Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Supper was great, but I gotta cut down on food...

What would you say to your date when you need to go to the bathroom?

"I go shi shi first ah"

" I need to go wee wee for awhile, please give me a moment"

" I gotta take a leak"

How about this, let me give you the same senario, something I ripped from friendster.

During class, a teacher trying to teach good manners asks the students,
one by one "Michael, if you were on a date, having supper with a nice
young lady, how would you tell her that you have to go to the bathroom?"
she asked.

"Just a minute, I have to go piss."

The teacher replied "That would be rude and

"What about you John, how would you say it?"

"I am sorry, but I really need to go to the bathroom,
I'll be right back."

The teacher responded, "That's better, but it's still not very nice to say the word
bathroom at the table."

"And you Peter, are you able to use your intelligence for once and show us your good

"I would say: Darling, may I please be excused for a moment,
I have to shake hands with a very dear friend of mine, whom I
hope you'll get to meet after supper."

So guys you know what to do when you're on a date...

Anyway, one thing about friendster is occasionally you get to come across wonderful thoughts through the Bulleten blog. But then most of the time you have the I am so free I got nothing better to do but waste my damn time on Bulletin Board people who loves to post stuffs like...

1. All about myself

Hey, why would you want to waste your time telling ppl about yourself, which in the end has no damn purpose?? What is the outcome of it? getting hunks to know you? what are the odds? My butt to your face? A million to one??

2. Friendster is shutting down

For the love of gawd, frinedster is NOT shutting down. Are you that desperate to shut down freindster? if so, quit playing friendster! Simple as that. But nooo, I have to receive 5-6 messages by kind friends who wishes to notify me about friendster shutting down.WOW! I must let everyone know too" How about this...

Friendster is shutting down, this is because our technicians got their ass whipped good by the management and therefore theres no one to run our server. Now, our bandwidth is so fullup that we need to vomit out losers who does not send this message.So please forward this message to everyone so we know that you're using your account. If not your ass will be deleted....

Friendster Manager,CEO
John mybrainsaresmallsmith

3. Chain letters

Why the hell does this piece of dogtrash existS!!! My love life depends on my own. The hell is with luck???ooh send this to 20 idiots or your balls will be struck by lightning in 10 minutes... send this to 20 losers or your love of your life will suck the life out of you...Aiyor, this chain letters are so wonderful man, you gotta try it out, if you're a loser of cause. I've been getting e-mails like these one too many that I had to block ppl who send that to me...
wanna see an example of my chain letter?

This is Maria, she is my little baby, she is dying of moneydeficiency. The doctor told us she has 9 lives like a cat. But we cannot bear to see her butt suffer. We decided to go for second opinion. The specialist say the operation would cost us our whole life funds. We had to do this chain...
For every email u sent, this stupid company will give us $1000000000.00. So please help us by sending this to everyone in your address list..

If you need more information please dial 1700-iamjack-coco-no-nuts or email me at

Warning to those who deletes this mail, a virus will be sent to your com and smash it to pieces, so please send. Have a damn heart!!

But anyhow, spamming is what idiots do. So I can't really help them but pray that they get a life ASAP or suffer a horrible boredom for life....

Went watch Mr & Mrs Smith today with my darling. Not bad not bad. But what I like was the cinema.GSC 1 utama is damn chun!! The seats are damn comfortable, the popcorn bag is also wonderful. BUT!! they damn cashier gave us fries only but not Fish and CHips, and my popcorn was so soggy!! I was like.. wtf???? GSC wei!! How can give this service one?? wierd , but then they just open don't want to say much loh... but overall I rate the cinema 8/10....

Tomorrow will be watching the premier of War of the Worlds...hopefully TGV don't let me down AGAIN.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I guess I should shut down the damn blog la...

Well, I hope you all manage to guess the answer to my riddles... But seeing how no one actually want to answer in comment box... What can I say. I added some simple entertainment for my fellow readers but none bothered to even join in the fun. Don't care la, here are the answers to the riddles....

Riddle 1

Image hosted by

Riddle 2

Image hosted by

Riddle 3

Image hosted by

Riddle 4

Image hosted by

Riddle 5

Image hosted by

Riddle 6

It's casual shot, but some of my friends say it's ripped from some website(profesional shot)...

To those who played the damn game, well thanks for participating. Those who did not or don't bother, well thank you for even wasting your time reading what I write.

I'm not sure what the future or the purpose if this blog already, not that I am expecting 5000 readers a day or anything. But I really appreciate if people would comment in the comment box... But if don't want it's fine with me, don't wanna waste your precious time chatting with your hunky bfs and hottie gfs, playing online games, net surfing.....

Congratulations Caine, you are...

Kenny Sia of

You have it all, or so you think. Big balls, big bird, big everything. Also a big heart and ever-ready big hug to give out to everybody who needs one. But you didn't know this. You're the one who need a hug the most. So hugs to you!

