Friday, June 03, 2005

Film Studies??Media Culture?? Media Planning?? aiyar i plan my funeral

Wow! today watch movies made by my lecturer, damn kao chun.. however...she expects us to be better than her.. super la, diploma student in par with Degree student?? how to fight? it's like
me against my dad..
anways, Yeah, we're suppose to create film liao and I've got other stress to overcome, Hard Deep, Planning the media, and researching cultures...

all these to be accomplish in what 1 month? hey, it isn't honeymoon man, but.. then I still having my honeymoon.
Anywayz, see how la...

I Caine Browne Chan Wai Yip, hereby give all my online heritages to all my relatives....
I give my blogspot to uncle sam, my friendster to aunt frenly,my hotmail to my brad...
and the rest to anybody who knows me oh so well..

ciao st


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