Monday, May 23, 2005

What? Star wars? watch liao la...

Well, so long no update, abit lazy update la. What can you expect from me right? I guess the reason for the slow updates is because of My brain juice was leaking out of my ear the lack of inspiration and the laziness disease I am currently suffering. If I dont find a cure for this laziness , I'm screwed. Oh wait, there ain't no cure. Die la die la!!

don't care la don't care la, lol....

The Saga is complete , can't believe the star wars is finally over. But anyway, I was a lil bit dissapointed with the final episode. It's a total sad case of a movie, well not really total sad case. I still like the lightsaber duals, always have always will. Woo-Hoo!! To be frank, I felt pity for Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader especially at the ending when he realise that *censored so people who haven't watch won't know*. Overall the movie was a not bad. yeah, it's NOT BAD, and it's not the best though.

one scene super sad wan, the scene after Obi-wan Kenobi *censored for those who haven't watch* Anakin Skywalker and *censored again* and Obi Wan cried and said " I *censored* you like a *censored*. You were the *censored* "

sounds like Obi wan said bad word..hahaha

Ok la better continue my film assignments.

Ciaoz and may the force be with you all.


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