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Batman begins with the movie.....

How chun can the movie be la? martial arts, armor suit, high technology stuffs and that cape.. man I gotta have that cape.....

Image hosted by

Image hosted by
chun kao gila la, a recommened movie...

Image hosted by
I gotta drive one of those...

Image hosted by
I DEFINITELY gotta drive one of those...

Wow, today whole day not at home, super tired man. Morning to afternoon in college listening to my coursemates to present, actually I went there for their product-kitkat... Wah liao, those two wonderful groups there just got Distinction for their presentation!!! what the hell?? So the lecturer treats us like lab rats la!!

"You expect us to do something we normally don't expect to do. What for wanna usher your big fat butt in?? I don't care whether you're my client or not, lets face facts, you're just a lecturer and nothing more..."

sigh... Anywayz, I'm quite tired today, so I'll not write much. Gotta get my Beauty sleep...

Btw, Have you guess the answer??
Please place the answer in comments.....

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Ginvera and MYC have done it again...

Image hosted by
its true its true...

First of all, what would you do if you cannot publish your article in Malaysia's top Newspaper- The star? well You have to march your filthy arse to other not so top trash newspaper.

Well Ginvera and MYC have been so bloody freaking damn stupid smart lads by not posting their lying piece of trash talking shit at The Star.Wanna know more?

Please click here...

Ginvera's trash talking lovely article...

Image hosted by
Isn't she hot? I hope not...Yu Heng, Some unknown celebrity... I don't care
I have nothing against the winner, but publicity will always publicity. You'll always put a mask when you're in front of the public.

“Kecantikan sebenar bukan dinilai daripada kesempurnaan fizikal tetapi dari hati yang bersih”, jawab Elizabeth Wong

"True beauty is not judge by physical perfection but with a clean heart" says Elizabeth Wong (translated)

Ok so she says that, but does she practice it? Hell no.... but who am I to to judge her? Nobody, but I don't give a rat ass about it. In my blog, I have total rights to say what I ever freaking want to say so if she gets pissed, too bad go for anger management!
Let me brief my fellow readers what has been going on. Few weeks back, Ginvera the client jackass and MYC the organisers chipmunks( you are what you eat, chipmunks eat nuts, therefore they are nuts) had this event called the Ms Ugliness Teh Tarik Ginvera Green Tea and their purpose was to select the Ms among the Misses, but well they did Missed a few contestants, they should Missed their paycheck as well..Anywayz, yeah that's what they wanted to do la.... the rest you have to reead my previous blog or suzanne's blog .

So she say true beauty from heart. You bloody jennyass Bitch. You wanna say something like that, at least practice it la for goodness sake, how the hell you expect me to believe you? There's no doubt you have a sexy body and a crooked set of teeth I have no doubt about it. I applaud you somemore *clap* *clap*.

I urge all business people out there la, if you are planning to organise some event, please la specify the freaking rules and regulations and specify the stages which the contestants will be going through!! You don't just tell some bitch or bastard to join and forget about it, I can bet my arse that I can run better than you jackasses! You are only destroying your brand, wait..let me destroy it for you. GINVERA IS A TOTAL PIECE OF TRASH WHICH DESERVES NOTHING MORE THAN ANIMAL SOAP is a wonderful product which provides your facial needs. MYC is nothing more than a bunch of assholes writing rubbish and wasting our precious paper which has been without any mercy,chopped and turn to papers a magazine catered to College students.

Now they don't have the balls, coconuts whatever to post their article on The Star, so they Post it in Berita Harian (everyday's news). Well Why don't I post MY article in The Star and see how Ginvera and MYC's credibility drop soooo down that they can't pick their coco nuts anymore....

Well, I shall not talk much and shall post a few riddles here for some thinking, so if you got the answer, please write it in the comment or the chatterbox....

Riddle 1
Image hosted by

Riddle 2
Image hosted by

Riddle 3
Image hosted by

Riddle 4
Image hosted by

Riddle 5
Who's the most charming, most intelligent, hunkiest, funkiest,most wonderful blogger??

Riddle 6
Is this picture professionally shot or it's a casual shot?
Image hosted by

Answers will be posted in 2 days time.... so put your brains in the blender and start coughing out some answers....

Image hosted by

Friday, June 24, 2005

We should have rehabs for stupid drivers....

first question...

what do you think of malaysian drivers?

People say that if any individual manages to drive in Malaysia, he or she would have no problem driving anywhere. I do hope I could put that to the test, and bring some of our Malaysian driving cultures to the states and risk my butt there... hahaha!!

Finals is just few weeks away and I'm still risking my future writing nonsense. But hey, even nonsense make sense. So don't you forget that. I can't believe my second year is finally passing by me. March 04' intake, now March 05, it's my official one year as a diploma student. went through alot since then. well, those who knew my previous xanga should know about it ( I wonder whether the blog still exists? I'm finishing my 4th semester and after that 1 month break and the 5th semester will commence. I'm so excited and so eager to attend my photography class, I do hope the lecturer does not leave. He's actually the one whom i've been ranting about (my presentation,copywriting) but then overall he's a good lecturer..

