Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My goodness, photoshop is fun!

I think I'm gonna love messing around with pictures. The wonders of technology. Damn, I'm so freaking pissed at my group members! How the hell can they do this man! Presentation is a day away and today only they gave me the damn media plan to read. Now my wonderful jacks expect me to understand the whole thing by tmr. I can assure them, my presentation is gonna be soooo wonderful, the lecturer might even think of going out with me. Omg, I'm gonna puke!!! you don't wanna know how my lecturer looks. Actually she ain't that bad la, abit plump but the ahem breast upper body ok la. Anyways, I ain't fantasizing about my lecturer, I'd rather fantasize on a banana than her, am not a pervert either. But hey I'm a guy?

Today's The Star interviewed a few of our Malaysian famous bloggers. Our very own Kenny Sia (www.kennysia.com), minishorts.net(www.minishorts.net), The Digital Awakening (www.peterpan.com), As Suanie Sees It (www.suanie.net) and A bit of this and that(www.cranky-caine.blogspot.com). *Proudnya* Actually all these blog issue arises because of one blogger who decided to post nude picture of herself. However I will not disclose her blog site though, if you recently read the news then I assume you all knew. Kids, the site has entries with sexual elements, but then it's pointless saying no right?

Fellow readers, I would like to introduce to you....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I first started visiting his blog last March and since then I never fail to visit the site, only once in a while I neglect la. His blog is a mostly humour based and sometimes serious serious. I do recommend it to all my readers (if I actually have readers).

recommended to all readers

Our next blogger is....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This blogger's site is super chun, super wonderful, super lovely, super powerful. The blogger of is the most handsome person, six pegs, muscular, smart, big body, big brains, big coconut just an average young man who does nothing but rants about college. Can't really comment on his site though.


can recommend also la...

our next blogger is Dancing Angel
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this blogger started of with xanga and went into blogspot, now she has emerge to blogdrive...
Her blog is somewhat like mine, talk about our lives and all, also a blog to visit =)

recommended also =)

And for our grande finale...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

this blog belongs to my one and only babelicious girl. Her blog is currently new, so don't expect much just yet, give the blog some time and it will rise as a good interesting worth reading blog. Same as the above and my blog, she also talks about what shes going through in life. Recommend?? hehehe...have to right??

recommend only la.. =)

My final quickie...

: Will demote promote more blogs tomorrow :

: Got my dad a lovely keychain, small but lovely :

: Mom's going Singapore tomorrow for checkup, let's hope it's alright :

: nothing more to say , ciaoz :


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