Friday, June 24, 2005

We should have rehabs for stupid drivers....

first question...

what do you think of malaysian drivers?

People say that if any individual manages to drive in Malaysia, he or she would have no problem driving anywhere. I do hope I could put that to the test, and bring some of our Malaysian driving cultures to the states and risk my butt there... hahaha!!

Finals is just few weeks away and I'm still risking my future writing nonsense. But hey, even nonsense make sense. So don't you forget that. I can't believe my second year is finally passing by me. March 04' intake, now March 05, it's my official one year as a diploma student. went through alot since then. well, those who knew my previous xanga should know about it ( I wonder whether the blog still exists? I'm finishing my 4th semester and after that 1 month break and the 5th semester will commence. I'm so excited and so eager to attend my photography class, I do hope the lecturer does not leave. He's actually the one whom i've been ranting about (my presentation,copywriting) but then overall he's a good lecturer..

Mom came back from Singapore today, she was there for the past 3 days because she was schleduled to meet this doctor whom is a liver specialist. The results for her scan was terrific! (Finally , some good news after so much problems here and there ) Doctor told her that she's actually very very healthy, got healthy liver, healthy heart , healthy body, healthy face, healthy legs,healthy hands, healthy everything. Then I begin to wonder, she healthy, why that stupid dot on her liver???

That's another thing I wanna talk about. Malaysian doctors and Singapore doctors/international doctors. Is money so important to the doctors that they treat patients for the sake of money but not to save lifes?? I tell you ah, money can corrupt their puny brains, I think they are the ones that need surgery... To cut the long story short, M'sian doctor told my mother that she had some "dots" in her liver, had surgery dah say ok.. few months , cakap ada "dot" again. I was like what the??? how the hell you doctors do surgery la. Got go to a REAL medical school anot?? Go learn from Patch Adams la!!!

So she decided to go 2nd opinion, wah liao, singapore doctor mah say loh, ur liver super chun, super pretty, super healthy, but only that "dot" only.. can surgery wan. M'sian doctor say I dunno how this happen also... just surgery la... singapore doc pulak scan only talk..m'sian doc, scan and staraight away say surgery!! It's like giving my body for you to chop izzit?

To cut the story shorter, the singapore doc sits and explain EVERYTHING, STEP BY STEP, and singapore doc also say Chemotherapy is a just a total waste of money and it sucks banana big time does not help with the liver. I respect international doctor more than our local docs..

So conclusion, Malaysian Doctor- kena belajar lagi
Singapore doctor- gotta teach malaysian doctor how they do their job


Is durian season here liao? I've been seeing funny shaped durians and got ppl give us durian, now I eat until want to pangsai, but durian my favourite fruit la, hard to resists. It's like having a naked babe in front of you and you struggle before giving in to your desires.. Something like that la with me and durian. Durain = naked babe... tasty,delicious and nice... .cannot tahan had to "jump" on it and eat its tasty yumy treat...

: laptop possible affected by virus :

: need new anti-virus :

: Norton sucks big time :

: spyware and viruses are like pests :

: those who created them are even more stupid :

: wish they get a life :

....... end transmission .......


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