Mom came back from Singapore today, she was there for the past 3 days because she was schleduled to meet this doctor whom is a liver specialist. The results for her scan was terrific! (Finally , some good news after so much problems here and there ) Doctor told her that she's actually very very healthy, got healthy liver, healthy heart , healthy body, healthy face, healthy legs,healthy hands, healthy everything. Then I begin to wonder, she healthy, why that stupid dot on her liver???

That's another thing I wanna talk about. Malaysian doctors and Singapore doctors/international doctors. Is money so important to the doctors that they treat patients for the sake of money but not to save lifes?? I tell you ah, money can corrupt their puny brains, I think they are the ones that need surgery... To cut the long story short, M'sian doctor told my mother that she had some "dots" in her liver, had surgery dah say ok.. few months , cakap ada "dot" again. I was like what the??? how the hell you doctors do surgery la. Got go to a REAL medical school anot?? Go learn from Patch Adams la!!!

So she decided to go 2nd opinion, wah liao, singapore doctor mah say loh, ur liver super chun, super pretty, super healthy, but only that "dot" only.. can surgery wan. M'sian doctor say I dunno how this happen also... just surgery la... singapore doc pulak scan only talk..m'sian doc, scan and staraight away say surgery!! It's like giving my body for you to chop izzit?

To cut the story shorter, the singapore doc sits and explain EVERYTHING, STEP BY STEP, and singapore doc also say Chemotherapy is a just a total waste of money and it sucks banana big time does not help with the liver. I respect international doctor more than our local docs..

So conclusion, Malaysian Doctor- kena belajar lagi
Singapore doctor- gotta teach malaysian doctor how they do their job


Is durian season here liao? I've been seeing funny shaped durians and got ppl give us durian, now I eat until want to pangsai, but durian my favourite fruit la, hard to resists. It's like having a naked babe in front of you and you struggle before giving in to your desires.. Something like that la with me and durian. Durain = naked babe... tasty,delicious and nice... .cannot tahan had to "jump" on it and eat its tasty yumy treat...

: laptop possible affected by virus :

: need new anti-virus :

: Norton sucks big time :

: spyware and viruses are like pests :

: those who created them are even more stupid :

: wish they get a life :

....... end transmission .......

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I'm presenting tomorrow!! hoo-raa...

Image hosted by
this is not a real advertisement, it's my presentation for copywriting...

This valentines day, pamper your love ones with chocolates,bears,rings...... but hey, I ain't that rich to offer such.. But dear dear, I will get you something you love so much when I start working ok?

Anyway, todays been such a stressful day man, woke up so darn early just to finish that piece of crap above and it costs me RM7 bucks for one bloody colour A3 size print... But then all for the sake of 15% of my total marks. 15% is bloody alot ok? It's not like I'm gonna get full right? If I actually got full 15% I potong my private part finger. But then again, I wouldn't even want to do cause I ain't that stupid..

Since I in such a shitty happy mood, I shall post pics??

Image hosted by
this is the outcome of not giving a woman's best friend....

Image hosted by add this.... (by the way that was my valentine gift to my dear sweetheart few years back)

Image hosted by
then this will be the outcome... notice the facial expression?

So my fellow male readers, know what to get for your girlfriends la?? but no money, can always buy those which cost RM50++ or more or less and risk getting your limbs ripped by your gal a slap from your gal. So buy at your own risk. I've given a warning, so better be careful la..


Poor gatey can't serve the family at the moment. It's being patched to the side so that it wouldn't fall off, but it can't be used so I have to risk parking my car outside.
The risks are getting my tire pee upon by some stupid stray dogs, or smashed by some stupid jacks or getting scartch by some stupid drunk driver who doesn't know how to drive a vehicle...

: Tickets for Batman Begins has been comfirmed , a total of 12 tickets booked, 9 tickets comfirmed, 3 more left but I wouldn't care :

: I wonder which University Dewgem is going? :

: CF camp is this friday, I REALLY am going to miss sharon....getting irritated by lordson... (not that I enjoy seeing a girl bullied by a guy) :

: Hopefully mom's alright...hopefully nothing goes wrong :

: I am starting to loving writing blog :

: All hail Malaysian Bloggers!! and singaporean bloggers.. :

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My life sucks as it is, and you want to make it Worst???

Image hosted by
what the ffff hell?

This is utter sadness, now my house is so damn vulnerable. I can't believe it, this is how powerful an ANTIC BMW car is. Look at the damage caused to this poor gate, we shall name it gatey.

