Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Bloody fonts..

What the hell crap this is just mind exploding. I just can't seem to get the fonts right, and me being the ICT genius I just put loh tiny, small, normal size,large,huge. Wouldn't it be nice if lightsabers come in different sizes. I bet the jedis won't complain so much, Anakin wouldn't fall to the dark side. But well, that's the way the story has to be. So anyway, I just couldn't figure out how the stupid HTML works. It's so High Tech that people call it High Tech Monkey Language HyperText Mark-up Language. So anyway, yeah kononnya la, I take ICT (yeah, ICT) and they don't teach me HTML but how to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint. Why don't they just tell me how to destroy a computer, oh wait, that's easy, I mean teach me something I don't know, not something I know ages ago. Maybe I'm exagerrating it but what the hey.

Another that's bugging me is this stupid wireless network in my college. Well I'm currently rotting in the com lab complaining about ICT and all. So yeah, the lab has it's own cable network as well as wireless. So why that damn wireless thing must still be on. Cannot connect mah cannot connect la, connect mah connect la. Why I give a (18-SG) about your network!!
So what to do, just leave it be right? Well you must know, I'm a retard, so you have to bear with my retardness. And the wonderful thing is, the connection says is Very good, but in reality they gave me fuchok speed. Snail also can run faster ,My 56k also runs faster than their "wireless" & "cable". Let's just hope they "upgrade" their darn services, I am paying green trees $$$ for their salary. It comes from me and many idiotic hopeful students, if they are going to be as they are right now, I rather not pay my resources fees. My goodness what's the point of paying if you don't get good services? I'm wasting precious money on that particular fees. If you want me to count the amount I paid from the beginning of my college semester. It's a total of *censored*.
I expect the service to be in par with what I pay. It's like I'm paying RM100 for a super chun movie and they gave me commercials instead. erm, ok this is lame.

Since I'm so "free" with 2 more exams in 2 days time, *so ironic, 2 exams in 2 days* I might as well start to shrink my hands and enlarge my brains and head on to the books and burn midnight oil la. Ciao 1st. Will update you people later.


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