Thursday, June 16, 2005

When I say screw you, SCREW YOU!!

Well, let me first say to the marketing directors or the people in charge of the Ms Ginvera Beauty competition. Screw you!! Well what have you to say for yourselves?
I can't believe there's such people alive in this world. Recently that has been an event called the Ms Ginvera whatchamacallit piece of trash competition. Well, my girlfriend joined the competition and won the voting system. But today, I've found out that the person who won that competition is a bitch female dog called Bunny Wunny (name changed). Why call her a bitch female dog? Cause she is one? sheesh...
So yeah, the title went to her and my gf gotten nothing. I was like What The fuchok? You damn organisers cheating my damn money izzit? I wasted more than RM50 to vote for her, not to say I'm cheap or anything, but then it concerns money and apparently the money was for nothing. Not only I got cheated, my friends who helped in the voting system was also cheated. Hey the damn SMS cost us RM1 ok? and imagine half of the sms is from me, You think I won't be so ****ed up ah? damn it la, Think abit la Ginvera!, MYC ( Malaysia College). You all organise things cannot think izziT? Next time ah, organise properly, call yourself "professional", more like pro-shit...

well, probably I would get sued for discriminating the company, first of all. I have nothing against Ginvera and MYC only the PEOPLE WHO ORGANISED THE EVENT AND ARE WORKING UNDER THOSE TWO COMPANY!!
so well you sue me, why can't I sue your asses back? my money how? you think I can't sue you for cheating my ****ing money ah? come and show face la you idiotS!


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