Gatey was born just few weeks after Chinese New Year, gatey was loyal, gatey was green and brown, gatey was metal. Gatey served us well for the past few months. It never failed us in any form of way. It is constantly doing its job as a gate. But then, one fateful night, disaster struck.
While gatey was doing its job as a faithful gate, a dark figure lurked from its back, the lights suddenly became brighter, and in one instance, gatey fell. But gatey wasn't the only one in serious injuries, its buddies, Watey (water pump) and piper (the pipes) were also casualties in that fateful accident...

We are now gathered here to "honour" this faithful metal thingy whom served my family for only 4 months....

"Gatey was so young, it was just starting to enjoy its job, *sob sob*"

I actually wanted to do some intesting post but then, don't have the feeling liao....


Met up with my old pal who just decided not to become a kamikaze bomber for japan came back from the land of the rising stars sun or in short Japan. To be frank, that Japanese guy has not change ONE BIT. Same old boy with the same old hairstyle with the same old face and the same old body. Man what have he been up to in Japan?? I also wonder did he ate right while serving as a mafia king in japan. Well, he's back here and ready to take on the challenges offered by Monash or More Arse (according to him).

: life would be more insteresting if he hadn't tell me my presentation date is this thursday :

: screw it la, it's just a stupid presentation :

: Sharon's cf camp is this weekend, which means no show for me to see in church :

: THE HORROR!!!! :

: I gotta watch batman begins :

: and war of the worlds :

: and Tuan Smith and Puan Smith :

-----------------------------this is just so wonderful-------------------------------------------

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My goodness, photoshop is fun!

I think I'm gonna love messing around with pictures. The wonders of technology. Damn, I'm so freaking pissed at my group members! How the hell can they do this man! Presentation is a day away and today only they gave me the damn media plan to read. Now my wonderful jacks expect me to understand the whole thing by tmr. I can assure them, my presentation is gonna be soooo wonderful, the lecturer might even think of going out with me. Omg, I'm gonna puke!!! you don't wanna know how my lecturer looks. Actually she ain't that bad la, abit plump but the ahem breast upper body ok la. Anyways, I ain't fantasizing about my lecturer, I'd rather fantasize on a banana than her, am not a pervert either. But hey I'm a guy?

Today's The Star interviewed a few of our Malaysian famous bloggers. Our very own Kenny Sia (,, The Digital Awakening (, As Suanie Sees It ( and A bit of this and that( *Proudnya* Actually all these blog issue arises because of one blogger who decided to post nude picture of herself. However I will not disclose her blog site though, if you recently read the news then I assume you all knew. Kids, the site has entries with sexual elements, but then it's pointless saying no right?

Fellow readers, I would like to introduce to you....

Image hosted by

I first started visiting his blog last March and since then I never fail to visit the site, only once in a while I neglect la. His blog is a mostly humour based and sometimes serious serious. I do recommend it to all my readers (if I actually have readers).

recommended to all readers

Our next blogger is....

Image hosted by

This blogger's site is super chun, super wonderful, super lovely, super powerful. The blogger of is the most handsome person, six pegs, muscular, smart, big body, big brains, big coconut just an average young man who does nothing but rants about college. Can't really comment on his site though.


can recommend also la...

our next blogger is Dancing Angel
Image hosted by

this blogger started of with xanga and went into blogspot, now she has emerge to blogdrive...
Her blog is somewhat like mine, talk about our lives and all, also a blog to visit =)

recommended also =)

And for our grande finale...

Image hosted by

this blog belongs to my one and only babelicious girl. Her blog is currently new, so don't expect much just yet, give the blog some time and it will rise as a good interesting worth reading blog. Same as the above and my blog, she also talks about what shes going through in life. Recommend?? hehehe...have to right??

recommend only la.. =)

My final quickie...

: Will demote promote more blogs tomorrow :

: Got my dad a lovely keychain, small but lovely :

: Mom's going Singapore tomorrow for checkup, let's hope it's alright :

: nothing more to say , ciaoz :

Monday, June 20, 2005

Remember to tell your dad how much you love him !

We have two greatest God given beings on earth, a mom and a dad.

Last month we honoured one of them- our moms, today we shall honour the 2nd one- our dads.

Looking back through my past where I started off with a tiny sperm baby and going through life and here I stand today tall and proud. All of these jasa comes from my beloved parents. But most of all I have to thank my dad. It was his disipline, his love, his care, his whipping, his caning (and I must say that was some caning, when he whips, he REALLY whip!) I guess if he hadn't done that, I wouldnt be where I am today.

Since the beginning of my college years, life has been tough, and there had been problems arising within the family- sickness and so on, I realy felt pressured to the max. I never thought of bearing such burdens at a such young age. But I'm sure all these will only make me stronger, so I should be having a positive mind. Right?

Argh, this is fathers day, we should talking about our dads. I have friends who don't even have a father to call to, talk to, nor a father to wish, and here I am always saying to myself that I hate him because he scolded me and all. Well I'm sure I learnt my lessons.

Image hosted by
Isn't he just cool? hahaha! Love you dad!

