has to take charge of my dad's Nursery ( dad's company). So in the end I had to do the fetching that was why I had to leave early. If the group is not happy with me, I have nothing else to say..

You have to understand, I'm having my personal problems as well and I am fucking trying not to put that problem in the group as well. But its unavoidable, I have responsibilities of my own and I can't put that aside.

Well, I've said my part. Nothing left to say....


Ok anyway, Today's been a pretty dull day for me, damn stressful somemore! Wanted to blog about some stuffs but then again I have to put that aside.

let us all take a moment and mourn for the victims of the London Bomb blast incident....................................................................................Ok, well this is indeed a sad day for everyone in London. My sincerest condolences to the families of the victims. I do hope they are fine....

How could anyone do such things? have they any heart? oh wait, they don't.. Sigh... Humans are the only living jackass who kill and murder their own kind. Isn't that Ironic?? How often you see a cat killing a cat? a dog killing a dog? a roach killing a roach? or better an ant killing an ant? No right? I tell you ah, we are human beings, kononnya the smartest, the top of the food chain, the only beings that utilize our brains to the fullest, but yet we still cannot think properly. Why la must kill your own kind??? aiyor... dun like that fellow, just place curse on him/her/it la? or you wnat to pray for him/her/it also can. No need kill la.

I know the world is getting crowded, but that you cannot blame them mah? human sex drive super high wan. Wanna screw means wanna screw.... Don't you think goverernment should reduce the price for condoms so ppl would actually buy it ??? sigh..

But a friend once said "live life dangerously", so some ppl who don't wear any condom means he is living his life dangerously.... all the best man....

Exams in 2 days time, I won't be blogging for awhile so to my fellow readers. Thanks for reading and I do appreciate it...

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Cousins are faggots when they come to your house.

WHY THE F*** MUST SHE TOUCH MY LAPTOP!!! MY INTERNET!!! MY MSN!!! bloody f***ed up b*tch. Seriously I had enough of people messing around wiht my stuffs. You wanna use it, fine I let you use. BUT DON"T BLOODY forget, everything you're using is MINE!! MINE YOU PIECE OF TRASH!!!

At first my mood was damn nice wan, but someone had to go f***ed me up sooo badly that I really can't take it anymore. How the hell can you go ppl's house and simply use your stuffs la!!! cousin or not cousin, bastard or bitch, I don't give a damN! You use got time limit!!!

*Don't tell me to mind my language, I have every right to be angry. You put yourself in MY situation!! So don't tell me to mind my language, Christian or not Christian!!

It's bad enough I've to spent my entire precious time at KLCC to shoot the damn film, and to make things worst, I suggest something people don't even bother to listen. YOU THINK I AM F***ING LOUSY IZZIT? YOU THINK MY ROLE IS TO BE YOUR BLOODY HANDYMAN!!!MEDIC!!!SERVANT!!! SLAVE!!!! I got feelings you know??? Wanna bet? I can bet my entire life that whatever piece of dog shit we shot got each of our voices behind. Why? because...

1> the directors is too mute to shout Quiet on the damn set!! Action!! Cut you piece of shit !!!

2> everyone is too happy chit chatting while the cameraman woman is shooting

3> the camera woman don't wanna say LOUDLY that she has begun shooting

4> i give up explaining.. go figure by yourself...retards..

Just to bloody recap what I said on my previous entry about the Parking system...

Image hosted by
this is the piece of rubbish they gave me for conpensation... Screw up anot??

Another thing is, today went Sharon's place for CG. The damn Guard got the nuts to ask for my ID, ok gave him my "P" license la in exchange for some stupid yellow colour tag... So then I asked Dewgem, did she get the tag. she said no... I was like WTF???


see la i wear woman's clothing see u shag me 1st only let me through... bunch of merchants useless jacks!!

Image hosted by
This is another trash the guard gave to me

I seriously damn pissed off already... dun wanna talk about anything....

Image hosted by
stare what? you think you so happy and handsome izzit? look at the mirror first!

