Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm presenting tomorrow!! hoo-raa...

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this is not a real advertisement, it's my presentation for copywriting...

This valentines day, pamper your love ones with chocolates,bears,rings...... but hey, I ain't that rich to offer such.. But dear dear, I will get you something you love so much when I start working ok?

Anyway, todays been such a stressful day man, woke up so darn early just to finish that piece of crap above and it costs me RM7 bucks for one bloody colour A3 size print... But then all for the sake of 15% of my total marks. 15% is bloody alot ok? It's not like I'm gonna get full right? If I actually got full 15% I potong my private part finger. But then again, I wouldn't even want to do cause I ain't that stupid..

Since I in such a shitty happy mood, I shall post pics??

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this is the outcome of not giving a woman's best friend....

Image hosted by add this.... (by the way that was my valentine gift to my dear sweetheart few years back)

Image hosted by
then this will be the outcome... notice the facial expression?

So my fellow male readers, know what to get for your girlfriends la?? but no money, can always buy those which cost RM50++ or more or less and risk getting your limbs ripped by your gal a slap from your gal. So buy at your own risk. I've given a warning, so better be careful la..


Poor gatey can't serve the family at the moment. It's being patched to the side so that it wouldn't fall off, but it can't be used so I have to risk parking my car outside.
The risks are getting my tire pee upon by some stupid stray dogs, or smashed by some stupid jacks or getting scartch by some stupid drunk driver who doesn't know how to drive a vehicle...

: Tickets for Batman Begins has been comfirmed , a total of 12 tickets booked, 9 tickets comfirmed, 3 more left but I wouldn't care :

: I wonder which University Dewgem is going? :

: CF camp is this friday, I REALLY am going to miss sharon....getting irritated by lordson... (not that I enjoy seeing a girl bullied by a guy) :

: Hopefully mom's alright...hopefully nothing goes wrong :

: I am starting to loving writing blog :

: All hail Malaysian Bloggers!! and singaporean bloggers.. :


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