So as I was saying, today we had this performace for our dads, unfortunately my dad was not here to witness the performance... he.....went Alor Setar with my mom and sis... (if you people are thinking otherwise, shame on you!) .We performed one song item for all dads in church, we the youths sang a song- Daddy's hands by Holly Dunn. The song tells us about, erm.. daddy's hands??

I remember Daddy's hands
Folded silently in prayer
And reaching out to hold me
When I had a nightmare
You could read quite a story
In the callouses and lines
Years of work and worry
Had left their mark behind

I remember Daddy's hands
How they held my Mama tight
And patted my back
For something done right
There are things that I've forgotten
That I loved about the man
But I'll always remember
The love in Daddy's hands

I remember Daddy's hands
Working til they bled
Sacrificed unselfishly
Just to keep us all fed
If I could do things over
I'd live my life again
And never take for granted
The love in Daddy's hands

Daddy's hands
Were soft and kind when I was cryin'
Daddy's hands
Were hard as steel when I'd done wrong
Daddy's hands
Weren't always gentle but I'd come to understand
There was always love in Daddy's hands

Well, I just came back from KLIA today fetching my parents. The drive was seriously a killing, not that I'm complaining about it though, it's because I just woke up before I left for KLIA. So the drowsiness is still kicking in.

Anywayz, I finally got the photoshop program, and just tested it. Hehe, I'm still a noob at doing the photoshoping... but here are two end results of my photoshop victims...

Image hosted by
Here you can see Darth Maul fighting against Qui-Gon Caine and Obi-Yen Kenobi

Image hosted by
here's my dad on the bike, and mwa next to him, in the near future??

And last but not least,

Image hosted by
Oooh, Magic... Happy Father's day!!

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Woo-hoo parents away for a day...

I am still figuring out how on earth this stupid fonts work. Don't get me wrong people, looking back at my previous entries... each time when I wish to shrink this particular word, and after that i unshrink back to normal size so that following entries won't be affected, unfortunately after I posted the entry, the whole damn "essay" after that word starts to shrink to the size of peanut. How can this be? I not sure whether this whole thing has got to do with HTML. Any idea people???
My eyes also want to Explode looking at my own blog. Maybe this is why readers run away when they see my blog, or merely the size of the enlarge peanuts I wrote on each entry. But then I can't help it right? either I'm stupid or This freaking fonts just wouldn't listen to mwaz. Hmm, must show em who's boss...

Just a quickie today,

: I need to start studying, exams coming, I still slacking, this is so fun!=) :

: I have no intentions to decorate this entry today:

: Tomorrow's the Fathers day performance :

: I should wear short pants and t-shirt more often when I go shopping :

: My parents coming back tomorrow :

: Darn, I want to touch M-16s :

: What would you do in the next 5 minutes? :

: I just hate the way Ginvera and MYC organise their freaking events :

: They probably are just bunch of nutty jacks :

: Film project is officially on the way and Sharon's the star! *I guess* :

: Man, I enjoy annoying you people with " : testing : "

: Ok this is the last for sure :

: Junk mails are as worst as Ginvera, they are plain annoying :

Saturday, June 18, 2005

my shortest entry ever....

I gotta learn HTMLs... I gotta rectify this fonts problem...!!!

I've got no readers, Close the blog la right?

What is the whole purpose of blogging?

Some say that you blog because it's a trend now.

I partially agree with you people with that, in a way its a trend.

Some say that you blog because you want to entertain.

that one I find it abit susah la, because it ain't easy to do that. Actually,erm, can wan, but your coconut must be as large as Kenny Sia ** .His sole purpose of blogging is to entertain. Erm maybe not SOLE la, but technically he blogs to entertain.

Some say that you blog to trash out every single thing you hate or in short, let out your frustration.

This one I have to entirely agree with you. My main purpose of creating this blog is to let out my anger, let out my pain, let out my frustration in here. For example, SCREW the GINVERA competition.

But then how you blog and why you blog is entirely up to the individual. In my opinion though, I find blogging your frustrations on your blog is somewhat boring? Why you ask? look at me.. I've no readers for goodness sake. Don't tell me I've to shut down the blog again? Or should I just continue trashing the blog?

Ok, so it seems that the new batch of NS trainees has been selected and now the government finally thought of bringing weapons training or in this case M-16s in NS. I was like what the hell? you talk shit with me now ah? I last time don't want to go NS because no weapons training, just merely lessons on Malaysia which I think 5 years of that sort of education in form of Sejarah is more than enough a torture for me. Then now they want bring back, I protest liao. I don't get to play with the guns, you don't get to play either!! MWAHAHA!!

"NS trainees may one day undergo weapons training"
Thursday 16 June 2005, The Star Online.

wah lau, when I read that, I begin to wish I would go join NS.. haha...
But then pointless liao, or more or less too late. Cannot join already, or can I?