Friday, July 08, 2005

Another 3 sentence entry

The reason why I do a 3 sentence entry because I learnt this form of writing from another blogger who's quite established in the blog community.

I've finally got the compensation for my locker, another lock and my files and its a good thing that I manage to get the stuffs back because it seems that Captain Charisma left his PTPTN application form in the locker and it was confiscated for no apparent reasons(those bunch of college management idiots!!).

Drove the manual car today and I must say it went rather smoothly seeing how long I never touch the manual already, it's quite fun driving the manual too, I get to compete with Toyota Mitsubishi Lancer Evo, hahaha...

[edited] It's not Toyota, it's bad!

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Can life get any worst?

For the past 2 days the damn parking system ate my RM8 from my Student card. At first I didn't realised the problem, I thought I parked inside the college for more than 8 hours. So first day I didn't give much thought about it. Until yesterday, that fuchok system ate my 4 bucks again!!! I was very sure I parked for less than 3 hours and it already cost me 4 bucks??? I so wanted to curse the company that does that parking system!?! They trying to suck my wallet dry izzit?? I seriously want to spank their ass-sets.....

So today went and complain to the One Stop Centre, one of the slave worker told me to go to bursery to seek another person, then that person told me to see another person. WHAT THE HELL?? HOW YOU PPL MANAGE WAN??? I must go through 2 bloody idiots to find the person in charge, how screwed is the management la?? Call yourself the 2nd top college in Malaysia. PLEASE LIVE UP TO THE RANKING MAN!!

Image hosted by

So ok la, I told that guy my problem, they I asked him whether it's my card's problem or the system, he said it was the system. But before he answered me I also knew liao. WHy? because I saw a list of students which also got their wallets/purses sucked dry. So it seems that I wasn't the only victim of that vicious parking system. The fallen system has corrupted our cash and therfore it has succumbed to the dark side of the force.

Then that guy decided to conpensate me. I was expecting cash but instead he gave me 2 stupid piece of trash pass for me to park for free. To me, it's a STUPID way of conpensation! GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK MAN!!!! I don't even want to park my baby in that stupid forsaken place we call parking area. Anyway, all I have to do is flash my VIP card paper and I will have free access to the area for the whole day. But still I felt the cash is more worth it. Haha...

So after that I went com lab to device a diabolical plan to conquer the World use the lab's internet connection because it 10Mbps. YES 10MB per second. They claimed that our college is the only college that offers such services and they also claimed that it is the fastest among other colleges. But take my word for it, my dial-up is also faster... at times.... Their bloody system can crash also and our com lab was hacked by one of the students. RESPECT TO THE MAX WHOEVER YOU ARE!! Imagine that, a respected college with respected ppl but reality they suck eggs.

Anyway, after that I went to check my exam schedule and headed for lunch. I passed by my locker only to find that all my things in the locker is STOLEN!!! Lock broke, things gone..!! I march my handsome face to the One Stop Centre to screw the whole management and murder their boss file a complain la. I even had the receipt of payment, and it shows that I paid WAY BEFORE the dateline. I shoved the receipt up the receptionist mouth showed her the receipt and asked for an explaination and YEAP, as I figured they told me to see another person...

Image hosted by
What the heLL!!?

I've to look for another person?? cannot tahan them already, just gave them my number and ask the person in charge to call me. So then I left college because I planted 10 C4s in each corner of the college and had to escape its blast zone had to rush to my car as the parking coupon has expired and I don't wanna pay RM100 for not placing another coupon. Then Suzanne and I headed for Atria because I need to pay someone for the game I bought and then we decided to have our lunch at KFC. So long never eat, tasted soooo soooo good and then I became sooo sooo fat....

Image hosted by
I gotta lose some weight man....

After my lunch I met a good friend of mine, he's quite famous to many people, I'm sure you've met him at least ONCE. So then I chatted with him and then we took some pics, but I like this picture best...

Image hosted by
Meet my good friend, the Colonel.

Woo -hoo 2 weeks time and I'm off for my holiday trip. See ya lowlands and Hellooo Highlands!!

Here's a game for you guys to try , its damn addictive....

