Monday, May 16, 2005

A new BLOG is born

This is indeed a new day for me to start a new Blog. Currently this is going to be a experimental blog. I ain't sure whether I want to make this permanent but we'll see how.

"A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...."

To all die-hard Star Wars fan, this is nothing new to you unless you're a total retard I mean forgotten. But being a die hard fan, that would be impossible. If not my balls brains will shrink. Well the release date will be this friday, and my sweet heart manage to book 6 tickets to see Obi Wan Kenobi spank destroy Anakin so bad that he had to breath through a mask. But then this is the fun of it.. mwahaha

Anyways, todays ICT examination was so "wonderful". However, when I read the questions my nuts
head began to Shrink from Large to Tiny. But then, have to sit through it, so i started scratching my backside, I mean brains figuring what should I write.

"What is Computer Competency"

Computer competency is how well you brains is to know what is a keyboard,mouse and finally the switch of a computer.

No, you idiots people, that's not the answer I wrote, nor that is the answer.

"Name 5 parts of the information system"

Caine (deep in thought) : "Wow that's easy, it's head, leg,hand,feet, wait..that's no biology class"

It has to be pankreas,large and small intestines.. *wait a sec...*

oh crap, I just remembered, I left it blank. I'm such a smart person dumb ass.

That's pretty much what I've done in the examination hall. But then, when I wanted to leave the hall, 90% of my class mates also left. So I was like, this is soo wonderful, 90% of Smart asses,bums donkeys also finish in less than 5 minutes.

Anyway,s that's pretty much what I've done today, though I've got nothing much to write about and this is still an experimental blog, so don't want to stress too much on it..

see ya Homies.


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lol funny

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