Image hosted by
*Deep in Thought*

Teens thrilled, but parents are horrified


PETALING JAYA: Cool, say teenagers at the prospect of receiving firearms lessons at future national service (NS) training stints.

No way, say their aghast parents.

Those were the responses received by The Star when potential NS trainees and their parents were asked about the proposal to let youngsters learn how to use M16 assault rifles and other weapons as part of their training.

Deputy Defence Minister Datuk Zainal Abidin Zin said on Wednesday that the proposal was aimed at improving the youngsters’ self-discipline and confidence.

Joshua Wong, 17, of SM Bukit Bandaraya, Kuala Lumpur, said it would be “pretty cool” to learn how to use a firearm in a safe and controlled environment.

“How often does it happen that a teenager can hold a gun without actually killing someone?” he asked.

Onn May-Threen, of SM Sri Aman here, said most of her friends were excited.

“It's something we have never had the chance to experience before. People might think it is violent, but for the sake of experience, it's a cool idea.”

However, most parents were up in arms over the thought of their children shooting at firing ranges across the country.

Joshua's father, gynaecologist Dr Wong Sum Keong, 44, who was in the army cadets for seven years during his secondary school days, said he could not understand the purpose of weapons training for teenagers over a short three-month period.

“Weapons training should be done if the NS programme lasts for about six months to a year. But this (three months) is too short a time.

“Teenagers may get some idea about the power of a gun, but not learn the responsibility needed in using it,” he said.

Housewife Suzie Emang, 42, said NS trainees came from diverse backgrounds and had different levels of responsibility and a firearm in their hands would pose a great risk.

“Trainers are not aware of their (trainees) behavioural patterns. All it needs is someone to be careless, and there could be serious injuries,” she said, adding that she was not in favour of letting her son handle such weapons.

Malaysian Youth Council secretary-general Norizan Sharif urged the Government to explain their rationale to help allay fears of parents.

“You don't want to train skills that are not necessary, unless NS will be used as some kind of army reserve,” he said.

Asian Youth Ambassadors executive director Sandra Chin said it was pointless to teach teenagers how to use an M16 when the country did not permit anyone to carry a firearm without a licence.

Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia secretary-general Azizuddin Ahmad said the move would contradict the Government's initial explanation that NS would not be a form of military training.

Friday 17 June 2005, The Star Online

HAHA, of course the teens are thrilled, they get to play CS real life. (for those who don't play PC games, CS is Counter Strike..It's a..a..erm..a game...) But then the parents are horrified. They must be thinking that the government is trying to train the future Rambos,Mambos and Jumbos, and don't forget Dumbos. But in the end, this whole matter is entirely up to the big handsome machos we see as leaders who will be handling it.

Oh, according to a friend of mine, before the start of a show or something like that, the national anthem has to be played, and it also seems that in public, if you were to be caught disrespecting the national anthem, be it not standing or not singing , or plainly digging your nose or scratching your ass during the national anthem, the authorities have the power to sue your nose and ass for being itchy! So people BEWARE!! Don't disrespect the national anthem.

I do like the song though, but it needs a bit of boost in its music. But overall it's Malaysia's Anthem!! we must sing it with The highest RESPECT!!

"Negaraku, tanah tumpahnya darahku
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan padu
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan Kurniakan
Raja kita, Selamat bertakhta
Rahmat bahagia, Tuhan Kurniakan
Raja kita, Selamat bertakhta."

Notice something about the arrangement? the first letters.. N and then Rs all the way.
Must have mean NationalitY!! RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT RESPECT.....

Anyhow, Malaysia Truly Asia!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2005

Ginvera sucks? of course!

Actually the products are good, tried one. luved it but then I just hate the freaking organisers. What they hey, they are all numb nuts jackasses who work for a good company but under payment with shit position in the company. What can I say huh?

Well today I will place an entry by a contestant of the competition who happens to be my gf. You can check her blog through this link...

heres the entry....


All ThIs was JusT a LIE

Well when you though you had won the comeptition but in the end they say the management reserves the right to change the rules and regulations ... and ur not the WINNER ?! FUCK man .. what shit nonsense is this ? Here I'll advice all the girls out there , don't ever join a competition that will cost you money unless it's buying a product to join then at least the money is not wasted. If u ever see any roadshows in your college or supermarket , well just don't ever join them because they are so many hidden rules and regulations . They'll eventually make some other people they desire to win the prizes.

OK , this is my story , one day there's a roadshow held in my college regarding the Ginvera thingy. A guy pursuaded me and my friend to have a photo shot to join the
Ms.Ginvera Green Tea Natural Beauty comeptition . So fine ... we got our photos taken and we fill in a form for our particulars. No one told me about any RULES®ULATIONS there. That guy just said "em ... u go log on to this specific web site (I'll not state their name cos it's not their fault) and get ur UID number in order to join this competition" OK i did like what they said , got my UID number and I was posted on the site to join this particular competition.