How far can you spank the monkey???
I went 698....beat my score if you can!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Photoshoping is fun, you've got to try it

Have any of you ever notice that sometimes or most of the times my title is totally unrelated or has a slight relation with what ever I'm gonna blog about? Anyway I'm not gonna talk about my titles and entries...

I've came across so many books on certain topic/programs/sports for dummies, but have anyone came across Blogging for dummies? seeing that there are so many dummies who have no idea what to blog about nor how to blog or their brains are as small as a peanut that they spend most of the time scratching heads sucking thumbs. Since blogging is quite popular among many Malaysians, Singaporeans yada yada yada... Someone should come out with a book that teaches dummies how to blog. If the book were to be published, I assume it would look like this...

Image hosted by

I'm currently looking for photoshop for dummies. Say what? I'm a dummy? no no, you must look at yourself in the mirror, me handsome, you monkey.. must understand that you know?
I'm seriously addicted to photoshop like a pervert addicted to porn.
Seeing how Kenny Sia has such knowledge with photoshop, I do hope I can reach that level of skills. Another chun photoshopper I've came across is XiaXue , a very infamous well known Singaporean blogger. I came across Kenny's blog through my friend while Xiaxue's blog was known to me through Kenny.

However what caught my attention on xiaxue's blog wasn't her beauty or ability to photoshop, it was one entry that had everyone from Singapore to Malaysia debated on... Religion debate..

Let me see if I can come up with the top 5 most debated topic, beginning with number 5

5. Politics
4. SPG* boobs flashing
3. Blogitics
1. sex

* Sarong Party Girl to those who never heard of SPG...

There's been a debate on SPG's blog where she posted a picture of herself nude. However, that action has caused people to debate on whether that picture was meant for art or pornography. I was like, hmm.. interesting. Well, if you ask me, it's entirely up to the individual who pose. We live in a modern world people!! Nude doesn't mean porn! But since we've got a bunch of chipmunks living on Nuts, people labeled nudity with pornography.. Omg! So now what? I pose nude means I posing in the name of pornography now ah?? you all siao cha boh! How stupid can people be??
Whatever that individual wants to do to his or herself is none of your concern!? We have a name of this people, I think it's called KPC or Ke Poh Chi.. But I call them idiots for short.. easier for me to remember.

Anywayz, enough of bloggers, let me crack some lame lame lame jokes....

What do you get when Marvel collides with Star Wars??

Image hosted by
yeap, you get SuperAnakin with Obi Wan... I told you it's Lame!

Another thing la, what is the world coming to man?? Drivers getting more high each day, accidents and accidents and accidents??? Seriously cannot tahan these people man. I wonder how they got their driving license.. Oh wait, I know, they shoe shine the officer by giving them early gaji... bloody officers can earn at least Rm1k a day man. How suck up can that be???

Image hosted by
forgot to photoedit this picture, but I so leng chai. No need photoedit wan la...

oh yah, just remembered, My gal and I were watching Mr & Mrs Smith the other day, guess what we did before the movie start??? Graduating from Horgwarts whatchamacallit school...

Image hosted by
here's my graduation pic with Hermionne Suzanne

and finally guess who this kid is?

Image hosted by
I also dunno who this kid is...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A 3 sentence entry...

:: Practically screw up the ICT practical exam and wasted RM15 bucks on wonderful stuffs- food,games.

:: 6 days of wonderful break before the beginning of my written exams.

:: Filming is this friday, we better prepare for whatever's to come- umbrella for rain, tripod for the camera, stick for the guard in case they piss the hell out of me and money for food and transport!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

Exams tomorrow?? Crap!! Where's the notes!!!

Another shitty lovely day indeed, I woke up at 9:30a.m. only to realise that I'm so darn late for worship practice. Seeing that I can't make it for worship, I decided to take my own sweet time bathing, brushing teeth, changing clothes. Why bother to go early? since I'm already late, screw it la. But I was so damn mad because that damn brother of mine forgotten to wake me up. This piece of mindless jack nutcase boy forgets things so easily, imagine if he has a gf...

"oh, sorry I forgot your birthday darling"

wait wait, imagine he's getting married...

