Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My life sucks as it is, and you want to make it Worst???

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what the ffff hell?

This is utter sadness, now my house is so damn vulnerable. I can't believe it, this is how powerful an ANTIC BMW car is. Look at the damage caused to this poor gate, we shall name it gatey.

Gatey was born just few weeks after Chinese New Year, gatey was loyal, gatey was green and brown, gatey was metal. Gatey served us well for the past few months. It never failed us in any form of way. It is constantly doing its job as a gate. But then, one fateful night, disaster struck.
While gatey was doing its job as a faithful gate, a dark figure lurked from its back, the lights suddenly became brighter, and in one instance, gatey fell. But gatey wasn't the only one in serious injuries, its buddies, Watey (water pump) and piper (the pipes) were also casualties in that fateful accident...

We are now gathered here to "honour" this faithful metal thingy whom served my family for only 4 months....

"Gatey was so young, it was just starting to enjoy its job, *sob sob*"

I actually wanted to do some intesting post but then, don't have the feeling liao....


Met up with my old pal who just decided not to become a kamikaze bomber for japan came back from the land of the rising stars sun or in short Japan. To be frank, that Japanese guy has not change ONE BIT. Same old boy with the same old hairstyle with the same old face and the same old body. Man what have he been up to in Japan?? I also wonder did he ate right while serving as a mafia king in japan. Well, he's back here and ready to take on the challenges offered by Monash or More Arse (according to him).

: life would be more insteresting if he hadn't tell me my presentation date is this thursday :

: screw it la, it's just a stupid presentation :

: Sharon's cf camp is this weekend, which means no show for me to see in church :

: THE HORROR!!!! :

: I gotta watch batman begins :

: and war of the worlds :

: and Tuan Smith and Puan Smith :

-----------------------------this is just so wonderful-------------------------------------------


Blogger Ken said...

aiya thats what i call 'gatecrash' baby

u want to party, need to do this more often.

9:35 PM  
Anonymous Liz said...

aw... may gatey rest in peace... =p

10:57 AM  

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