There goes on the 4 weeks intense competition between all the competitor inside there. Finally on 9th June the competition had closed and I appear to be the
top in the voting system. (Thanks to all my friends hardwork , effort , time and MONEY)I thought ... i thought I was the winner for this damn competition until they held a finale event at BB Plaza without notifying mojor part of the contestants in the voting system including me. Finale finish they choosed another batch of winners and leaving all the winners at the sms voting system behind. I was shocked and angry when I found out about it . I bet the other people in the voting system must be very angry too ... Cos the new batch of winner just pop-out of no where and won the damn shitty competition

Well at the particular web site it's stated
CLEARLY that if u want to join this competition please register at the voting web site to get your UID number. But hey guess what ? most of the winner they choosed on the finale itself are not even in the voting system ?! and FUCK they still dare to write in the article that those 3 top contestants were in the voting system ... BULL SHIT I've got the rights here because I have enough evidence in my hand that this whole competition was a BIG CHEATING thingy.

Hey and they tell me after this whole competition that the management did not promise that the voting system winner will be the winner for this contest. Again BULL SHIT , they are just trying to find some excuses to
cover up their big mistake. 1st of all I would like to ask the bunch of management who doesn't know how to handle a competition , hey WHY bother implementing the voting system if you all decide the winner at the finale event ?! Do u all damn people know that people inside the voting system had put in alot of effort? Including all their friends who supported them ?! U all didn't even bother to tell us (ppl inside the voting system) that u are not even using it for the contest?!THEN WHY THE HELL U WANNA ASK PPL TO REGISTER and VOTE ? money alot now izzit ?!

One more thing , they even lied that they did
call me up for the finale event. But hey ? ur brain got problem or my phone got problem ? My phone on 24hours a day ... all other ppl can get me but not ur people ?! WHY DON'T JUST ADMIT THAT U STUPID ppl DIDN'T EVEN CALL ?!?!?!

Not me that can't afford to lose this competition .. but hey ?! I really
kena cheated ... !! That's why I'm so pissed !!!! even all my friends that supported me are pissed by one big mistake made by the damn GINVERA company !! Oii .. if u think I'm too ugly ah or not eligible .. I think ur camera got problem la cannot take good photos

Now they are afraid that
I have enough evidence to put them into the press until they want to delete every single evidence about the competition in the web site ?! too bad .. or well too late I had save all ur web pages inside my computer and all evidence is on my hand that UR MANAGEMENT did not make it CLEAR and the evidence of saying that u need to register to get a UID to join. Come on dare hack my com ? OH sorry i forgot i got something call thumb drive also ... dare come steal from me ?!I can put it in the press if I want to ... forgot to tell u ppl that I know a journalist working for The Star, I can just submit and hand all the evidence in my hand to them to warn other people so they don't be as stupid as me and kena cheated . Well I'm just doing my part as a citizen by reporting all the swindling things to the innocent consumer outside the world

In conclusion , this is all a piece of lieing thingy ...
GIRLS don't get con by all this people anymore ... Especially the company who organise this competition I joined cos they do not know how to held a competition ...

It's the same fonts same colour same everything from her blog.....

last but not least, SCREW YOU MYC!! hate me? yeah I hate you too...

Thursday, June 16, 2005

When I say screw you, SCREW YOU!!

Well, let me first say to the marketing directors or the people in charge of the Ms Ginvera Beauty competition. Screw you!! Well what have you to say for yourselves?
I can't believe there's such people alive in this world. Recently that has been an event called the Ms Ginvera whatchamacallit piece of trash competition. Well, my girlfriend joined the competition and won the voting system. But today, I've found out that the person who won that competition is a bitch female dog called Bunny Wunny (name changed). Why call her a bitch female dog? Cause she is one? sheesh...
So yeah, the title went to her and my gf gotten nothing. I was like What The fuchok? You damn organisers cheating my damn money izzit? I wasted more than RM50 to vote for her, not to say I'm cheap or anything, but then it concerns money and apparently the money was for nothing. Not only I got cheated, my friends who helped in the voting system was also cheated. Hey the damn SMS cost us RM1 ok? and imagine half of the sms is from me, You think I won't be so ****ed up ah? damn it la, Think abit la Ginvera!, MYC ( Malaysia College). You all organise things cannot think izziT? Next time ah, organise properly, call yourself "professional", more like pro-shit...

well, probably I would get sued for discriminating the company, first of all. I have nothing against Ginvera and MYC only the PEOPLE WHO ORGANISED THE EVENT AND ARE WORKING UNDER THOSE TWO COMPANY!!
so well you sue me, why can't I sue your asses back? my money how? you think I can't sue you for cheating my ****ing money ah? come and show face la you idiotS!

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

What is going on with the family?

sigh, so many things has happened, i've no longer have any sense of what to do with everything already. Problem after another just begins to occur each time when I think that everything is gonna be alright. I'm glad that I've got people who would always assured me to put my trust in Jesus, but seriously people, each time I called unto Him. I just can't seem to feel Him. I can't seem to hear Him. I want so much to believe Him, but my faith is not even as small as a mustard seed, how could I ever believe 100%?