"oh shit, sorry darling, I forgot that our wedding is today, you never tell me also!"

I was so not in mood to do anything, why the hell must my mood be such a screw up. Well, then headed to church, by the time I reach there, worship started. So I just took my usual seat at the back. Then while worshiping, the fast songs la, at least clap abit.. no one wanted to clap. So I started by clapping, what the hell!! STILL NO ONE CLAPPED?? you ppl hands frozen izzit? thats why we should off the aircon. Too much aircon can freeze your hands... and brains... It pisses me off too.. To make things worst, this boy laughed at me because I was the only one clapping... nabeh, I clap your problem izzit? I clap because you people are as dead as a corpse...
Don't make me give you the stare man!!

Image hosted by
You are too ugly to be speaking with me....

Then lunch at church, chicken rice... wanted to get second helping, boh liao... Wah, which greedy people sapu the food la!! oh, it was my brother....and my friend.... So ok la, nvrm.. then my friend gave me someone's leftover meal... wah liao, this one super la, the rice looks alright, but the chicken..the CHICKEN!! macam sudah makan until left the bones, and gave it to me to eat?? I garbage meh???? so nvrm la, I gave the bones to another churchmates mom, because for dog to eat... Then chit chat abit loh, but didn't have the mood to talk already. Then I went up to the drum set and wack as hard as I could at the drums set, fuh felt so good, if only it was the bastard I so longed to give a piece of my fist..... wait, I don't wanna give him the fist, I wanna give him 10 x the fist... that bloody jackass son of a.....idiot there mess around with her at Genting last year!!


*relax, relax* Hmm, better cool down, come I call clown to entertain myself and all you people...

Image hosted by
Bob the handsome clown with his fellow clownmate kinky..

See now we're all still pretty fished up happy and having fun about everything...

Tomorrow's the beggining for my final examination and I haven't even started a single thing on whatsoever I have to learn.

Oi, Charisma!! Where the hell is the notes la!!!

Today's dinner was wonderful, wonderful I tell you. The whole family ate at Marche(Mar-Shay). Marche is Market in French, and the concept is like each section got its own stall, such as Grill section, Jap section and so on.. The food there quite expensive though, the dinner cost us nearly RM300. However I did not eat much, had me an appetizer, main course, dessert and juices- Raw Oyster, Stirloin steak, Strawberries and carrot juice. Most of the time I grab bits of food from my brother, sister, and dad...

Image hosted by
The appetizer

- Squeeze with lemon, and I added extra wasabi for taste.... it's suppose to be FRESH..
Don't trust them though..

Image hosted by
The main course

- well done, nice and tasty..

Image hosted by
Freshly "SQUEEZE"

- its seriously FRESH, and "IMPORTED"

Image hosted by
The dessert

-damn sour, had to tahan like mad....

(p/s: Pictures above and the real ones, total different)

Overall the food was tasty, if got money, go there makan again....

Oh hell la, I really got to study... Ciaoz!! I'm dead man, exams so fast... HOLIDAY FASTER!!! WOo-hoo !!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

The sky had to showing its blessing upon us.

Today was a pretty shitty wonderful day indeed, it was the day for Ying and Yang Production our film studies group to shoot our KLCC scene. Our beloved actress Sharon was scheduled to join us during the shooting, actually she HAD to come, without the actress the whole outing today will be a total waste of my precious time. So I picked Sharon up at around 11:30a.m. and off we went for the Kelana Jaya LRT station. I had to park my beloved car there. I ingat the parking fees is machine operated and hoping it wouldn't cost me a bomb. When I reached the LRT station, I went...

"Oh my gawd!! what the hell? RM2.00 to park my VIP car in your piece of trash good for nothing carpark??? I rather use that RM2.00 to buy drinks la!!"

But since I had no choice and I ingat we were really in a hurry, I just park and then there we were,walking up the station hand in hand, going klcc for our date heading for KLCC to meet up with the group members. By the time we reached KLCC it was close to 1p.m. Waited for the rest of datuk,nenek,kings and queens the members to show up. But surprisingly, our researcher was earlier than me.

