Friday, June 17, 2005

Ginvera sucks? of course!

Actually the products are good, tried one. luved it but then I just hate the freaking organisers. What they hey, they are all numb nuts jackasses who work for a good company but under payment with shit position in the company. What can I say huh?

Well today I will place an entry by a contestant of the competition who happens to be my gf. You can check her blog through this link...

heres the entry....


All ThIs was JusT a LIE

Well when you though you had won the comeptition but in the end they say the management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations ... and ur not the WINNER ?! FUCK man .. what shit nonsense is this ? Here I'll advice all the girls out there , don't ever join a competition that will cost you money unless it's buying a product to join then at least the money is not wasted. If u ever see any roadshows in your college or supermarket , well just don't ever join them because they are so many hidden rules and regulations . They'll eventually make some other people they desire to win the prizes.

OK , this is my story , one day there's a roadshow held in my college regarding the Ginvera thingy. A guy pursuaded me and my friend to have a photo shot to join the
Ms.Ginvera Green Tea Natural Beauty comeptition . So fine ... we got our photos taken and we fill in a form for our particulars. No one told me about any RULES®ULATIONS there. That guy just said "em ... u go log on to this specific web site (I'll not state their name cos it's not their fault) and get ur UID number in order to join this competition" OK i did like what they said , got my UID number and I was posted on the site to join this particular competition.

There goes on the 4 weeks intense competition between all the competitor inside there. Finally on 9th June the competition had closed and I appear to be the
top in the voting system. (Thanks to all my friends hardwork , effort , time and MONEY)I thought ... i thought I was the winner for this damn competition until they held a finale event at BB Plaza without notifying mojor part of the contestants in the voting system including me. Finale finish they choosed another batch of winners and leaving all the winners at the sms voting system behind. I was shocked and angry when I found out about it . I bet the other people in the voting system must be very angry too ... Cos the new batch of winner just pop-out of no where and won the damn shitty competition

Well at the particular web site it's stated
CLEARLY that if u want to join this competition please register at the voting web site to get your UID number. But hey guess what ? most of the winner they choosed on the finale itself are not even in the voting system ?! and FUCK they still dare to write in the article that those 3 top contestants were in the voting system ... BULL SHIT I've got the rights here because I have enough evidence in my hand that this whole competition was a BIG CHEATING thingy.

Hey and they tell me after this whole competition that the management did not promise that the voting system winner will be the winner for this contest. Again BULL SHIT , they are just trying to find some excuses to
cover up their big mistake. 1st of all I would like to ask the bunch of management who doesn't know how to handle a competition , hey WHY bother implementing the voting system if you all decide the winner at the finale event ?! Do u all damn people know that people inside the voting system had put in alot of effort? Including all their friends who supported them ?! U all didn't even bother to tell us (ppl inside the voting system) that u are not even using it for the contest?!THEN WHY THE HELL U WANNA ASK PPL TO REGISTER and VOTE ? money alot now izzit ?!

One more thing , they even lied that they did
call me up for the finale event. But hey ? ur brain got problem or my phone got problem ? My phone on 24hours a day ... all other ppl can get me but not ur people ?! WHY DON'T JUST ADMIT THAT U STUPID ppl DIDN'T EVEN CALL ?!?!?!

Not me that can't afford to lose this competition .. but hey ?! I really
kena cheated ... !! That's why I'm so pissed !!!! even all my friends that supported me are pissed by one big mistake made by the damn GINVERA company !! Oii .. if u think I'm too ugly ah or not eligible .. I think ur camera got problem la cannot take good photos

Now they are afraid that
I have enough evidence to put them into the press until they want to delete every single evidence about the competition in the web site ?! too bad .. or well too late I had save all ur web pages inside my computer and all evidence is on my hand that UR MANAGEMENT did not make it CLEAR and the evidence of saying that u need to register to get a UID to join. Come on dare hack my com ? OH sorry i forgot i got something call thumb drive also ... dare come steal from me ?!I can put it in the press if I want to ... forgot to tell u ppl that I know a journalist working for The Star, I can just submit and hand all the evidence in my hand to them to warn other people so they don't be as stupid as me and kena cheated . Well I'm just doing my part as a citizen by reporting all the swindling things to the innocent consumer outside the world

In conclusion , this is all a piece of lieing thingy ...
GIRLS don't get con by all this people anymore ... Especially the company who organise this competition I joined cos they do not know how to held a competition ...

It's the same fonts same colour same everything from her blog.....

last but not least, SCREW YOU MYC!! hate me? yeah I hate you too...


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