My recent church camp was quite a blast though, but one thing I lack is what Pastor Philip felt, what Pastor Philip saw, what Pastor Philip heard. I want to have that relationship that he had with God, I want to have that relationship that Dewgem, Lordson, Sharon, everyone in my church had with God.

I called out to Him, it was night though, I really wanted to SHOUT my lungs out to Him! I just want Him to answer me! I just want Him to hear me. But all I hear is the sound of crickets and whatever you can hear during the night. Am I really that a bad person that God doesn't want to listen to me? I've really done such evil to receieve such punishment? Am I really not worthy to be called a child of God? Tell me God!! Tell me!!! I really don't know what to do already. I'm carrying a burden which no one I know have to bear at this age. I'm carrying a burden which should only be carried by me when I'm old enough, but due to some circumstances I had to carry such burdens.

In another unrelated issue, Exams are drawing near, assignments dateline are also drawing near and here am I having a great time with complaining. I better stop complaining and start accomplishing my assignments, but hey, I wouldn't have anything to write would I?
I'm still glad though that I actually passed my Media Planning's mid term. I really am wondering right now, what would my career be like in my near future?
I heard beggers fetch good money, but then I have to stay dirty for months. No way! How about assasinating Donald Duck Trump and take over his industry. Hmm, that would mean I've to kill someone to get the company, ok that's out too. I might consider Journalism though, *
Ah! Finally a decent job that actually makes sense* But my english not that good though, still can improve.

Image hosted by
This is from the Passion of The Christ website.

Image hosted by
this is my version of the Cross, I created it during last years Easter

I just gotta lose weight!!

I got 20.5/40 for my media planning midterm?? I passed?? I Passed!! But then , wouldn't it be a surprise I actually passed one subject I have utterly no interest in? Anyways, yeah my finals are near and I've never been blogging for like ages. That's just me la, I sometimes got the inspiration and write or I have the inspiration but stupid internet connection, can't blame me though, just gotta blame Tm. Ask them when they will upgrade, they pulak ask me to check my availability. *Hey, you think I'm stupid ah? If I know my area available, I wouldn't even waste my time sending stupid emails to you la* I assume Tm stands for Tomorrow Morning only upgrade la. No wonder they upgrade so darn slow... sometimes I have the inspiration but just to darn lazy to update the blog, but then most of the time I couldn't be bothered with such things, got more important things to do, like sleep,eat,play my games...and yeah finish all my assignments.

Speaking of assignments ah, I already want to bang head on wall. I have the foggiest idea on how to create the mock up advertisement for my presentation this friday, and another presentation next tuesday. Wah , I think I can be presenter liao la..

Exams in 3-4 weeks time, my journals not accomplish, projects to accomplish, film to shoot, food to eat, bed to sleeep, car to drive, performance for fathers day... why I wish I could just let things be. Alas this is impossible...

I've got so damn lots to complain nothing much to do at home but sleep eat play, and stress with assignments which most of the time I wouldn't bother bout them. My social life more important.

My dearest suzanne won the ms ginvera competition, but stupid marketing jacks don't bother to call or notify, all they care is " pretty girls won, i get them, I use them , they post, I get cash, kao tim. Then I throw them away."

Stupid marketing ppl! don't know how to do work izzit??!!

Life is such a freaking living HELL!! just dandy, I'm enjoying so much that I could just feel like I'm in hell heaven.

"Oi kenneth Ho!!! you idiot ! What I dun update becos parents will see? talk shit now izzit? you give me la inspiration"

Friday, June 03, 2005

Film Studies??Media Culture?? Media Planning?? aiyar i plan my funeral

Wow! today watch movies made by my lecturer, damn kao chun.. however...she expects us to be better than her.. super la, diploma student in par with Degree student?? how to fight? it's like
me against my dad..
anways, Yeah, we're suppose to create film liao and I've got other stress to overcome, Hard Deep, Planning the media, and researching cultures...

all these to be accomplish in what 1 month? hey, it isn't honeymoon man, but.. then I still having my honeymoon.
Anywayz, see how la...

I Caine Browne Chan Wai Yip, hereby give all my online heritages to all my relatives....
I give my blogspot to uncle sam, my friendster to aunt frenly,my hotmail to my brad...
and the rest to anybody who knows me oh so well..

ciao st

Hey I'm Qui Gon!!

This is so wonderful. I am Qui- Gon Jinn!? yay! that means I'm gonna get stab in the abdomen with the sith's punya stupid red lightsabre. Oh, what I meant was his puny little double edge lightsabre. Argh who cares...

Gonna be away for camp for 3 days, 3 glorious days without my internet? can la.. can survive chicks, hunks, like ahem... me ! I'm definitely gonna enjoy.. Well till then,
May my force be with you all...