"I became the datuk pulak"

While waiting, i manage to see a bunch of clowns...erm..clowning around. I figure thats what they do right? But one thing that made me look at them is their ability to put a smile on peoples face. That got me thinking, if I became a clown, wouldn't I be able to make everyone smile and laugh? Besides laughter is indeed the best medicine.

Image hosted by
I wonder, this is how I would look like when I am a clown...

After that, everyone came, had lunch and started scouting for location. Wait a sec, wasn't the researcher suppose to scout for the location??? Why kena scout again? Oh ya, because no one narrowed the location. They just said, KLCC park. Hello? KLCC park is damn big ok?? But well seeing that my role in the group is "not important...yet"*quoted from film editor-Captain Charisma*, I shall not say much, after you all only start saying I only know how to talk but dunno how to do.

Then the best thing happened while scouting for location, the skies had decided to shower us with blessings beyond our wildest dreams. So there we were stuck in a gazebo,pondok, shack whatever you wanna call it with a bunch of nutcases and a few merchants couples. The wonderful thing is it took us 1 hour plus to decide not to shoot. So basically, my sweet precious time use for sleeping has been wasted on the most wonderful outing ever,a stroll in the park with my date getting my ass wet. I'm definitely wearing slipper on the next outing la.

So then we decided to shoot the actress on friday, since we can't shoot her today. Darn, assasination failed. We shall succeed !!!

By the time I reach my house, slept like a dead pig. Today's outing though not succesful, but I did enjoy myself, seeing that I hardly come down KL and explore around. I manage to see Petronas Twin Towers upclose....Imagine that, I budak KL but never been to Petronas before....the saddest among them all man...

Had a wonderful conversation with Sharon today, I guess I should have more conversation with her. I can still remember there was that period of time when I couldn't talk to her due to some reasons. Those were the days....

I'm off to bed, my brains are shrinking to the size of a peanut now, gotta get my sleep.. till then, happy wasting your time surfing the net!!

Image hosted by
Say what? What you looking at? I know I'm good looking..
larger nuts than yours....

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Exams are near!! so are holidays...

I have no freaking idea why people must treat me like a total shit ass shoe mars everytime. I am not a useless bastard bucket ok? So I don't care who the hell I am referring to, be it everyone or a certain particular nut cracker; leave me alone and stop acting like you're are some God who thinks you know it all. Just because you are so Holy in church doesn't mean you can show your damn attitude at my face. If I had my bloody way, your butt on the pavement and my fist on your face. I will slap you so hard that you wish you hadn't pissed me off. Yes, if you're in my college and knows me, you would probably know who I am pissed off with. If not well, thank you for reading this far.

Just because you know how to utilizes a certain program, by all means use that knowledge for good use. Don't be a finger and start boasting your damn small head around saying...

"ooh, I know how to do this, so I should be doing it."


"ooh, I've got big brains and a little bird, which is smaller than Jeff Ooi's little bird, so I should be doing it"

Well my good idiotic nut, if you know how to do, SHUT UP AND JUST DO IT!! Stop boasting around!! I don't give a rat ass if you know how to brainwash girls mind into sleeping with you. It's your virginity, you lose it your problem so stop being a jack. I am well stress enough with my assignments and my family problems and now you start coming and act like you're some Darth Vader craving for "power!! Absolute Power!!"

Image hosted by
background by

So the conclusion is? You two face chick hunting backstabbing show off shoe shinning marshole, get a real life, I know you crave younger chicks, don't show off in front of them and when they are not around, you give me you're damn attitude....

This is what that two face chick hunting... too long to say.. guy looks like.....

Image hosted by
he preys on the victim at nite, "raping" every young girls with his eyes....

I don't care what anyone say about what I write in my blog...
first and foremost, this is MY blog.. you can say that this is my alter ego, it's the bad side of me..its the side where I really cannot hold my anger inside and I decided to let it all out in words and visuals..

I've accomplished most assignments, journals left, group filming and exams.... hopefully can get through it without much ranting.... getting pissed off with that dog already!