Wednesday, June 15, 2005

I just gotta lose weight!!

I got 20.5/40 for my media planning midterm?? I passed?? I Passed!! But then , wouldn't it be a surprise I actually passed one subject I have utterly no interest in? Anyways, yeah my finals are near and I've never been blogging for like ages. That's just me la, I sometimes got the inspiration and write or I have the inspiration but stupid internet connection, can't blame me though, just gotta blame Tm. Ask them when they will upgrade, they pulak ask me to check my availability. *Hey, you think I'm stupid ah? If I know my area available, I wouldn't even waste my time sending stupid emails to you la* I assume Tm stands for Tomorrow Morning only upgrade la. No wonder they upgrade so darn slow... sometimes I have the inspiration but just to darn lazy to update the blog, but then most of the time I couldn't be bothered with such things, got more important things to do, like sleep,eat,play my games...and yeah finish all my assignments.

Speaking of assignments ah, I already want to bang head on wall. I have the foggiest idea on how to create the mock up advertisement for my presentation this friday, and another presentation next tuesday. Wah , I think I can be presenter liao la..

Exams in 3-4 weeks time, my journals not accomplish, projects to accomplish, film to shoot, food to eat, bed to sleeep, car to drive, performance for fathers day... why I wish I could just let things be. Alas this is impossible...

I've got so damn lots to complain nothing much to do at home but sleep eat play, and stress with assignments which most of the time I wouldn't bother bout them. My social life more important.

My dearest suzanne won the ms ginvera competition, but stupid marketing jacks don't bother to call or notify, all they care is " pretty girls won, i get them, I use them , they post, I get cash, kao tim. Then I throw them away."

Stupid marketing ppl! don't know how to do work izzit??!!

Life is such a freaking living HELL!! just dandy, I'm enjoying so much that I could just feel like I'm in hell heaven.

"Oi kenneth Ho!!! you idiot ! What I dun update becos parents will see? talk shit now izzit? you give me la inspiration"


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