Sunday, May 29, 2005

Let's see how you score?

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

Take this quiz, and I wish to see how knowledgeble you are. If you can score 100%, respect times 10 to the max, if you get less than 100%, HAHAHA you are dumB!!

Monday, May 23, 2005

A super duper wonderful fun loving happy QUIZ??

Do it or leave it.. lol that is the question..but anyway
just do it!@!

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

What? Star wars? watch liao la...

Well, so long no update, abit lazy update la. What can you expect from me right? I guess the reason for the slow updates is because of My brain juice was leaking out of my ear the lack of inspiration and the laziness disease I am currently suffering. If I dont find a cure for this laziness , I'm screwed. Oh wait, there ain't no cure. Die la die la!!

don't care la don't care la, lol....

The Saga is complete , can't believe the star wars is finally over. But anyway, I was a lil bit dissapointed with the final episode. It's a total sad case of a movie, well not really total sad case. I still like the lightsaber duals, always have always will. Woo-Hoo!! To be frank, I felt pity for Anakin Skywalker Darth Vader especially at the ending when he realise that *censored so people who haven't watch won't know*. Overall the movie was a not bad. yeah, it's NOT BAD, and it's not the best though.

one scene super sad wan, the scene after Obi-wan Kenobi *censored for those who haven't watch* Anakin Skywalker and *censored again* and Obi Wan cried and said " I *censored* you like a *censored*. You were the *censored* "

sounds like Obi wan said bad word..hahaha

Ok la better continue my film assignments.

Ciaoz and may the force be with you all.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Got to Republish to change settings! *bang head*

Image hosted by

that's probably how I would look like in anime when I have to redo everything.

What the hack? I've got to republish a new crap to change one whole bloody settings? this is total bull man. However since, I've to write again, might as well add more shits rubbish la..

lately, life isn't so fun when today I just remembered that two wonderful assignments of mine-Film Studies & ICT (yes that stupidexam i did today) is due this saturday and next tuesday respectively.

I'm suppose to come up with a storyboard as well as a shooting script for a 5 hour minutes film, and for that bloody stupid ICT *btw, it's called Introduction to Crap Trashing Computing & IT* assignment requires 3 donkeys in a group to come up with a story worth 8 pages long. Wait!! That's not enough, the "handsome" lecturer also wants us to create an animation or in short a cartoon like crap using none other than... *Drum Roll*... Microsoft Powerpoint.

Wah! Very power you know? your slides can go to like how many? 40?50? better yet, I give him 200 slides to see la. But then again, why waste my precious energy on that, I rather use it for something useful like eating
or some actions in bed. *No it's not sex you stupid good people* I can jump on my bed right?? or the best action you can do is sleep, do you call that an action? Up to you to decide la. So yeah, that's what I'm suppose to do for my ICT class. But then, the force tells me that everyone is going to be LMK&Q (last minute Kings and Queens). But hey, that's the life or a rather tak apa tak apa students.

What about film studies? seriously I wouldn't give a shit crap about it la. I just vomit out some wonderful last minute ideas and still come up with a good work, I hope but then I might become a retard after that.

Image hosted by

This is how I would look like before handing the assignments

Image hosted by

After handing in the assignments

Well this is the outcome of my daily stress. Oh how can I ever overcome its grasp upon my sweet innocent soul. I've still got 2 more years of major stress in form of degree to come. So let's hope I do not turn from the light side to the dark side.

Image hosted by
In the process of suffering from Stress Syndrome

Image hosted by
the final stage of Stress Syndrome

Imagine if the lightsaber really exist, boy alot of things would be easier. Chopping meat would not take so much strength, if someone pisses you off, slash them into half with it like how Obi Wan Kenobi did to Darth Maul in The Phantom Manace. What move did you call that? Kenobi Mauler to the waist? ok this sounds so lame. Bah, but then who cares, I'm gonna watch Revenge of the Sikhs Sith. It's gonna be good, well it better be because I'm paying 9 bugs for it. Lucas better not let me down, but then again 5 episodes are good enough to say that he won't let us down. Viva las vegas!! (wait that didn't sound right,let me rephrase that) Viva la Star Wars.

How do you pronounce Star Wars in BM?? Perang Bintang? Revenge of the Sith?? Sith punya dendam??

here's a picture I would like to share with any die hard
Perang Bintang Sith Punya dendam fans,

Image hosted by

Kudos to the person who drew this picture, I wish I could "reference" you in mua's humble *ahem* blog. If you wish to be known and you so happen to be guided by the force to actually come to my blog. Let me know and I'll credit you.
by the way, I refering this to the person who drew it la...ding dongs

P/s: My Blog is still currently experimental, so do post comments and let me know whether is good or Average or you rather see it in the trash.

Bloody fonts..

What the hell crap this is just mind exploding. I just can't seem to get the fonts right, and me being the ICT genius I just put loh tiny, small, normal size,large,huge. Wouldn't it be nice if lightsabers come in different sizes. I bet the jedis won't complain so much, Anakin wouldn't fall to the dark side. But well, that's the way the story has to be. So anyway, I just couldn't figure out how the stupid HTML works. It's so High Tech that people call it High Tech Monkey Language HyperText Mark-up Language. So anyway, yeah kononnya la, I take ICT (yeah, ICT) and they don't teach me HTML but how to use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint. Why don't they just tell me how to destroy a computer, oh wait, that's easy, I mean teach me something I don't know, not something I know ages ago. Maybe I'm exagerrating it but what the hey.

Another that's bugging me is this stupid wireless network in my college. Well I'm currently rotting in the com lab complaining about ICT and all. So yeah, the lab has it's own cable network as well as wireless. So why that damn wireless thing must still be on. Cannot connect mah cannot connect la, connect mah connect la. Why I give a (18-SG) about your network!!
So what to do, just leave it be right? Well you must know, I'm a retard, so you have to bear with my retardness. And the wonderful thing is, the connection says is Very good, but in reality they gave me fuchok speed. Snail also can run faster ,My 56k also runs faster than their "wireless" & "cable". Let's just hope they "upgrade" their darn services, I am paying green trees $$$ for their salary. It comes from me and many idiotic hopeful students, if they are going to be as they are right now, I rather not pay my resources fees. My goodness what's the point of paying if you don't get good services? I'm wasting precious money on that particular fees. If you want me to count the amount I paid from the beginning of my college semester. It's a total of *censored*.
I expect the service to be in par with what I pay. It's like I'm paying RM100 for a super chun movie and they gave me commercials instead. erm, ok this is lame.

Since I'm so "free" with 2 more exams in 2 days time, *so ironic, 2 exams in 2 days* I might as well start to shrink my hands and enlarge my brains and head on to the books and burn midnight oil la. Ciao 1st. Will update you people later.

Monday, May 16, 2005

A new BLOG is born

This is indeed a new day for me to start a new Blog. Currently this is going to be a experimental blog. I ain't sure whether I want to make this permanent but we'll see how.

"A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far away...."

To all die-hard Star Wars fan, this is nothing new to you unless you're a total retard I mean forgotten. But being a die hard fan, that would be impossible. If not my balls brains will shrink. Well the release date will be this friday, and my sweet heart manage to book 6 tickets to see Obi Wan Kenobi spank destroy Anakin so bad that he had to breath through a mask. But then this is the fun of it.. mwahaha

Anyways, todays ICT examination was so "wonderful". However, when I read the questions my nuts
head began to Shrink from Large to Tiny. But then, have to sit through it, so i started scratching my backside, I mean brains figuring what should I write.

"What is Computer Competency"

Computer competency is how well you brains is to know what is a keyboard,mouse and finally the switch of a computer.

No, you idiots people, that's not the answer I wrote, nor that is the answer.

"Name 5 parts of the information system"

Caine (deep in thought) : "Wow that's easy, it's head, leg,hand,feet, wait..that's no biology class"

It has to be pankreas,large and small intestines.. *wait a sec...*

oh crap, I just remembered, I left it blank. I'm such a smart person dumb ass.

That's pretty much what I've done in the examination hall. But then, when I wanted to leave the hall, 90% of my class mates also left. So I was like, this is soo wonderful, 90% of Smart asses,bums donkeys also finish in less than 5 minutes.

Anyway,s that's pretty much what I've done today, though I've got nothing much to write about and this is still an experimental blog, so don't want to stress too much on it..

see ya Homies.